Home of the world’s largest mangrove, the country of Bangladesh has one of the largest populations in the world. Since the majority of the people are farmers, they depend on the weather for their livelihood. Many farmers do reside in the country of Bangladesh, but the majority of the Bangladesh exports compose of clothes.

Because many huge clothes companies have set up factories in Bangladesh, many clothes are produced in Bangladesh, and then, the clothes are exported throughout the world. Similar to Pakistan, most of the population are Muslims, and they are one of the most prominent religious groups in Asia and in the Middle East.

Top Universities with Low Tuition for International Students

1. University of Dhaka

Opened in July of 1921, the University of Dhaka was created to offer students new avenues to knowledge so that the students can, in turn, bring their knowledge and truth to society. Dedicated to research, the University of Dhaka is continually advancing its fields and departments by constantly teaching the students with the best-quality education.

To keep up with the modern world, the University of Dhaka is being a good example for other universities to follow since they are constantly adapting to change. Because of its flexibility, the University of Dhaka is one of the leading universities in the continent of Asia, and UD is transforming to this day in order to prepare for the future.

2. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

One of the many prestigious institutions in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is located in the capital of Bangladesh called Dhaka. Known as the oldest university in Bangladesh for engineering and technology, the BUET started out as a training camp for surveyors. As years progress, it was named the East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology.

After the liberation of Bangladesh, it changed to what it is now: the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. To upgrade from training surveyors, the BUET was created to teach students in civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and metallurgical engineering.

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3. American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB)

Holding a high standard for education and even a higher standard for their students, the American International University of Bangladesh has gained popularity among their peers since the graduates of AIUB are performing superbly in their work and their research.

Because of their renown, the AIUB has international accreditation for its programs, and many of its graduates go into famous international universities to complete their studies. In addition to their quality education, the students of AIUB are also great at winning sports tournaments and bringing back trophies. If you are interested, check the tuition amount down below!

4. BRAC University (BRACU)

One of the top universities in Bangladesh, the BRAC University teaches its students in liberal arts style. Not forcing their education on their students, the teachers at BRAC University encourage students to broaden their horizons and to search their own niche among the many programs offered in BRACU.

Always maintaining top-quality education, BRAC University is consistently creating students with the aim of solving the problems that attack our world today. Striving to be the best, the graduates of BRACU are one of the kind, and they are renowned for their innovative thinking and their creative approach to each problem.

5. Daffodil International University (DIU)

There are several reasons that Daffodil International University stands out, and one of those few reasons is a great campus. Filled with various academic centers, research labs, and recreational buildings, the campus of DUI is filled with things to do and new things to try out. In addition, the classrooms of DIU were made with the state of the art technology, and the research labs were recently recreated to fulfill the needs of the future students.

Taking strict academic measures and also placing high standards, the education of DIU is one of the best in the country. To top it all, the international program at DIU is increasing constantly since they are trying to find more and more international students to further the diversity and culture of the DIU campus.


Those are some of Bangladesh’s affordable universities and we hope this article was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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