With its iconic Big Ben, London is the heart of the United Kingdom, as one of the globe’s oldest and greatest cities of all time. This city has a long history, to begin with, and they continue to be one of the largest and influential cities globally. It has an abundant culture, economy, and living.

Moreover, besides being a center of business, and financial services, London is an excellent place to study engineering. If you’re looking forward to studying engineering in the United Kingdom, London offers a great deal to students. Given their environment and history, you’ll surely get the most of your education.

The universities you’ll find in London have a good background in engineering, and their performance in research and teaching is exceptional. You’ll be amazed how their education shapes their graduates. In this article, let’s look at some of the best universities in London for engineering.

Top Universities for Engineering in London

1. University College London

The University College London has a long proven record of academic excellence for the past 195 years. They have an established reputation for producing the best professionals in the fields. They’ve had numerous Nobel prize laureates and graduates that dominate various industries in the country and globally.

The University College London’s Faculty of Engineering is one of the best engineering universities in London as it has outstanding engineering programs for undergraduate and graduate students. This Faculty has produced new teaching methods in engineering for the undergraduates that advanced the students’ knowledge and skills. They maximize a unique teaching method that allows their students to explore their learning opportunities.

The Faculty of Engineering has ten departments. They have a broad range of programs designed for future engineers in different areas of study. Today, this faculty and the others are globally known for their impact. The researchers and the students in the faculty have collected awards for producing outstanding research and training in the field.

2. Middlesex University London

The Middlesex University London has come a long way in producing quality education and research. This university has a long timeline, which started in 1878 as they continue to reach milestones. Today, they are one of the top-tier universities in the United Kingdom and globally. They’ve earned their reputation in building an academic community globally.

The Faculty of Science and Technology holds the engineering programs in the university. These engineering programs are built with innovative teaching methods that prepare undergraduate and graduate students for their respective fields. Since the university believes that students will learn through doing, they exhibit a learning approach that maximizes practical and hands-on learning. Moreover, they have various learning and research opportunities that students can enter.

Additionally, engineering programs at Middlesex University London are designed with hi-tech laboratories, facilities, and equipment. Having access to these technologies will leverage their experiences, combined with the experts in the industry as their instructors. For the past years, the university has earned recognition and awards for its excellence in academe and research.

3. City, University of London

In terms of engineering studies, the City, University of London has 120 years of experience giving local and foreign students engineering education. This university was the first to have aeronautical engineering courses in the United Kingdom. As a whole, this public university has gained its global standing through its dynamic performance.

Going back to engineering programs, the City, University of London’s School of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering offers numerous engineering programs at different levels. This school has a growing community of undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and staff as it provides excellent engineering training, research, and education.

As an international student in this excellent engineering school, you’ll enjoy the company of the university’s community. By numbers, they are 3rd in student satisfaction in London. In terms of research, they have a high percentage of submitted research in various industries.

4. Imperial College London

Imperial College London focuses on delivering academic programs, research, and training in four areas: engineering, science, medicine, and business. This university was highly acknowledged for its basic and applied research in various disciplines for the past decades. Today, they have over 17,000 students, and yearly, thousands of students graduate from this institution. They have a consistent position in various rankings in the United Kingdom and globally.

Imperial College London’s Faculty of Engineering is recognized globally. With its research impact and outstanding engineering programs, they shape their students as they enter the industry. The ten departments of the engineering faculties provide an extensive background in the field. Through the use of mathematics, students are able to build a strong foundation in engineering.

The undergraduate engineering studies at the Imperial College London will help you build the necessary skills you need in engineering since they both maximize theory and practical training. For graduate programs, engineering students will gain in-depth learning and training in their respective areas of focus as Imperial College London has a strong research community.

5. University of Greenwich

Built in 1890, the University of Greenwich is a public educational institution that offers numerous academic programs for undergraduate and graduate programs. This university is located in London’s great places, and as a foreign student here, you’ll enjoy a mixture of their historic yet modernized campus.

The University of Greenwich has four faculties, and for engineering programs, they are under the Faculty of Engineering and Science. This faculty is divided into four schools, and the School of Engineering has seven majors in different degrees. If you’re looking for a specific major, you can consider this university because they have numerous academic programs. You’ll gain a solid foundation in their study programs.

Additionally, all engineering programs are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. Since they want to nurture the skills of these future engineers, they provide various equipment to support their growth in the industry. This is what makes the University of Greenwich one of the best engineering universities in London.


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