For international students who are interested in attending a Chinese institution, you should definitely give this application method a try since CASA is a private agency that just handles scholarship applications and admissions applications.

Standing for China Agency for Scholarships and Admissions, CASA handles hundreds of scholarship applications and admissions applications for prospective students worldwide.

Instead of applying directly to the university, CASA first receives your application, and then, sends it to your designated university. You might think that this method is unnecessary, but there are several good reasons why CASA is a great method to use.

1. Big Problem for Chinese Application – Language Barrier

First of all, you can’t really apply for a Chinese institution if you don’t know the Chinese language at all. Most admissions applications in China are listed in Chinese, so you better know where to put your personal information.

Even though there are few institutions that practice English translation during the admissions process, the translation is highly unreliable since Google Translate might have been used due to the lack of translators. You might think that most institutions will have the English version for everything, but that is not the case since the Chinese are very proud people.

Due to their pride, they really don’t see the need for translating from their original language, which led to a hard admissions process for international students.

2. Big Problem for Chinese Application – Disorganization

Not only that, but admissions links for some institutions are also very hard to find. Because of their disorganized websites, admissions links are buried underneath all that jargon, and you would probably be experiencing more and more confusion due to language.

Last but not least, most of their websites are not kept up-to-date, which means that the posted information is out-of-date and useless for prospective applicants. Not only that, the contact services for Chinese institutions are slow to respond, and some of their staff might not speak in English, so you probably can’t understand them even if they sent a response.

Solution: Use CASA (After You Have Done Your Best)

Why am I going through all this pain to tell you all of this?

And the answer is, “I don’t really want you guys to waste your time and resources trying to apply when you can use CASA. You’ll see more benefits as you go down the road, but for now, one thing that I want you to remember is CASA will take care of the admissions process and the scholarship application process for you! You don’t have to worry about finding the application link or applying to that university since CASA will directly send the application forms to your designated university.

All you have to do is to give them the required documents and wait for the results.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should blindly go to this agency and use their services. I want you to do your part in searching for a good university, and then, try to apply for admissions or for a scholarship. If you experience problems like those two above, come back to this post and give CASA a try.

If you don’t have to use CASA, then please don’t! Since CASA is a private agency, it charges a fee for its services, so make sure you do your best to avoid this option! If you did your best and you are still lost, then give CASA a try since their price is well worth it.

Applying for Admissions at Your Designated University

After listening to all my negativity, it is my turn to give you all the benefits that CASA offers. If you didn’t already choose your university, there is no need to worry! CASA staff can help you with your decision, and they can give you helpful guidelines as you choose your dream university.

After selecting a designated university, CASA then helps you with your admissions application, and it also offers helpful services that answer your questions accurately and also reply back on time as well. Since you are going overseas for studying, CASA also helps you with the Visa process, and it can pick you up at the airport if you need a pickup.

If Interested in Applying to Chinese University, Visit CASA Admissions Service.

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Applying for CASA Scholarships

Last but not least, CASA Scholarships are also a great option for international students since you need funding when you are studying abroad. Separating into a variety of categories, you can select scholarships for doctoral degrees, master’s programs, and bachelor’s degrees.

Even better, you can select full-ride scholarship awards if you can find one. Since CASA is a private agency, you have to pay a deposit when you are applying for a scholarship through CASA. They are going to charge service fees for scholarships and even a higher service fee for full-ride scholarships.

If you do get that scholarship, CASA gets to keep the money, and you get to keep your scholarship. On the other hand, if you don’t receive your scholarship, you can get a refund, where CASA gives you back the service fee since you didn’t get your scholarship.

Basically, it’s a win-win trade for you since you don’t have to pay CASA unless you get your scholarship award.


I hope that this article on CASA Scholarships was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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