Sculptures have been a form of art since the ancient ages. They reflect not just the artist’s skills but also some aspects of society during that time, such as religion. While these sculptures may vary in size and figure, with some towering over humans, they are all majestic and allow unique interaction between humans and art.

We will talk about some of the best schools in the world where you can explore the field of sculpture!

Which Country is the Best for Studying Sculpture?

Most of the countries that offer courses on the study of Sculpture are mostly situated in Europe. Other institutions in different parts of the world offer sculpturing. If you would like to study this, consider countries such as Italy, France, Austria, and many others that offer this. Art students who want to specialize in sculpturing should choose their destination country based on where they would get inspiration to improve or rather sharpen their skills in the field of art. In case you would still like to browse other program options, you can check out our list of available courses.

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Top Sculpture Schools in the World

1. University College London

University College London is a public institution and is regarded as the second-largest university in the country, based on total enrolment. It is also one of England’s oldest academic institutions and one of the best schools for sculpture in the world.

Its Slade School of Fine Art, one of the leading art schools globally, offers four programs tackling sculpture – BA and BFA Fine Art, MA and MFA Fine Art. These programs have the same three areas of practice: painting, fine art media, and sculpture. BA Fine Art is a four-year program, while BFA Fine Art is set for three years only. Meanwhile, a theory-based MA in Fine Arts is taken for two calendar years, while a practice-based MFA in Fine Arts is for two academic years only.

Slade School of Fine Arts provides students with a wide array of resources and opportunities to learn from distinguished galleries, museums, libraries, and other art centers. Undergraduates may also have the chance to take international exchange classes with other European nations, China, and the United States.

2. New York University

New York University is a private university and an excellent school for sculpture across the globe that is established in 1831. It began as an all-male school but has become the largest university in the country based on enrolment. Admission is very selective, and students may choose from various programs offered by its undergraduate and graduate schools.

New York University’s Steinhardt School offers many different programs and courses, but the most relevant to sculpture are its MFA, BFA, and Minor degrees in studio art. They also offer a dual degree in studio art and teaching art (BFA Studio Art/MA Teaching Art). Steinhardt’s studio art is a holistic program that covers many artistic facets, such as painting, sculpture, and photography.

BFA Studio Art is a 128-credit program that may be taken full-time or part-time. Meanwhile, the MFA Studio Art program is intended to be taken full-time to fulfill the 60 credits required. The dual degree in BFA Studio Art and MA Teaching Art comprises 139 credits taken full-time or part-time. This dual degree is open only for BFA Studio Art students and can be accomplished within five years.

3. The Courtauld Institute of Art

The Courtauld Institute of Art is dedicated to art and conservation history. It is also an independent college of the University of London and among the top schools for sculpture in the world. Many of its alumni have become directors of known museums around the world.

Only one undergraduate program is offered at the Courtauld Institute of Art, a BA in History of Art. This three-year course covers art from across the world and timeline. Students study ancient and recent art, including buildings, paintings, installation art, and more. Along with this program, students learn about sculptures and other forms of art.

Besides its only undergraduate program, the institute also offers postgraduate degrees in art history, curating the art museum, and art conservation.

4. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the best schools for sculpture in the world and is an institution known for its prestige and excellence over the centuries. It is an ancient university, delivering knowledge to students as early as 1096.

Oxford’s The Ruskin School of Art offers Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts programs. Students of these courses delve into different aspects of art, such as painting, sculpture, installation, and video art, among others. Both programs are studio-based and focused on the contemporary arts.

Bachelor of Fine Arts is set for three years, with most of the program allotted for studio practice, while the rest is intended to study the history and theory of visual culture. Students are engaged in studio work, workshops, and other projects that help hone their techniques and approaches. Meanwhile, the Master of Fine Arts course is for one year only, dedicated to tutorials, seminars, masterclasses, workshops, and other classes that develop students’ skills and knowledge.

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5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a top-ranked institution in many fields, including science and the arts.

Under the institute’s School of Architecture and Planning, the following programs are offered: Bachelor of Science in Art and Design and Master of Science in Art, Culture, and Technology. Both include the “Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work” course.

The course mentioned above focuses on 3D art, including sculptures and installations. Students learn about its design, fabrication, processes, and other essential knowledge behind every work. Lectures, screenings, readings, and other work supplement studio practice.

6. Stanford University

Stanford University is an institution in California and among the world’s best sculpture schools. Thousands of students from all around the world are admitted into its seven schools every year.

Under Stanford University’s Department of Art & Art History, four courses are being offered, two relevant to sculpture – Art History and Art Practice. For Art History, undergraduate and Ph.D. programs are provided to learn about the analysis and interpretation of artistic works, including sculptures.

Meanwhile, undergraduate and master’s degree programs are offered in art practice. Students get to develop skills in the fine arts through production-based courses. For the undergraduate program, they get to explore a variety of media and techniques before focusing on one.

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7. Princeton University

Princeton University is an Ivy League institution and a top school for sculpture in the world that was founded in New Jersey. It is among the oldest institutions in the country and was previously named the College of New Jersey.

Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts offers a Program in Visual Arts. Through this program, courses in painting, sculpture, drawing, and other art forms are offered. Students get to access different facilities and studios.

In this university, visual arts may be a concentration as a student pursues their bachelor’s degree in The Practice of Art. They may also get a Visual Arts Certificate in conjunction with another major.

Under the Visual Arts programs, the following courses on the field of sculpture are being offered: Sculpture I, which is an introduction to sculpture; Ceramic Sculpture, where students get to work with clay; Artist and Studio, which focuses on current issues on different art fields; and Sculpture II, which analyzes and explores sculptural space.


I hope that this article on the Best Sculpture Schools in the World was helpful. If you are interested in more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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