The graduate schools of most universities in the USA require the GRE test from the applicants who wish to enroll in their Ph.D. programs. Fortunately, there are universities in the USA that do not require the GRE for admission to their Ph.D. programs. In the sections below we are going to have a look at ten of these graduate schools.

Universities with No GRE Requirements for their PhD programs

1. Walden University

Walden University is where your Ph.D. becomes a feasible goal! It offers a wide variety of 25 different doctoral programs and over 150 different specializations to suit every applicant’s specific career goals. Best of all, many of these programs are also available online.

Some of the areas where the university offers its most popular doctoral programs are Business & Management, Criminal Justice and Information Technology. Although Walden University does not require the GRE score for its PhD programs, all candidates are required to present a detailed academic resume.

2. A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

This is one of the best universities in the USA to earn a doctoral degree in Human Medicine or Health Science. Two of the university’s most popular doctoral programs are Doctor of Health Sciences and Doctor of Education in Health Professions.

The former is an online program that prepares students for administrative jobs in the healthcare sector. The latter program trains doctoral students to become health educators. These services are especially sought in Africa, where there is an acute need for health education and disease prevention training.

3. Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is the first fully-accredited online university in the USA. Here, each program is tailored according to the applicant’s specific needs and has its own schedule. Therefore, the pace of academic progress is different for each candidate.

This university is most famous for its Juris Doctor Program, offered by Concord Law School. Although taking the GRE exam is not mandatory for enrollment in these PhD and Juris Doctor Programs, there is a series of several interviews, aimed at assessing the applicant’s readiness for the challenges of the program.

4. Sacred Heart University

Founded back in 1963, Sacred Heart University is one of the most popular higher schools in the state of Connecticut. Nowadays, it has just over 3,000 graduate students. The most popular doctoral programs that the university offers are Doctor of Education Leadership, Doctor of Business Administration, and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Neither of these requires the candidate to have successfully passed the GRE exam.

5. St. John’s University

Next on our list of universities that do not require GRE for its PhD Programs is St. John’s University. This university is a private higher education provider in New York City, strongly affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. The beginnings of this institution can be traced back to 1870. Now, the university has over 4,500 postgraduate students from all over the world.

The most popular doctoral programs that St. John’s University offers are Doctor of Audiology, Doctor of Psychology, and Doctor of Professional studies.

6. Colorado Technical University

This is one of the best higher schools in the USA to pursue a doctoral degree in the technical field. Established in 1965, Colorado Technical University now has 2,700 postgraduate students.

One of the university’s biggest advantages is that it offers full-time, as well as online doctoral programs, which do not require the comprehensive GRE test.

Some of the most popular online doctoral programs are Computer Science – Big Data Analytics, Criminal Justice, and Environmental Resources Management.  This university offers applied doctorates, as well as research-based ones.

7. Duquesne University

Duquesne University was established in 1878 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now, this is a private higher education provider with a strong affiliation to the Roman Catholic Church. This university with no GRE requirements for its PhD programs has 4,500 postgraduate students.

The main postgraduate school is Duquesne University’s School of Education. Some of the most interesting programs that it offers include Ph.D. Counselor Education & Supervision, the Ph.D. in School Psychology program, and the Educational Technology Professional Doctorate in Education. Even without the GRE exam, the admission process to these programs is quite strict and the applicants go through several rounds of selection.

8. California Southern University

This university is 100% online-based and offers doctoral degrees in Business Administration, Law, and Psychology. Ever since its inception in 1978, California Southern University’s popularity among the young working people in the state has been growing steadily.

Earning your doctoral degree online makes a lot of sense in today’s fast-paced world, where time is one’s most precious commodity. The flexible doctoral programs offered by CalSouthern, as this school is known for short, combine excellent academic training with the challenges of thorough research into the chosen field under the careful guidance of an experienced advisor. The holders of Juris Doctor Degree are eligible to sit the California Bar Exam for attorneys.

9. Lynn University

Since its establishment in 1962, Lynn University has established itself as one of the leading higher education providers in the region of Boca Raton, Florida. Its most popular doctoral program is the one in Educational Leadership, available on-campus only.

The applicants are first required to complete a standard form and then they are asked to write their professional practice statement. In it, they should clearly highlight their academic goals and explain how the doctoral program will help them achieve these goals. Last but not least, they should provide at least two references from previous employers or tutors. The application fee of $45 is non-refundable.

10. Northcentral University

We end our list of universities with no GRE requirements for its PhD Programs is Northcentral University. It is an online university headquartered in San Diego, California. The academic work of this institution is organized in five different schools, the most popular of them being the School of Business, the School of Health Sciences, and the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The most popular doctoral programs that the online university offers are Doctor of Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership, Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership, and Doctor of Health Administration.

To enter either of the numerous doctoral programs offered by Northcentral University, the applicant should have a Master’s Degree in the selected field of study. No GRE score is required for admission.


I hope that this article on PhD programs with no GRE requirements was helpful. If you are interested in studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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