Croatia’s legal higher education system is comparable to other educational systems of top-ranking law universities globally. Most law faculties apply the Bologna Process in higher education, where the academic programs offered are compatible with European standards.

There are two types of higher education systems in Croatia: University Studies and Professional Studies, both used in law academic programs. Croatian universities follow the ruling that some professions, including law, must integrate the undergraduate and graduate studies into one program securing a master’s of law degree upon completion of the study.

Listed below are some of the top-tier law schools in the country. These schools have passed and scored high in the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (ASHE). This agency evaluates and assesses Croatia’s education quality based on European Standards and Guidelines. Let us take a look at the best schools for law in Croatia!

Top Law Universities in Croatia

1. University of Split – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Integrated undergraduate and graduate degree, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

The Faculty of Law at the University of Split is an excellent law school in Croatia that was founded in 1961. The primary purpose of its establishment is the need for another law school in Dalmatia and Split, as there is a lack of law professionals in the area. The faculty became a haven for law aspirants who desired to seek a career in the private and legal sector in the city and other neighboring states. Presently, the faculty prides itself in providing modern higher education to its students.

The academic levels in the field of law in Croatia have a different structure than other law schools abroad. Law degree programs are categorized into the integrated undergraduate and graduate level and postgraduate level. The faculty offers one integrated undergraduate and graduate program, two specialized master’s programs, other specialized programs, and one doctoral program.

Upon completion of the integrated undergraduate and graduate program, law students will receive a master’s degree. This degree will qualify graduates to practice a career in the legal sector. The faculty offers two master’s programs: postgraduate programs specializing in Medical Law and Sports Law. Each program can be completed in four semesters with 120 ECTS credits. A doctoral program in Ph.D. in Legal Science is offered to only two applicants. The duration of the study is six semesters with a total of 180 ECTS credits.

There are also two specialized degree programs available in the law faculty. These are the Professional Administrative study program (bachelor’s degree) and Specialist Graduate Professional Administrative program. Graduates of the said programs will have a career in the state administrative sector, public service, and other local government units.

2. University of Zagreb – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Integrated undergraduate and graduate degree, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

Established in early 1776, The Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb is one of Croatia’s oldest and distinguished law faculties. Its significant contribution is evident in the formation of the Croatian legal system. The law faculty shares a dominant presence in the country as it dramatically helps strengthen the nation and preserve the Croatian culture.

The faculty currently offers comprehensive law degree programs in Croatia: one integrated undergraduate and graduate study program, seven specialized postgraduate programs, one doctoral program in Legal Science, and one combined doctoral study. Obtaining a degree under the integrated undergraduate and graduate study will require students to complete the program in five years with a total of 300 ECTS credits. As for postgraduate programs with specializations, these can be taken in two years with 120 ECTS credits in total.

The programs offered are European Law, Fiscal Law and Fiscal Policy, Civil and Family Law, Public Law and Public Administration, Criminal Law, Public International Law and Private International Law, and Company Law and Commercial Law. A doctoral program in Legal Studies is usually achieved in three years with 120 ECTS credits. The faculty also offers a unique program: the combined doctoral program in Human Rights, Society, and Multi-level Governance. This is a joint venture between the law faculty of the university and two law faculties of the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and Western Sydney University (Australia). The medium of instruction is English, and the completion of the program is three years.

3. University of Rijeka – Faculty of Law

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Integrated undergraduate and graduate degree, Master’s, and Doctoral (Ph.D.)

Located in Rijeka, Croatia, this leading law faculty was once under the Faculty of Economics at the University of Rijeka. It only became an independent faculty in 1976. Since then, the faculty has been arranging networking events for its students and inviting prominent lecturers and industry leaders in the country.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Rijeka offers one of the best law curricula in Croatia and has six academic programs. The Integrated undergraduate and graduate study is a five-year program with ten semesters earning 300 ECTS credits. Graduates of this program will be awarded Masters of Jurisprudence degree. There are two postgraduate specialist studies offered in the faculty: Postgraduate Specialist Study in Corporate Finance Law and Postgraduate Specialist Study in Law of European Integrations. Each program will gain a total of 60 ECTS credits that can be completed in two semesters.

However, the Law of European Integrations program can only be taken as a part-time study. This is designed for currently employed professionals, and the faculty only admits 40 students yearly. Another postgraduate program to consider is a Doctoral Study Program in the field of Social Sciences (the subject of law). This is specifically created for law graduates, and the faculty only accepts up to 20 students yearly. Accepted students have the option to pursue the program in three years, full-time or six years, part-time.

The faculty also carries Undergraduate Professional Study Program in Administration Studies, and this is a three-year program that will award graduates a title of Professional Bachelor Public Administration degree. Graduates of the program may advance their career by pursuing a Specialist Graduate Professional Study in Public Administration Studies in the university. This is a two-year program that aims to expand the knowledge and skills of students in Public Administration. Students who have completed the program are qualified to secure a career in the public administration sector, local and regional government units, and other public service-related fields.


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