The study of public relations is under the broad field of communication, and it is known that this has a crucial role in different organizations and society in general. Students will get to learn strategies in the process of communication that will be beneficial in the construction of relationships between organizations. They will learn both practice and theory of gathering information, writing, and editing, and effectively communicating them.

Below, we talk about some of Europe’s best public relations schools.

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Top Public Relations Schools in Europe

1. University of the Arts London

With a wide range of courses being offered in fields such as art and communication, the University of the Arts London has an exceptional reputation in teaching. They provide their students with the latest facilities and resources for a swell learning experience. The faculty are professionals in their own fields, well-trained, and ready to deliver in their teaching.

In their College of Communication, they have a bachelor’s program for Public Relations. With a duration of three years, the degree will cover the application of both practice and theory in media and communications, as well as enhance the creativity of the students. Part of their courses is strengthening their skills in the written word and design, which they can apply to their projects. In the first two years, the students get to choose subjects that are of their interest. Under the same college, there is also a master’s program which is completed in less than two years. The students can expect specialist sessions that will help them in sharpening their abilities and knowledge to help them build a strong career in the field. The program ends with a major project focused on the creation of a research plan. All of these led to the University of the Arts London being recognized as one of the best public relations schools in Europe.

2. Cardiff University

Cardiff University is recognized as a strong research institution given by the list of top research rankings it has acquired. It is one of the highly acclaimed research schools and it is also a part of the Russell Group, which is a network of leading research-intensive universities located in the UK. With a diverse innovative community and collaborations in different industries globally, the contributions of the school reach regions all over the world.

As one of the leading schools for public relations, Cardiff University offers a master’s program in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management, which is completed full-time within a year. In this program, there is a blend of advanced academics with practice and theory. The courses will allow the students to practice the skills and methods they acquire, and they will also get to explore a range of specializations. Some of these include the following: media relations, crisis management, and corporate social responsibility. In the end, a project-based dissertation is expected to be completed.

3. University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw

This university belongs to the top private schools in Poland. It has been providing courses related to the areas of economics, human sciences, and social studies. The school prides itself on its open-mindedness regarding the initiatives and involvement of its students. It has partnerships with other prestigious research and academic institutions in different regions of the world.

The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw has a master’s program for Social Communication and Public Relations. It has a duration of two years, and it is taught in both Polish and English languages. It has a focus on subjects for management, but in the second year, the students have options for courses related to their chosen specialist areas. They also must undergo a thesis seminar in preparation for the thesis that they have to complete for the degree. After completion of the program, the students can find themselves working in the field of advertising and media. They can also find jobs in public relations agencies, organizations, or even political parties.

4. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam, or the UvA, is among the best public relations schools in Europe. It is one of the top 15 universities belonging to Europe and it is also in the top 100 list of universities worldwide. It is a leading school when it comes to innovation and international science. Sustainability, safety, and inclusivity are part of the characteristics of the university, having a representation of more than 100 nationalities in its community.

The public relations programs offered by the school are under communication science. It has bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which are taught either in Dutch or English. Their undergraduate program is a three-year study, and it is focused on the role of both communication and media in society. Through this, the students are taught about the effects and different forms of media, such as the Internet and television. There are also classes in other subject areas like social psychology and political science. On the other hand, their master’s programs are divided into four specializations: corporate, entertainment, persuasive, and political communication. This gives better background and focuses on the roles and systems in the industries related to these specialist areas.

5. EU Business School Barcelona

The EU Business School is internationally acclaimed for its high-level teaching in programs such as business administration, communication, and public relations. Besides Barcelona, there are also campuses in Geneva, Montreux, and Munich. They have programs for bachelor’s and master’s, all of which are taught in the English language. The classes are conducted in small sizes to assure that the learning experience being provided is personalized and accommodating for all students.

It has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Relations, which is taught in the English language. It consists of seven semesters within three years of study, but students are also given the choice of adding a semester to have a diploma for Advanced Studies. The first year of the program is made up of subjects on the foundational topics in business. The following years have coverage of different specialization courses. Through this program, the students of this leading public relations school will be trained for various roles that they may encounter within the industry.


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