Asia is home to a little over half of the world’s population. Due to its vastness and diversity, it is an ideal place for students to pursue higher education, as they will discover new and unexpected global perspectives. Furthermore, Asian universities have taught some of the world’s leading experts in fields ranging from mathematics and engineering to law and social sciences. Their law programs have continuously been ranked among the best in the world. In order to gather a better understanding, here are the five best law universities in Asia!

Top Law Schools in Asia

1. Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Situated in the capital of Israel, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the most prominent public research institutions in both the country and abroad. It was founded in 1918, exactly thirty years before the establishment of the State of Israel. Moreover, the university campus is known for housing the largest library for Jewish studies, the National Library of Israel. Over the years, the university has strived to create a stimulating learning environment with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary research. Presently, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is among the top law universities in Asia that offers students a wide array of academic choices, with programs stemming from the natural sciences and medicine to the humanities and social sciences.

Although it was not among the original faculties at the Hebrew University of Israel, the Faculty of Law has developed one of the university’s most prestigious and competitive programs. It is currently considered to be the flagship of legal research and education in Israel. All law programs at the faculty are taught by leading legal experts from all parts of the globe. Moreover, each subject has been conceptualized in a way that allows students to see the law in a larger socio-economic and political setting.

2. National University of Singapore

Originally founded in 1905 as a medical school, the National University of Singapore has grown and expanded into one of the world’s most prominent institutions for higher education. Its prestige and academic excellence are especially famous in the Asia-Pacific university network. Due to its unique location in the cultural and trade center of both Asia, the university has managed to create an environment that is a one-of-a-kind blend of traditions and ethnicities. Its international character is only enhanced by numerous guest lecturers and academics from all over the globe that gather at the university.

The National University’s Faculty of Law is an excellent institution for law in Asia and is a prime example of its international and diverse character. Both its faculty and student body are comprised of leading legal scholars and students from all parts of the globe. Due to this, over the years, the faculty has aimed to reimagine its curriculum by making it more comparative and multidisciplinary. At the heart of all legal programs, there is a sound theoretical basis and extensive practice of the skills of debate and arbitration. Once students earn their legal degrees, they are prepared to start their legal careers in some of the best law firms in both Singapore and abroad.

3. Tel Aviv University

  • Study Program
  • Location: Israel | Degree/s Offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.

Another institution for higher education located in Israel, Tel Aviv University is presently the largest research and educational center in the country. It comprises nine faculties, seventeen hospitals, and numerous research centers across the city of Tel Aviv. In 1956, the university was established through the merger of three separate academic institutions and is currently the oldest Jewish university in the world. Furthermore, as Tel Aviv University is located in the economic and cultural center of the country, it puts great emphasis on its liberal and pluralistic spirit. Its vision is to educate the world’s leading experts in fields ranging from technology to civil rights.

The Tel Aviv Faculty of Law delivers a world-class law program in Asia and is presently home to more than a thousand students from both Israel and abroad. Students are keen to obtain a law degree at Tel Aviv University, as it centers its curriculum on enhancing students’ ability to address both local and global, and legal and social issues. During both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, students are encouraged to combine their theoretical and practical knowledge through various internships and volunteer work. Many of the university’s alumni have gone on to shape legal practices in both Israel and the world.

4. University of Haifa

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  • Location: Israel | Degree/s Offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.

In addition to its impeccable academic standing, the University of Haifa’s appeal comes from its location as well. Namely, the university is situated on the edges of Mount Carmel and offers a breathtaking view of the city of Haifa. As of the present, it is the largest university in northern Israel and an excellent law school in Asia. It is also the most pluralistic center of higher education in the country. In line with its diverse student body, the university has established Israel’s first ‘multiversity’. In other words, it has created an environment that values multidisciplinary studies and partnerships.

The University of Haifa’s Faculty of Law is a prime example of all its principal philosophies and teachings. In other words, the faculty aims to bring together students from different backgrounds and encourage civil debates on the most prominent legal issues in the county and beyond. By learning how to listen to and understand a viewpoint different from their own, students acquire skill sets that will be valuable in their further careers. Moreover, during their studies, students are highly encouraged to seek internship opportunities, as this will allow them to blend their theoretical knowledge with actual legal practice.

5. University of Hong Kong

As one of the most prestigious Asian institutions for higher education, the University of Hong Kong traces its origins back to the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. It has consistently been ranked among top-tier universities and is considered the most international university in the world. In addition to that, the University of Hong Kong is a recognized law institution that delivers a high-quality law program in Asia.  Due to its international nature, it offers an abundance of programs in English, as well as numerous language courses. The main vision of the University of Hong Kong is to impact the world through internationalization and innovation.

The Hong Kong Faculty of Law offers some of the university’s most acclaimed programs. Its primary mission is to educate and train future lawyers to uphold and sustain a common law system that will be just for all. Due to its geopolitical location, the faculty is quite aware that it is educating the world’s future experts in international finance and trade. To remain a leading educational institution, the faculty stresses the need to embed itself in the community at both the national and international levels. By doing this, its students will be able to better understand the leading legal issues of today’s world.


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