Stepping out of your comfort zone and studying abroad opens up a world of possibilities. If you’ve set your sights on Argentina, famed for its lively cultural scene and awe-inspiring natural wonders, you’re in for a treat. This South American gem not only captivates with its tango rhythms and mouth-watering asado but also offers a plethora of English-taught programs in its prestigious universities.

In this article, we unveil the top 5 English-taught universities in Argentina that offer a diverse range of programs to suit your interests and ambitions. So, fasten your seatbelts, and don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the hidden gems of Argentine education and begin your international academic journey today.

Top Universities for English-taught Programs in Argentina

Get ready to explore the cream of the crop as we shine a spotlight on the best English-taught universities in Argentina. Whether you are looking to study abroad or a native Argentinian who seeks interest in English, these universities offer world-class education and opportunities for personal growth.

1. University of Buenos Aires

Consistently ranked as the top university in Latin America by QS University rankings, UBA’s stellar reputation speaks volumes about its commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

UBA’s global recognition is due to its excellent teachers, groundbreaking study projects, and diverse English-taught courses. From master’s degrees to Ph.D. programs in essential fields like Administration, Political Science, and Economics, UBA provides a multitude of options for students wishing to increase their knowledge and improve their abilities in a variety of subjects.

But UBA’s ranking and global recognition are just one part that attracts students. Set in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, students can experience a captivating blend of culture and entertainment. The city offers an abundance of cheap cultural and recreational activities, ensuring that students have a well-rounded experience outside the classroom as well, making it an attractive destination for those seeking quality education and good social life without breaking the bank.

2. University of San Andres

At the University of San Andrés (UdeSA), excellence knows no limits. Step into a world where innovation, curiosity, and academic rigor converge. With a rich selection of English-taught programs, UdeSA propels students toward a future of endless possibilities.

With a commitment to interdisciplinary education, UdeSA empowers students to delve deeper into their chosen fields in areas such as humanities, law, education, and the economy, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their respective industries. Through the advantage of small class sizes and close interaction with renowned faculty, students receive individualized attention and mentorship, enabling them to hone their skills and expertise and be the Leaders of Tomorrow!

3. University of Cordoba

If UBA and UdeSA are not on your radar, set your sights on the University of Cordoba (UCO), where extraordinary minds flourish and new horizons unfold. With alumni like Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina, UCO stands as a hub of academic distinction.

With several courses taught in English from sciences to law, veterinary medicine to economics, UCO offers a diverse array of fields that cater to the diverse interests and aspirations of its students on all educational levels. Besides that, UCO is more than just a university – it’s a community of dreamers, thinkers, and doers. With a culture of inclusion and diversity, UCO welcomes students from all walks of life, empowering them to become the best versions of themselves.

4. Torcuato Di Tella University

The next institute on our list offering English-taught courses is Torcuato di Tella University, a prestigious institution that has been at the forefront of academic excellence for over 25 years. As one of the premier institutions in Argentina offering exemplary programs in the fields of law and literature, UTDT stands out not only for its academic prowess but also for its student-friendly fees.

With tuition fees that are comparatively lower than other major universities in the region, UTDT also provides scholarships and financial aid programs for international students to help them succeed and complete an internationally recognized degree.

5. Austral University

  • Study Program
  • Degrees taught in English: Bachelor’s, Master’s

Saving the best for last, Austral University (AU) is the crown jewel among Argentina’s English-taught universities. The university boasts of having exceptional academic programs, esteemed faculty, and a campus that exudes excellence in every corner.

At Austral University, academic excellence is not just a phrase; it is a way of life. Through its rigorous and comprehensive bachelor’s degree programs taught in English in the fields of business, marketing, and supply chain, AU equips students with the knowledge, skills, and global perspective needed to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Alongside academics, AU provides a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies that cater to a wide spectrum of interests and passions. Whether it’s joining a student-run business club, volunteering in the community, or immersing oneself in the arts and cultural scene, AU delivers a comprehensive university experience.

FAQS About English Track Programs in Argentina

Do Universities in Argentina Offer English-Taught Programs?

Absolutely! Argentina embraces international students with open arms, and several universities in the country offer English-taught programs to cater to diverse academic interests. Let’s dive into some notable examples. University of Buenos Aires (UBA) stands tall as one of Argentina’s leading institutions, renowned for its extensive range of English-taught courses. Torcuato Di Tella University impresses with its top-quality English-speaking faculty, while Austral University entices students with its modern campus and English-language programs.

These are just a glimpse of the incredible opportunities that await you in Argentina. As you read on, you will uncover the unfolded secrets and delve deeper into the enriching world of Argentina’s English-taught programs.


Argentina has numerous academic offerings to international degree-seeking students. Not only is it known for its captivating nature, but the country also gives equal importance to providing world-class education. And what better way to attract international students who can’t speak the local language is to offer English-taught programs!


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