Searching for the best law school across Europe can be bothersome for most students. There are a lot of requirements to be considered, not to mention the language barrier. Fortunately, most nations in Europe have continually embraced change, and it is no exception that Law education is gradually evolving. Germany, for one, has some of the best schools in the field of law, and many of its institutions are offering degrees in English, particularly for continuing education in European and International law.

Law schools in Germany have a reputation for being highly demanding, and accompanied by excruciating experiences. The German education system is combined with traditional and modern approaches to learning. Doing a master’s degree will secure graduates a career in numerous international organizations as degree certificates are globally recognized.

There are a lot of reputable law schools in the country, but here are some of the best and leading law schools in Germany:

Top Law Schools in Germany

1. Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) is one of the best law schools in Germany that provides exemplary advancements in research and learning. The institution has nine faculties with over 170 degree courses, including internationally recognized programs held in English.

The Faculty of Law, in particular, is considered a top choice among law aspirants across the globe. Programs offered are not entirely restricted to German Law. There are courses and programs intended for international students pursuing their master’s degrees. The faculty offers exchange study programs and it has partnered with renowned universities across Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Asia.

For young parents who wish to continue their degrees, the university offers a childcare support system on their campuses – Campus Mitte and Campus Adlershof. This assistance will help eliminate a massive burden for student parents.

2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

With a long history under its name, the Faculty of Law of LMU Munich is an excellent university in Germany that has the most prominent law faculties in the country. It has one of the strictest training programs as well. Law students have to undergo two rigorous phases to be successful in the field. First, students must be aware of all aspects of law-related studies. Secondly, after having been exposed to the foundations of law, the next phase is to gain expertise in specific fields covered under the previous courses. It may be considered one of the most challenging programs out of the country’s law universities; however, the institution has assured that only the highest excellence in law education is being implemented, which aids the students to broaden their skills to their fullest potential in the specialized field.

The faculty offers courses held in German. Summer programs, entirely taught in English, are open for international students and law professionals – they may choose between 2 programs: 1) Munich University Summer Training in German and European Law (MUST) or 2) Munich Advanced Course in International Law (MACIL).

3. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

Founded in 1386 and the country’s oldest university, Heidelberg University has become one of the best law universities in Germany. The earliest faculties established were Theology, Law, and Philosophy. The Faculty of Law has a solid foundation as it is one of the founding faculties of the institution. Its alumni are some of the prominent key leaders and law scholars holding offices in the national and international community.

The faculty introduced the lawyer-oriented legal training back in 1995, and it has since become a highlight of every law student. Its main goal is to immerse the students in a series of run-throughs and mock-ups to practice arguments as if working in an actual court hearing. This can be seen as a distinctive trademark of the faculty because it allows students to harness and master their capabilities early.

4. University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg is a globally recognized law school which is an excellent choice among foreign law degree holders. They can advance their studies by taking up the school’s master’s degree programs. The university is located in Hamburg and is recognized as one of the best institutions for law in Germany. The students will enjoy the picturesque landscapes northern Germany has to offer.

The faculty operates its library where students, faculty members, and members belonging to other universities can access a wide array of sources of information, references, legal, educational documentation, and scientific research in the field of law. The central library provides valuable information and is an excellent opportunity to increase their personal growth.

In 2008, the university joined 16 renowned universities in Europe and China to establish the China-EU School of Law. The partnership’s main objective is to provide research and training programs for aspiring law professionals to acquaint themselves with European and Chinese Law. This entails that European and Asian communities are open to maintaining good relationships and are keen to exercise globalization.

5. Goethe University Frankfurt

Affluent members of the society in Frankfurt, Germany, first established the university in 1914. The medium of instruction is German for most legal courses, with limited lectures conducted in English. However, the institution is still an international faculty; law students outside Germany are welcome to continue their education by enrolling in several law degree programs. The faculty provides German language lectures to help international students improve their usage of the language. Besides, living and studying in a country where they speak the language is highly beneficial and it will also give direct involvement to its culture and lifestyle.

The faculty of law delivers a well-constructive law program in Germany and has always structured its law education to the highest quality of research and teaching, not to mention that their study programs are unexpectedly reasonably priced. The faculty of law is regularly included in the top-ranking universities in Germany. Because of its superior standards, it can be reflected that most of its degree certificates are globally recognized.


Hopefully, this article will encourage you to pursue a law degree in Germany. For more articles about this European powerhouse, head on over to the Study in Germany Page! Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Germany for study opportunities!

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