Studying in Estonia is accompanied by a rich and vibrant experience of the country’s culture. The small country has made significant technological global contributions like Skype and Transferwise. With this, the learning institutions in the country gain strong ties with multiple companies that provide exceptional opportunities to their students. The small student population also provides more opportunities for students to interact with their professors and supervisors. Also, the beautiful architectural heritage and natural landscapes of the country enhance the learning experience of the students. Estonia is among the most sought-after countries for students to complete their degrees. Let’s take a look at the best universities for computer science in Estonia!

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in Estonia

1. University of Tartu

The University of Tartu is the biggest and the only classical university in Estonia. It was established in 1632 and is situated in the second-largest city in Estonia, Tartu. As the most prestigious computer science university in Estonia, one of its missions is to preserve the culture of Estonia while pioneering several developments in society. The higher learning institutions use both English and Estonian as languages of instruction. It is also active in several academic organizations like Utrecht Network and Coimbra Group.

The Institute of Computer Science implements a world-class computer science curriculum in Estonia and offers graduate degrees in computer science to its students. The master’s program is divided into different modules that students can customize to fit their interests. It includes the thesis defense, core courses, elective courses, practice courses, optional courses, and three specialization tracks including Distributed Systems, Theoretical Informatics, and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, students can also choose their practice modules which may involve the completion of projects.

The doctorate program involves an individual study plan and is expected to be completed within four years. Students will work with a supervisor in planning the study plan, accomplishing the attestation documents, and completing the thesis. Most doctoral students who work as junior researchers are guaranteed to receive a net income of at least 1200 euros.

2. Tallinn University of Technology

Located in the capital, Tallinn University of Technology is the only technical university and among the top schools for computer science in Estonia. The institution has buildings in other cities like Tartu and Kohtla-Järve and provides education in various areas like public administration, business, and engineering. In 1918, it was initially established as an engineering school due to the need for locally trained engineering specialists at the time. In the present, it has expanded into more than twenty departments across four schools and a maritime academy. There are also more than thirty international degrees offered primarily taught in English.

The School of Information Technologies delivers high-quality computer science programs in Estonia and offers graduate degrees in computer science to its students. While there’s no undergraduate program specifically for computer science, the school has degrees related to computer science like cybersecurity, informatics, and systems development. The master’s program curriculum is aimed to provide advanced knowledge in the industry. Students will have the opportunity to complete an internship according to the updated curriculum. They are expected to meet the minimum ECTS in order to qualify for the proceeding studies.

The Ph.D. program runs for four years where students will undertake supervised research. Applicants should have a master’s degree and a study plan developed with a supervisor. Admissions may be classified among Doctoral Student-Early Stage Researchers, Industrial Doctoral Students, and External Students. The students in the program will either work with their supervisor’s research group or solve a research or development challenge of a company.

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