Being an industrially and economically successful country, Belgium is the best country to start any career, including nursing. Nursing as a career in Belgium is one of the good-paying professions because it involves public health, therefore, becoming one of the most important professions in the country.

However, even though it is an honorable job with good benefits in a great economic environment, nursing is only offered at several universities in the country because most of the applicants for this course are international students. But, according to the data of Europe, the number of nurses training in Belgium is relatively more than other trainees in other countries in Europe.

The probable cause of this according to some studies is the fewer workloads of nurses in the country. These working conditions are the reasons why many foreign students go to Belgium to study nursing. It has come to their attention that nursing as a profession in Belgium has better benefits than the nursing profession in their countries.

So, if you are one of these aspiring students who want to experience good working conditions, study and apply for nursing schools in Belgium. Getting the opportunity to study and get a degree in a rich and developed country will also allow you to be hired in that country. Therefore, to help you get started in your career, in this article, we compiled some of the best nursing universities in Belgium.

Information about the nursing programs available in each university is discussed. Each university’s nursing school has an edge or an advantage over the other but still, the decision will be up to you when choosing your university.

Best Nursing Schools in Belgium

1. Ghent University

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  • Degrees offered: Master’s in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: French, German, and English

Ghent University is among the universities in Belgium that are acknowledged to be the best nursing school in Belgium. Even though the university only offers a graduate or master’s degree in nursing, it has been able to get the attention of many organizations, institutions, and hospitals due to its reputable and good academic offerings and outputs in nursing studies and research.

They have been accredited internationally, and are known to be one of the universities leading in research. The only nursing graduate degree program at Ghent University which is a Master of Science in Nursing and Midwifery aims to prepare the students for the common challenges in healthcare, specializing in Midwifery.

It has gained recognition because it is developed in collaboration with national and international stakeholders. Aside from the basic knowledge needed to be a nurse, this course also aims to develop the graduates’ skills in advanced practice roles, research, leadership, and management.

2. University of Antwerp Department of Nursing and Midwifery

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  • Degrees offered: Master’s degree in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: French, German, and English

As the name of the university department suggests, the University of Antwerp Department of Nursing and Midwifery also focuses and specializes in midwifery aside from nursing, just like Ghent University. With that said, this top nursing school in Belgium also aims to develop its students’ clinical roles such as nurse leaders, researchers, academic healthcare providers, and evidence-based experts.

However, the only difference that the University of Antwerp has from Ghent University is the shorter period to finish the nursing curriculum. Instead of a minimum of two years to finish the program, in Antwerp, the program could be finished in at least one year.

You should note that the pacing of teaching in this university is much faster than other graduate programs offered elsewhere. So, if you want to get your degree fast, enroll in this university but you will need to be prepared for the fast-paced method of teaching.

3. KU Leuven Department of Public Health and Primary Care

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  • Degrees offered: Master’s degree in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: English, French, and German

As one of the highest-ranking universities in Belgium in terms of many academic fields, KU Leuven is also one of the best nursing schools in Belgium. This is verified and proved by the achievements and recognition that were received by the university’s Department of Public Health and Primary Care.

As the whole world faces important global health challenges in our current period, this department of the university wanted to focus on how to address these trials and find solutions through an interdisciplinary and global approach. With that said, the university principles in teaching are visible. The curriculum has a theoretical approach to teaching and it composes of courses that lean more on theories than practical skills.

4. Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts

  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: English, French, and German

Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ most known quality of their nursing students is taking care of mothers who are pregnant (midwifery), elderly, the young (pediatrics), and socially vulnerable people. Its nursing program offers a well-distributed study course between theoretical and real-life practices because they mainly believe that a theoretical basis is only important when it is used to improve your practical skills. Other than this, as one of the leading nursing schools in Belgium, it has access to modern and advanced nursing equipment and facilities.

5. UCLouvain Nurse Sciences

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  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: English and French

UCLouvain, on the other hand, is the only nursing school in Belgium that focuses on research in medical fields related to nursing. Its constituents are mostly composed of federate researchers who have ties with nursing courses. One of their objectives is to promote research in nursing sciences and related disciplines. Furthermore, they plan to be recognized by public authorities as a separate branch or discipline of nursing that the only objective is to conduct research.


I hope that this article on the best nursing schools in Belgium was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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