In recent years, Taiwan has managed to become both a cultural and educational hub of Asia. Every year, it welcomes more and more international students from all parts of the globe to both its undergraduate and graduate programs. Taiwan’s academic appeal stems from its educational competitiveness as well as its state-of-the-art educational institutions. In addition, Taiwan universities offer a welcoming, inclusive, and safe learning environment. Due to these reasons, this article takes a closer look at some of the best biology universities in Taiwan.

Top Schools Offering Biology in Taiwan

1. National Taiwan University

Situated in the city of Taipei, National Taiwan University is considered to be one of the best biology universities in Taiwan. Although it was originally founded in 1928, it received its current name and adopted its liberal tradition from the Chinese Ministry of Education in 1945. During its almost century-long history, the university has been home to both Nobel laureates as well as former presidents, and other prominent political figures. Presently, it consists of eleven colleges, as well as numerous research centers, graduate institutes, and departments.

The dominant portion of biological research is conducted at the National Taiwan College of Life Science. Within the college, students are given the chance to study biological fields such as ecology and evolutionary biology on the one hand and biochemical science and technology on the other. At the core of each department’s curriculum are fundamental theoretical biological notions. In addition to these, each department strives to offer a practical education as well, by involving students in different research projects, exchange programs, and internship experiences.

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2. National Cheng Kung University

The National Cheng Kung University is an internationally acclaimed educational and research institution in Taiwan. Its roots may be traced back to the Tainan Technical College established in 1931. Since its establishment, the university has grown to become a leader in the fields of engineering, computer science, medicine, and planning and design. Furthermore, the university has had a vital role in the Taiwan Miracle. More specifically, it has been at the forefront of transforming Taiwan’s economy from an agricultural-based society to an industrialized world leader. As of the present, its programs have been recognized by both national and international excellence ranking systems and institutions and its students also get the chance to apply for Taiwan scholarships.

The university’s Department of Biology was originally founded in 1982. Since then it has both changed its name to the Department of Life Science and has come to include a wide array of biological fields. Thus, today students may choose to study in the biological fields of Biomedicine, Genomics, Biotechnology, and Ecology. At the center of all these subfields is the desire to understand evolution and the evolutionary connection between species. The overall goal of the department is to provide a world-class education that will prepare its students for both graduate studies and the biomedical industry.

3. National Tsing Hua University

Unlike the two previously mentioned universities, the National Tsing Hua University is situated in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Although it was initially established in Beijing, its leading academics relocated the university to Hsinchu City after the Chinese Civil War. Thus, since 1956, the National Tsing Hua University has remained on the island of Taiwan and has been distinct from the Tsinghua University in Beijing. Over the past decade, the university has consistently been ranked among the best research institutions in both Taiwan and abroad. Moreover, it is a leading center for innovation in Taiwan’s research cluster.

When the university’s Department of Life Sciences opened its doors in 1991, it was the first one of its kind in Taiwan. As a top biology university in Taiwan, National Tsing Hua University’s primary goal was to establish an interdisciplinary program based on the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology. Presently, the department comprises four separate institutes, among which are the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, the Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology, the Institute of Molecular Medicine, and the Institute of Biotechnology. At the core of all four institutes is an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses both theoretical and practical education.

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4. Taipei Medical University

Taipei Medical University is another one of the best universities for biology in Taiwan. It was initially founded as Taipei Medical College in 1960. Since then, it has managed to increase both its size and academic acclaim. By pursuing cutting-edge approaches to both education and research, the university has placed itself at the forefront of biomedical innovation. Its main aims are defined in terms of serving society and humankind. To do this, the university emphasizes teaching students to always approach problems in an interdisciplinary manner and associate with colleagues from other fields. Furthermore, to achieve a well-rounded education, the university encourages its students to seek international internships and exchange opportunities.

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology was initially founded as the Taipei Department of Biochemistry in 1950. Since its establishment, its primary purpose has been educating students in the fields of biochemistry and molecular cell biology. Today, one of its main goals is to teach students about the chemical and biological bases needed for medical research and practice. In addition to its curriculum-specific goals, the department also aims for its students to acquire the skills of critical thinking, active life-long learning, and independent research.

FAQS About Studying Biology in Taiwan

Which Courses Can You Take with Biology?

With knowledge of Biology, there are a number of courses that you can pursue depending on what you would be interested in. These courses include anatomy, physiology, forensic biology, genetics, and many other medical courses. Through this study, you have higher chances of being employed by various reputable institutions or professions that require you to have knowledge of biology.

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