Hong Kong’s government established nursing education through hospital education in 1921, and the registered nursing system was established in 1930. Following that, various nursing training and specialties were established, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong began offering a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1991. However, since 1999, there has been a decrease in the supply of nurses due to the closure of nursing schools affiliated with hospital institutions across the country.

Several nursing schools reopened in 2008 as a result of the growing demand for the profession and the country’s aging population. In comparison to previous nursing schools, the majority of the country’s current nursing schools are tertiary institutions. The country’s nursing program is a 3-year diploma program and a 5-year bachelor’s degree program that is a prerequisite for higher education and training. Nursing specialty education is also available.

The institutions listed below are among the few in the country that offers a nursing program. Let’s take a look at them!

Best Nursing Schools in Hong Kong

1. The University of Hong Kong – School of Nursing

The School of Nursing, which is part of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong that was founded in 1995 is one of the best schools for nursing in Hong Kong and has since grown to become a major part of nurse education, training, and research. The university has international partners all over the world who assist its students in learning about different practices and collaborating with other institutions for research purposes.

The university serves not only undergraduate students, but also practicing nurses who want to advance, update, or upgrade their skills. There are also certificate programs and training available, as well as Masters and Doctoral degrees in nursing and philosophy. Its five-year bachelor of the nursing program includes community and hospital exposure under the supervision of its professors.

Local students pay an average of US$5,400 per year in tuition, while international students pay an average of US$21,930 per year. The annual fee for a Master’s and Doctoral degree in nursing is US$15,386 and US$11,800, respectively.

2. Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Nursing

Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Nursing was the first tertiary institution to offer a nursing program in 1990, and it has been involved in nursing education for decades. It was the first nursing school in the country to offer a Master’s in nursing to non-nursing graduates in 2008. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a leading nursing university in Hong Kong that continues to provide high-quality nursing education, with two undergraduate and nine postgraduate programs now available.

Through exchange programs, educational trips, and collaborative research studies, the school of nursing is affiliated with numerous institutions, hospitals, and other health-related agencies around the world, providing students with an internationalized experience. Approximately 200 students are sent to these partner institutions as exchange students or for clinical placement.

For local students, undergraduate tuition is US$321 per credit, and postgraduate tuition is an average of US$590 per credit. The cost per credit for international students is US$620 for all subjects taken. The undergraduate program requires 66 credits, while the master’s program requires 30 credits and the doctoral program requires 24 credits.

3. The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Nethersole School of Nursing

The Nethersole School of Nursing, which is part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s faculty of medicine, was founded in 1991 and is ranked first for its nursing program in Hong Kong and Asia for nursing education, as well as 22nd in the world by QS World University Rankings in 2021. The Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Charity Foundation supports it, pledging to provide high-quality education that prepares students to adapt to ageing and rapidly changing world.

In 1893, the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital, which was also the country’s first hospital-based nursing school, established the school of nursing. In 2002, the school of nursing was renamed the Nethersole School of Nursing thanks to the support of the hospital foundation. Clinical learning and simulation centers and laboratories are available to students in order to stimulate learning and provide practical experience prior to their clinical placements. It also has a number of hospital and community partnerships across the country for clinical placement and immersion.

The average annual tuition for undergraduate programs is US$5,400 for domestic students and US$18,600 for international students. The rate for postgraduate studies is per credit, with a Master’s degree costing US$603 per credit and a Doctoral degree costing US$924 per credit.

4. Hong Kong Metropolitan University – School of Nursing and Health Studies

The Hong Kong Metropolitan University, formerly known as the Open University of Hong Kong, is a top institution for nursing in Hong Kong and a self-supporting institution that now offers full-time and part-time programs in addition to distance learning, for which it was originally known. The university was founded by the government in 1989 to provide affordable education to all.

In 2001, the first face-to-face associate degree programs were launched, followed by the first face-to-face bachelor’s degree program in 2003. In 2015, the government provided subsidies to some of the university’s full-time programs to help fill manpower shortages in various industries. In the year 2020, the name was formally changed to Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Its nursing program, which began as two undergraduate programs in 2005 and has grown to include four programs, a postgraduate program, and seven sub-degree programs, is the most popular among its students. Tuition is charged on an annual flat-fee basis, with students paying per credit for any units taken beyond that. The university website has more information on fees.

5. Tung Wah College – School of Nursing

Tung Wah College is among the best universities for nursing in Hong Kong that was established in 2010 by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Its nursing school offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. The college is affiliated with institutions and agencies around the world to provide a broad range of experience to its students through collaborative work, exchange programs, and clinical placements. The SSSDP (Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Profession/Sector) is used to cover US$9,878 of the total US$28,604 tuition for the bachelor’s in nursing program.


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