If you’re interested in studying society, culture, and background, you can take humanities in your college degree. A Humanities degree is more than lectures and books, but it can open many opportunities in the field. You’ll be surprised at how broad this degree is and where it can take you.

A fascinating country to study Humanities in Japan. Since they have a rich culture and history, you’ll have the chance to explore its places and people that emphasize their background. Another thing, Japan puts a high value on education, so you’ll have the assurance that you’ll have access to a world-class education.

So, here’s the next question: Where should you study humanities in Japan? This country has a lot of universities and colleges open to local and international students. Now, let’s talk about the best universities for Humanities in Japan!

Top Humanities Universities in Japan

1. Kyoto University

One of Asia’s leading research universities, Kyoto University, is a top-tier Japanese institution that provides quality research and education to local and foreign students. This Kyoto University is a leading university for humanities in Japan and is known for producing world-class research, and they are home to some of the Nobel laureates. They are one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Japan, and since they are selective, thousands of students prepare for their admissions yearly.

The Humanities studies at Kyoto University are offered in all degrees and are open to local and international students. The Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies holds the academic programs for the graduate studies, and the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies is for the undergraduate programs. These faculties have undergone several developments for the past years since their establishment to provide a higher standard of education in Humanities.

Since Kyoto University takes pride in research, they have different research centers, libraries, and institutions focusing on human studies. As a whole, this university holds an excellent record of research in this area, and as they widen their studies, students are exposed to comprehensive learning in Humanities.

2. Tohoku University

Home to over 19,000 local and international students, Tohoku University is one of the oldest universities and is an excellent school for humanities located in Sendai, Japan. This university has been running since 1907, and until now, they provide high-quality research and education.

Since 1922, the Faculty of Arts and Letters of Tohoku University has had a broad range of humanities and related programs. As the university progresses, this faculty has opened its programs to international students. They offer 25 different specializations in the faculty, ranging from Japanese Studies to Global studies. For international students wanting to study humanities here, you’ll have a lot to explore and choose for your major. This faculty aims to deepen your knowledge in your chosen area of specialty, and to do so, they have small class sizes to focus more on learning.

The Tohoku University has research institutions, facilities, and libraries dedicated to Humanities studies. Since they have an established reputation for research and education, they were acknowledged as one of the top three best universities in the country.

3. Kobe University

With 119 years of tradition in providing education and research, Kobe University is a top-tier institution and a leading school for humanities in Japan. If you’re an international aiming to study in this country, you can consider this university as it welcomes foreign students on the campus.

Today, the Faculty of Letters of Kobe University fosters research in the various humanities fields. They aim to promote learning in the field, and students are expected to learn the new values of society. The university prepares a unique learning environment for its students. Especially for the master’s and doctorate programs, the Graduate School of Humanities guarantees that students will gain world-class research in the field and be comprehensively taught.

Kobe University holds a consistent position in national rankings in terms of standing and reputation.

4. The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is a leading educational institution for humanities in Japan. It is the first university in Japan to be acknowledged as a national university. They hold a strong academic history in providing higher education to their students, and they are the most prestigious university in Japan.

Under the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is responsible for the programs and degrees related to humanities. The whole faculty has a long history, and it is one of the university’s pride. Incoming humanities undergraduate students will receive high-quality learning as the university provides an extensive one. Specifically, the College of Arts and Sciences has the “Junior Division.” The students’ first two years are given a strong foundation of liberal arts education. After finishing the two years, they will move on to the “Senior Division,” which will focus on their respective specializations. This kind of system will enable students to build a strong foundation in the field.

The College of Arts and Sciences and its programs has proven its excellent performance for the past decades. As a whole, this university has a good standing in global rankings.

5. University of Tsukuba

Another Japanese university to consider if you want to take a degree or specialization in Humanities is the University of Tsukuba. This university is highly recognized for giving its students a solid foundation for education and research. They are included in the list of the top-performing educational institution in the country in various disciplines.

The University of Tsukuba delivers an outstanding curriculum for humanities in Japan and offers a broad range of Humanities and related programs to undergraduate and graduate degrees. The School of Humanities and Culture is further divided into three more colleges. Students can choose from a broad range of majors offered by the school.

Today, many incoming students choose the University of Tsukuba because it offers world-class education at a reasonable price. They are also included in several rankings in the country, proving their excellent performance in the field.


I hope that this article on Best Universities for Humanities in Japan was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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