There are numerous reasons why choosing Sweden as the country for higher education would be the right choice. For one, this Scandinavian nation has put great effort into reforming its education system to focus on the interests of an individual rather than on achieving a certain grade point average. Furthermore, throughout their studies, students are oftentimes encouraged to combine their theoretical knowledge with practical work experience. Because of these reasons, graduates from Swedish universities are among some of the most prominent figures in today’s world. To get a closer look at the Swedish system for higher education, here are the five best universities for law in Sweden!

Top Law Universities in Sweden

1. Lund University

Located in the northern Swedish province of Scania, Lund University is among the top law universities in Sweden and the oldest research institution for higher education in northern Europe. Although its roots may be traced to the 15th century, the university was officially founded in 1666. As of the present, it is comprised of nine faculties which are located not only in Lund but in the cities of Malmö and Helsingborg, as well. However, Lund University does not have academic ties in Sweden alone. Rather, it has established international relations with highly prominent universities in over seventy countries around the globe. Moreover, because of its broad range of academic programs and multi-disciplinary approach, it is the first choice for many students.

Lund University takes great pride in its Faculty of Law. One of the faculty’s primary goals is to create an academic environment where both education and research may flourish. This goal is met by continuously expanding the number and range of legal programs and specialization that are offered. Through this practice, the Faculty of Law educates graduates that will one day become some of the most prominent legal figures both in Sweden and abroad. Furthermore, the faculty aims to provide a strong theoretical basis, while also pushing its students to be at the forefront of legal reform.

2. Uppsala University

Uppsala University is a renowned public research institution in Sweden. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in northern Europe to still be in operation. The university rose to prominence during the 16th century, thus establishing its place in Sweden’s national culture in the areas of literature, music, and politics. Currently, Uppsala University is focused on educating individuals in various fields who will come together for the benefit of humankind. To achieve this goal, the university aims to create a well-functioning physical, social, and cultural environment.

The Faculty of Law is among the few original faculties at Uppsala University. Throughout its existence, the faculty has continuously worked on innovating its legal program while still maintaining its academic excellence. Today, it numbers over two hundred members, of which around half are professors. The Faculty of Law delivers high-quality law programs in Sweden and puts great emphasis on its international relations and research program, as it believes these to be the factors that define great legal experts. Furthermore, the faculty presently offers study programs in fifteen legal areas and nine private law subfields.

3. Stockholm University

Stockholm University is a public research institution for higher education situated in the Swedish capital. It was originally established as a college in 1878 but gained university status during the second half of the 20th century. Although it is considered quite young, Stockholm University is an excellent institution for law in Sweden and is one of the largest universities in the country with a student body numbering a little over 33,000 members. Furthermore, it is divided into four individual faculties: law, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, where each one encourages teaching and research anchored in society at large.

Stockholm University’s Faculty of Law is the largest center for legal studies in Sweden by both the number of students and the number of researches. Ever since its establishment in 1907, the faculty has been regarded as an alternative in comparison to more closed academic environments. Today, its innovative teaching methods and its wide array of legal courses set it apart from other law programs in the country. In addition to a sound theoretical basis, the faculty aims to give its students a broader and more practical understanding of the law. In this way, upon graduation, law students can both understand and practice law.

4. University of Gothenburg

Situated in the city of the same name, the University of Gothenburg is the third oldest institute for higher education within Nordic countries. Furthermore, it is also one of the largest universities in Sweden, numbering over 37,000 students. The university is one of the best law universities in Sweden that was founded in 1891 and has since developed into one of the most highly acclaimed centers for multi-disciplinary education. Throughout its eight faculties, the university aims to connect different fields of research and thus teach its students about the interconnectedness of today’s world.

With respect to its Department of Law, the University of Gothenburg offers courses on all three academic levels. Keeping in line with the demands of the contemporary world, the department has strived to include new pedagogical teaching, as well as legal simulation and the use of information technologies. In addition, since 2013, the legal program has included courses and legal training in applied law. In the years ahead, the Department of Law aims to open a two-year master’s program that will give its students the chance to obtain a double degree.

5. Umeå University

Umeå University is a public research university situated in the mid-northern region of Sweden. Ever since its founding in 1965, the university has been highly acclaimed in the field of industrial design as well as genome research. In addition to these prominent areas of study, the university also offers a broad range of academic opportunities ranging from natural sciences to the humanities. In addition to its academic excellence, Umeå University takes great pride in its unique learning environment, exciting student life, and valuable support services.

The university’s Department of Law is acknowledged for its outstanding law curriculum in Sweden that offers students the chance to gain an exceptional legal education. Its modernity lies in the fact that the program’s primary focus is the individual development of each student. Therefore, faculty members encourage each student to practice solving current legal issues in their own specific way. Through discussion, later on, each student’s experience is valuable to the group, as it offers a new perspective on important social and international issues. In addition to this, the faculty does not have visiting hours but encourages students to come by whenever they feel inspired or puzzled during their studies.


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