Sweden is one of the top study destinations for international students. The cost of living in the country is comparatively low, and numerous scholarships are available for students in Europe and all over the world.

The country is also known for its relaxed atmosphere. Professors in universities are very approachable and prefer to be addressed with their first names rather than using formalities like “Sir” or “Miss”. Swedish people also regularly take a “Fika” or a break from the busyness of school and work.

Business schools in Sweden are internationally recognized for providing excellent education and research. Here are the best business schools in Sweden, along with some good-to-know information about their campuses, students, and programs.

Best Business Schools in Sweden

1. Lund University

Lund University is home to one of the best business schools in Sweden and among the top 100 universities in the world. It is a public university that prides itself on conducting world-class research and providing a supportive and student-centered environment.

The teaching style has more of an informal and collaborative approach. Dialogues and discussions are welcomed so professors and students can share each other’s thoughts and come up with new ideas. Students’ opinions are heard through Lund University’s student union called Lundaekonomerna to continuously improve the quality of education and services provided by the university.

The Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. Students at LUSEM are trained to become experts in several areas of business and economics by teaching them basic and advanced concepts and theories, getting them involved in several projects with the university’s industry partners, and providing opportunities for international studies and internships. Students are also provided with services that would guide them throughout their student life, provide career options, and help them take care of their mental health.

2. Stockholm School of Economics

Located in the nation’s capital, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is a private institution and is one of the top business schools in Sweden. It is known for having an outstanding research environment and establishing strong connections with several influential people and institutions. The House of Innovation and the Swedish House of Finance are the two research houses in SSE, where several research projects are conducted both internally and along with other academic and corporate institutions.

Stockholm School of Economics offers several Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate business degrees. Tuition is free for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for European students, but the university also offers scholarships that non-European students can avail.

The business program of SSE provides students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of business concepts, theories, and strategies. Students will also take courses that tackle issues in society and sustainability and will be given the chance to study in one of SSE’s partner universities abroad. One of the well-known initiatives of the Stockholm School of Economics is the SSE Business Lab, which provides training and support to students who would like to start their own companies or gain more experience to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

3. Stockholm University

Stockholm University is one of the leading universities in Europe and is consistently seen among the highest-ranked universities in several world university rankings. Sustainable development is a main focus in the university, and it emphasizes the importance of providing good-quality education, conducting extensive research, and collaborating with various sectors of society in attaining this goal.

Business Administration and Advertising and PR are the two main subjects of the Department of Business Administration at Stockholm University. Business Administration concentrates on understanding how business organizations operate, analyzing and developing business strategies, and building organizational skills such as leadership and communication. Advertising and PR focus on marketing communication and how it affects the different parties involved in an organization.

Stockholm University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in Business Administration. Courses start with learning the basic business concepts and progress to more complex ones in the coming semesters. Students will then choose a specific area of specialization, conduct practical applications through individual and group case studies, and collaborate with partner universities and institutions.

4. University of Gothenburg

Founded in 1891, The University of Gothenburg is the third oldest university in Sweden. It considers itself an urban university because its structures, facilities, and campuses can be found all around the city of Gothenburg. The university conducts extensive research in various areas such as medicine, economics, sustainability, information technology, and culture.

The Department of Business Administration, under the University of Gothenburg’s School of Business, Economics, and Law, provides Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Courses at this top business school in Sweden are interdisciplinary, aligned to the latest research, and focused on developing leadership and critical thinking to contribute to the process of achieving sustainability in society. Students also have to write a thesis and collaborate with one of the university’s partner companies and institutions.

5. Uppsala University

Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and is the first and oldest university in Sweden. On the campus, you will find museums, gardens, and art exhibits and experience several cultural activities and traditions that make the university’s long history and rich culture very evident. It is also one of the top 100 universities in the world.

The main purpose of Uppsala University is to contribute to making society better by obtaining new knowledge through research and providing the best quality of education to its students, which is why the university makes numerous efforts to enhance its research and education standards. Evaluations and surveys for research activities and academic programs are regularly implemented for quality assurance and improvement purposes. It also provides leadership training and development and career guidance programs to faculty and students.

The Department of Business Administration of Uppsala University offers business programs for students who would like to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Students at this top Swedish business school are given opportunities to study abroad and put their theoretical knowledge into practice through internships and research projects done in close collaboration with the university’s corporate partners.


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