Known for its high-quality academic programs, and world-class research in various fields, New York University takes pride as one of the best universities globally. For more than 190 years, this private institution has produced thousands of graduates in different academic fields – proving its excellence in teaching and research.

If you’re planning to study here, one of the things that you need to know is your chances of being accepted. Knowing the acceptance rate of your chosen university will help you gauge the level of competition you’ll be facing and it will help you prepare.

In this article, let’s talk about New York University’s acceptance rate and how it can help you in the future.

New York University Acceptance Rate

According to College Navigator – a tool created by the US Department of Education, the acceptance rate of New York University is 9%. In 2021, there were 95, 517 applicants, and only 13, 372 students got in, with an acceptance rate of 14%. However, in the fall of 2023, the acceptance rate dropped to 9% out of the 113, 758 applications.

Comparing it with the previous years, New York University’s statistics show that over the past academic years, they have maintained their exclusivity. For example, in the Fall of 2020, they received more than 80,000 applications, but they only admitted 16,000 students, and in 2018, out of 71,000 students, only 19% were accepted.

These figures show that this institution is highly selective and competitive. You’ll expect that their admission process is rigorous and you need to stand out, for you to be accepted.

Preparing for New York University

Entering a globally recognized university isn’t easy. But with great preparation and planning, being an international student at New York University is possible. To help you out, here are some of the few things that you can take note of while preparing:

Admission Requirements

New York University highly focuses on academics and extracurricular activities. Having an excellent background from your previous years will help you build a strong application. To know more about the university’s GPA, language, and other academic-related requirements, make sure to complete the requirements mandated by the university.

Tuition Fees

Another important thing that you need to prepare for is the cost of your studies. As a private institution, tuition fees at New York University are expensive compared to other institutions.

The tuition fees at New York University vary depending on your degree and chosen program. For international students taking a bachelor’s program, it can be up to 60, 300 USD per year, and for a master’s degree, it can be as high as 66,800 USD per year.

Having thorough research regarding the cost of your studies at New York University will help you save and see other options for funding your studies.


As mentioned earlier, tuition fees and other costs at New York University can be competitive. But don’t worry! New York University offers scholarships and awards to incoming international students.

For international bachelor’s students, they can apply to New York University’s Financial Aid Program. This program can cover the full cost of their studies. On the other hand, international master’s students can consider applying for graduate assistantships.

These scholarship opportunities will surely help you finance your studies! As you plan for your studies at New York University, make sure to include these scholarships and consider applying for them!

Being a New York University student will surely give you a rewarding study experience!


We hope that knowing the university’s acceptance rate will help you prepare and increase your chances of getting in! To know more information about studying in the US, you can start by checking out our Guide to Studying in the USA and Available Programs for International Students sections to explore your options.

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