Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is a self-governing country in East Asia. Mandarin is the official language in the country, with various other secondary languages such as Taiwanese, Chinese, and other dialects. It is a hot place for international students for its affordable standard of living, low tuition fees, scholarships, rich culture, food, and environment. It is also very welcoming to international students and has set policies for easier entry of international students into the country.

Nursing education in Taiwan first started in 1963 and postgraduate education was introduced in 1995. Tertiary education generally takes 4 years for undergraduate, 1-4 years for Master’s, and 2-7 years for Doctorate degrees. English proficiency for undergraduates is required, while both English and Mandarin proficiency is required for postgraduate studies.

Listed are nursing schools in Taiwan that are known for their quality nursing education!

How Much Does it Cost to Study Nursing in Taiwan?

The cost of living and studying in Taiwan is generally low, with tuition fees for undergraduate nursing studies ranging around US$1,780 per semester and US$1,500 per semester for a postgraduate degree. This amount applies to local students, with international students paying double the amount paid by locals. Before you decide to pursue your nursing studies in Taiwan, you can explore other nursing courses from various sources to weigh your options. While we may not have nursing courses on our page, you are welcome to sample other available courses from different top universities around the world.

Top Nursing Schools in Taiwan

1. National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences – College of Nursing

The National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences was initially founded as the Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Nursing in 1954, and it was only in 2010 that it was granted its current name. Its nursing school was established in 1994 comprised of four departments including an international master in nursing and nursing midwifery.

The university’s top nursing program in Taiwan is offered under the College of Nursing and is the only nursing program in the country that is founded on technology and vocational education. It was also the first to offer a dual-degree program in nursing, master’s and international master’s in nursing in the country. The university has multiple partnerships with institutions and agencies outside the country and participates in exchange programs and international clinical placements for its students.

The estimated tuition fee per year for local students is US$36 for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. For international students, the estimated tuition per year is US$1,000 for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

2. Taipei Medical University – School of Nursing

Taipei Medical University is a world-class university and an excellent school for nursing in Taiwan that was established in 1960 that has its hospital, cancer center, medical center, and institute. It is also very supportive to international students, with the university offering services unique to each culture as well as in their financial need for scholarships and grants. International students taking postgraduate studies are granted tuition waivers with/without a monthly stipend.

The university’s nursing programs are offered under the School of Nursing that was established in 1963 and has produced over 3000 nursing graduates. Its Master’s programs have grown to offer a range of specialties: Maternal and Child health, hospice care, fetuses, adults, and elders. The school was also awarded for its research contribution and is affiliated with 3 hospitals for its students’ clinical placements and possible recruitment.

The average tuition that local students pay per year is US$90 for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, while international students pay an estimate of US$5,000 per year.

3. National Cheng Kung University – Department of Nursing

The National Cheng Kung University is among the best institutions for nursing in Taiwan that was initially founded as Tainan Technical College of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office in 1931. Since 1952, the university has maintained a partnership with Purdue University to keep in line with international standards. The university has campuses in Cheng Kung, Kuei-Jen, An-Nan, and Dou-Liu, and is considered the most comprehensive research university in Taiwan.

The university’s nursing program is offered under the College of Medicine that was established in 1989 offering undergraduate nursing. For postgraduate education, a Master’s in nursing was offered in 1999 followed by Ph.D. in 2003. A variety of nurisng specialties are offered in the department such as oncology nursing, family nursing, and hospice care among others.

The estimated tuition fee for local students per year is US$200 for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. For international students, the estimated tuition per semester is US$1,100 for undergraduate nursing and US$1,600 for postgraduate studies.

4. Kaohsiung Medical University – School of Nursing

The Kaohsiung Medical University initially founded as Kaohsiung Medical College in 1954, is the first private medical university and the center for medical care and tropical medicine in its early years. Since its transition to becoming a university in 1999, it thrived to deliver the highest educational quality and standards and integrated innovation into its curriculum.

The university’s world-class nursing program in Taiwan is offered under the College of Nursing that was founded in 1968 that initially offered a 3-year associate program in Nursing and only became a School of Nursing in 1975. The school is equipped with facilities that nurture the practical skills its students need in preparation for their clinical placements and future employment. It is affiliated with the MU Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Municipal Hsiao-Kang Hospital, and Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital for clinical placement.

The average tuition per semester for undergraduate nursing is US$1,780 and US$1,500 for postgraduate studies. International students are paying twice as much tuition fees as local students.

5. Hungkuang University – College of Nursing

The Hungkuang University is a leading school for nursing in Taiwan that was established in 1967 with the premise of cultivating excellent nursing expertise. Since its inception, the college of nursing has been its most important institution. The university is committed to adapting to the changing world by integrating advancements in technology into its curriculum and campus.

The university’s College of Nursing was created at the same time as the university’s foundation and has since been offering 5-year junior nursing and midwifery programs. 4-year bachelor’s degree was offered in 1999, followed by the offering of postgraduate studies in 2009. Its Master’s Degree Nursing Program with Concentration in Nurse Practitioner is the first of its kind in Central Taiwan.

The average tuition fee for nursing is US$4,600 per year.


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