Poland is an excellent destination for international students due to many reasons. First, if you’re looking to save money on tuition and school expenses, Polish universities offer scholarships for international students. If you’re from an EU/EEA country, public universities in Poland are tuition-free for you.

Another reason is that there are numerous universities in the country that offer diverse study areas, such as Computer Science. With the world adopting the latest computer technologies, a career in Computer Science means you’re set for success. So, make sure to start your career journey with one of the best universities for Computer Science in Poland.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Poland

1. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw, established in 1816, is the best computer science university in Poland. It has over 53,000 students and 9,000 teaching personnel, making it the largest in the country. The university offers studies in around 37 fields, including Computer Science. For its campus, the University of Warsaw owns around 120 buildings across its two campuses: the main campus and the natural sciences campus.

By choosing to study here, you’ll get to enjoy historical palaces within the campus, such as the Uruski Palace and the Kazimierzowski Palace. Meanwhile, the Natural Science houses the Computer Science department, along with mathematics, biology, geology, chemistry, and physics.

The university offers two degree programs for Computer Science: the first-cycle program which is equivalent to bachelor’s, and the second-cycle program that is equivalent to a master’s degree. The bachelor’s program is taught in Polish and takes a three-year study period. During this time, students learn about programming languages and technologies to help them build a career in the computer industry. Meanwhile, the master’s program takes a two-year completion and is also taught in English.

2. University of Silesia in Katowice

The University of Silesia in Katowice province is among the top universities that offer a Computer Science program in Poland. Built in 1968, the university became a state-run university that focuses on higher education and research. Besides Katowice, the University of Silesia is also located in three other cities: Sosnowiec, Cieszyn, and Chorzow.

Studying in the Katowice campus means you’ll have access to the university’s major facilities. These include its modern scientific library that has modern technologies, information tools, and resources for students and researchers in the university. Unlike other universities in the country, the University of Silesia only offers a master’s degree in Computer Science. It takes three semesters or one and a half school years to finish this degree. The language of instruction for this program is English, so you need not worry about learning Polish before you can study.

The tuition cost for non-Polish students is quite affordable, too, as it only costs around $600 for the entire program. Besides classroom instruction, the University of Silesia delivers learning through workshops, conferences, and training. As such, you’ll graduate with high IT proficiency and enter your preferred specialized field.

3. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

The Wroclaw University of Science and Technology was established as a German institution in 1910. It officially became Poland’s technological university in 1945 and had only 27 professors. Since then, the university grew to build various facilities across the city and establish 13 faculties. From its recent records, the university houses over 28,000 students and over 2,000 academic staff.

This top computer science university in Poland university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Applied Computer Science under its Faculty of Computer Science and Management. These programs update the former Computer Science programs during the last years and both are taught in the English language. The Bachelor’s degree takes three years for completion and covers crucial training in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Multimedia.

Meanwhile, the Master’s program requires three semesters of training in advanced AI, information system, and web-based system modeling and analysis. By choosing any of these programs, it’s important to consider that the university delivers a curriculum from an Engineering perspective.

4. AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH University of Science and Technology was founded in 1919 as a technical university, in its former name the University of Mining and Metallurgy. The main campus is located on a 40-hectare land in Krakow, Poland, and houses 16 faculties. From these faculties, the university offers over 60 programs, including Computer Science.

The bachelor’s program in Computer Science at AGH-UST takes seven semesters or three and a half years. The language of instruction is Polish, although there’s a Computer Science Engineering program in English. Computer Science studies cover theoretical foundations, such as math and physics, and practical aspects, like programming tool usage, data analysis, and system administration.

As for the master’s degree, AGH-UST offers a Computer Science and Intelligent Systems program. This includes comprehensive studies and research in Artificial Intelligence, such as machine learning, advanced databases, and computational intelligence. Like in other universities in Poland, this program takes three semesters. However, the university offers English and Polish-taught programs so you can choose whichever fits your language skills.

5. Jagiellonian University

Another top university in Poland to study Computer Science at is Jagiellonian University. It is also located in Krakow but was established in 1364, making it the oldest university in Poland. Its Krakow campus houses sixteen faculties with over 4,000 teaching personnel and 40,000 students.

The university offers a bachelor’s program taught exclusively in Polish. This full-time program takes six semesters or three years to complete, much like the other Computer Science undergraduate programs in the country. After which, you’ll be proficient in general programming languages, like Java, and specialized like SQL.

For the full-time master’s degree program, you’ll need two years or four semesters of study. This prepares you to learn the use of advanced IT tools. You’ll also study the latest achievements in Computer Science. While both undergraduate and graduate programs are a challenge to non-Polish speakers, the Ph.D. program is taught in English.


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