Nestled along the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, Slovenia is a small nation that has a lot to offer for international students. Its diverse ecosystem and accommodating culture attract many foreign students looking for a rich academic experience. The country’s education system is among the strongest in Europe demonstrated by its significant scientific research contributions. The country’s smaller population of students results in a more intensive and focused approach in every program. In addition, the majority of Slovenians know more than one language which makes communication very accessible for foreign students. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities for computer science in Slovenia!

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in Slovenia

1. University of Ljubljana

Established in 1919, the University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest university and research institution in Slovenia. The school has twenty-three faculties, three art academies, and two university libraries. The central buildings of the university are situated in central Ljubljana, the country’s capital and the new buildings are located in other parts of the city. The University of Ljubljana is among the leading universities for computer science in Slovenia and has strong ties with several companies in the country, opening countless opportunities for its students to widen their professional experience.

The Faculty of Computer and Information Science offers three three-year undergraduate programs for computer science. Students can choose between mathematics or information science as subjects that will accompany their computer science education. The latter is also offered in either academic or professional programs which would result in different requirements to complete the course.

Currently, the faculty offers two-year master’s degrees in computer science. Students can choose among the offered tracks: multimedia, information science, and data science. The faculty also has a program for students interested in teaching computer science although it is not currently offered. The doctoral program runs for four years which combines coursework and research projects. The program involves students taking seminars, elective courses, and research works.

2. University of Primorska

The University of Primorska is a young university in Slovenia that has campuses across multiple locations in the country. It was established in 2003 and it has six faculties including education, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and information technologies. The University of Primorska is a top institution for computer science in Slovenia and ranks within the 1001st-1200th range in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2022.

The undergraduate program is conducted full-time for three years in Slovene and English. It combines computer science and mathematics to establish a strong knowledge foundation for the industry. Then, students are expected to successfully apply their knowledge in solving real-world challenges. The course allows students to take five electives from other learning institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

The master’s program runs for two years of full-time study which is conducted in Slovene. Students will gain a deeper understanding of computer science which will be demonstrated in their thesis requirement. They will also be allowed to take two elective courses in the fields of social sciences, humanities and natural sciences. The doctorate program can be completed within three years of part-time study. Students are expected to participate in coursework, research works, and seminar presentations. A joint four-year doctoral program with the University of St Andrews from the United Kingdom is also offered. Students should complete at least one year for each institution, and then decide on the remaining two years.

3. University of Maribor

The University of Maribor is the second-largest university and one of the best schools for computer science in Slovenia. Established in 1975, it currently has seventeen faculties in various disciplines including education, business, engineering, and medicine. As a research institution, it has continuously produced important scientific contributions and participated in the European Framework Programmes. It is home to the development of the country’s first nanosatellite, TRISAT, and the prototype for the supercomputer HPC RIVR.

The bachelor’s and master’s degrees are only offered in the Slovenian language. The undergraduate program runs for three years, with a required minimum ECTS each year to proceed to the higher year of study. It heavily focuses on fundamental topics including databases, algorithms, and computer systems. The master’s program is conducted for two years and students can choose among the electives offered. Topics involve advanced topics in computer science like cloud computing, software systems, and computer processing.

The doctorate program can be completed within three years and it is conducted in English and Slovene. Students are required to have at least one published work that meets certain criteria like an impact factor (JCR). Graduates will earn 180 ECTS after completing the requirements including individual research work, seminars, and thesis defense.


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