In the academic world, China has maintained a reputation for excellence, producing generations of brilliant students. Based on the 2021 Education Rankings by Country, China ranks 22nd, two places above its rank last 2020. Its students also achieved the highest scores in standardized examinations in math, science, and reading.

With that, it is not surprising if many, maybe even you, are interested in pursuing bachelor’s studies in China. If you want to know about some general application requirements and specific application processes of some Chinese universities, you may be interested to read this article. Here, we will discuss how you can study for a bachelor’s degree in China.

Bachelor’s Degree Admission Requirements

Applicants wishing to study for an undergraduate degree in China may be required to submit the following documents: application form, valid passport, valid visa or residence permit (if in China already), diploma or proof of impending graduation, academic transcripts or high school score report, letters of recommendation, proof of language requirements, personal statement, test scores, language certificates.

The necessary documents you need to submit may also vary per university or degree program. Consult with the institution you are planning to apply for to get an updated and complete list.

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Language Proficiency Tests Needed for Undergraduate Studies

Certain universities and programs may have language requirements you need to comply with to apply for a bachelor’s in China.

For Fudan University’s Undergraduate Medical Program (English Taught), you need to either of the following: TOEFL (IBT) score of 90 or above; IELTS (Academic) score of 6.5 or above; Duolingo English score of 110 or above; or PTE Academic Test score of 61 or above. These examinations must have been taken within two years before your application. If your major classes in high school were delivered in English, these requirements might be waived.

Meanwhile, undergraduate programs at Nanjing University may require you to meet Chinese or English proficiency levels. If you apply for science, Chinese language, liberal arts, and business programs, you need to have HSK5 or above. Meanwhile, an IELTS score of 5.5 or above for English major programs or a TOEFL score of 70 or above is required.

Meanwhile, for the University of Science and Technology of China, applicants must have a new HSK Level 5 or above. If your native language is Chinese, or if you have proof that your high school courses were delivered in Chinese, you may be exempted.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University may ask you to submit Chinese and English language certificates. For Chinese, you will need to have an HSK level 5 or level 6. You may also submit other proficiency certificates, but these must be reviewed and approved by the university first. Meanwhile, you must have a TOEFL score of at least 80 or an IELTS of at least 5.5 for your language certificate. Other equivalent certificates may also be submitted, but they will be reviewed and approved first.

If you wish to take Chinese-taught programs at Peking University, you need a new HSK6 certificate with at least 180 points. If your score does not satisfy the requirement, you may take English-taught courses for a few semesters or learn Chinese at the School of Chinese.

If you are an applicant for Tsinghua University, you need to meet Chinese and English language proficiencies. If your native language is Chinese or your high school’s mode of delivery is Chinese, you may seek approval for an HSK waiver. Otherwise, you will need to have an HSK Level of 5 or above, with each subject having at least 60 points. HSK Level 4 may be accepted, but you will need to improve over the first year. For English proficiency, you may need to submit an English language test score, which may be IELTS, TOEFL, or other equivalents.

Bachelor’s Degree Application Process

Each university has a unique application process that applicants who wish to study for a bachelor’s in China must follow.

Step 1. Prepare the Necessary Documents for Application

Universities have similar document requirements for applicants who want to pursue an undergraduate degree in China. However, some may have additional statements or papers you need to submit.

For instance, Fudan University would ask you to submit a Guarantee Statement if you are below 18 years old.

The University of Science and Technology of China would require you to pass a Guardian Statement Form if you are below 18 years old. They also ask undergraduates to submit a Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

Nanjing University, meanwhile, requires you to submit a personal statement and documents of skills or knowledge if you are applying for the architecture program.

The number of programs you may apply for depends on the institution. For Nanjing University, you can apply for, at most, three programs.

Step 2. Create an Application Portal Account for Submission

Most universities accept online applications for students applying for a bachelor’s in China. Each institution has its online application portal or online application system on which you will make your accounts.

Instead of just submitting scanned copies online, you might also have to mail the original documents to the university. This is precisely the case for Nanjing University.

Payment for application fees is usually made through these application portals.

Step 3. Proceed to Interview or Examination

Some institutions would have an interview phase after your application has been reviewed and approved. Among these are Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

Meanwhile, the University of Science and Technology China will invite you to take the entrance examination if your application is approved. You may be exempted from the exam if you meet specific academic requirements. For example, if you have an SAT I score of more than 1300 and 3 SAT subjects, including Math level 2 (at least 650) and two other relevant subjects, you may be waived. If you pass the exam or meet the academic requirements, you will be invited for an interview.

Tsinghua University also requires you to take an integrative test after the evaluation of your application. Applicants for arts or architecture programs may have to take another test or undergo a portfolio review.

Step 4. Await Admission Confirmation

For Shanghai Jiao Tong University, there is a pre-confirmation and confirmation of enrollment phase before the official admission stage.


We hope this article on how to apply and study for a bachelor’s degree in China was helpful. Feel free to check out the Available Programs for International Students and learn more about studying abroad.

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