Located in south-central Europe, Italy is nicknamed Bal Paese which translates to the beautiful country. Its capital is Rome, which is known around the globe for its astonishing architectural landmarks and of course, the world’s smallest country which is Vatican City. Going back to Italy, there are 58,981,000 individuals currently residing in the country. The nation’s official language is none other than Italian. However, many folks speak French, German, and English in the country as well. As for religion, Italy’s major one is Roman Catholicism.

Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe, and it is not surprising to know if you’ve seen the country’s top tourist destinations like the Colosseum, the Grand Canal in Venice, Mt. Vesuvius, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Amalfi Coast. Most travelers go for the food too, as Italian cuisine is top-notch. A few examples of their local dishes include cannoli, tiramisu, pizza, risotto, and gnocchi.

In terms of the educational system, the children’s schooling journey starts with kindergarten. It is followed by primary school and then secondary school. Afterward, postsecondary school is the next step to take. Once that is completed, students can go off to university.

The study of humanities is centered on the many aspects of human society. Some of the learning areas under this discipline are archaeology, history, language, philosophy, and religion. There are many career options for a Humanities graduate, and it will typically vary on what major they pursue. Let us take a look at the best humanities institutions in Italy!

Top Schools Offering Humanities Programs in Italy

1. University of Turin

Located in Italy’s Piedmont region, the University of Turin is a top public university in the country founded in 1404. Moreover, it is known as one of the country’s largest centers of learning. In addition to this, it is also considered one of the oldest higher education institutes in Europe. There are currently more than 79,000 students at the university.

Furthermore, the University of Turin is a prestigious humanities institution in Italy that has an extensive list of successful alumni such as banker and CEO of Telecom Italia Franco Bernabè, first female advocate in Italy Lidia Poët, Holocaust survivor, chemist, and writer Primo Levi, politician Augusta Anita Laura Montaruli, and Nobel Prize winner and virologist Renato Dulbecco.

The university’s Department of Humanities offers a number of undergraduate degree programs which all have a three-year study duration, and also a variety of postgraduate degree programs that all take two years to complete.

2. University of Trento

The University of Trento is an excellent humanities school in Italy that was established in 1962. It began as a private university and only became public twenty years later. Currently, there are about 16,000 students and 600 professors at the center of excellence.

Its Department of Humanities focuses on cultural heritage, history, literature, linguistics, philology, and philosophy. Additionally, the department has been recently working on adding more course offerings.

3. University of Florence

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The University of Florence (UniFl) is a public research university and a top institution for humanities in Italy that has roots dating back to 1321. Presently at UniFl, there are five learning areas offering courses and programs for students in the tertiary level: Biomedical Area, Scientific Area, Social Sciences Area, Technological Area, and Humanities and Education Area. Then, ten schools comprise various departments.

Lots and lots of UniFi’s graduates have turned out to be well-known individuals in their respective fields. A few of these include filmmaker, writer, and professor Alexis Krasilovsky, biochemist and founder of Australian Monoclonal Development Alessandra Alberta Pucci, relativist and cosmologist Cosimo Bambi, architect and Emet Prize laureate in architecture Nitza Metzger-Szmuk, and lawyer and judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf.

UniFl’s School of Humanities and Education offers many courses such as three-year study courses, Master’s degree courses, single-cycle study courses, as well as other postgraduate courses.

4. University of Milan

The University of Milan (UniMi) is one of the best public research universities and a leading school for humanities in Italy. A gynecologist named Luigi Mangiagalli founded it in 1924, calling it La Statale. Furthermore, it is popular for being one of Europe’s largest universities. Besides this, UniMi is a consistently top-ranking university in international rankings such as Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS World University Rankings, and Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

With that, the honored university has a long list of noteworthy alumni. This said list includes CEO of ENI Claudio Descalzi, former Italian Minister of Health Umberto Veronesi, award-winning astrophysicist Marco Bersanelli, businesswoman and politician Letizia Moratti, and pharmacologist and co-founding director of UniMi’s Center for Stem Cell Research Elena Cattaneo.

Moving on, UniMi’s Faculty of Humanistic Studies has five departments and 16 study programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s level students.

5. University of Perugia

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The University of Perugia is a public-owned institute for tertiary education and among the best schools for humanities in Italy that was founded in 1308. Presently, around 25,000 students are pursuing their education at the said center of learning.

As the university has been around for quite some time, it has its fair share of notable alumni throughout history. Some of these are Pope Gregory XI and Pope Pius III, while a few of the more recent graduates include doctor and cancer researcher Pier Paolo Pandolfi, artist Susan Elizabeth Rotolo, and former journalist Michaëlle Jean.

Courses and programs are spread out across the 14 departments. In line with this, the Department of Humanities offers four Bachelor’s degree programs, four Master’s degree programs, and one PhD program.

FAQS About Studying Humanities in Italy

What Career Path Can You Follow After Studying Humanities?

There are a number of careers that you can follow depending on the kind of humanity you choose to specialize in. You can follow the path of your interest and either become a Human Resources Specialist, High School Teacher, Copywriter or any other career of your choice. From our website, we have made a list of the different universities in Italy that offer Humanities but you can check out our list of available courses if you have not settled on what you would like to study.


We hope that this article on the Best Humanities Universities in Italy was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Programs in Europe for International Students to learn more!

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