As digital technology continues to transform contemporary times, it brings light to how rapid innovation plays a role in the advancement of various business organizations and models. In the study of digital marketing, students will improve their capabilities that are applicable to business, and their technical knowledge and skills. With this, the door for opportunities will be opened to have a chance to work with industry pioneers and leading firms.

In the guide below, we walk you through some of the best digital marketing schools in Europe.

What Can You Learn from Digital Marketing?

By studying Digital Marketing, you can learn about applying traditional marketing practices to digital platforms, such as social media and search engines. You can also acquire skills in web designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, and Customer Relation Management (CRM). Check out our Available Marketing Courses to start your studies in digital marketing. You can also explore our Open Courses Page to find other study programs you can pursue abroad.

Top Digital Marketing Schools in Europe

1. King’s College London

The King’s College London is a public university that has received recognition in multiple world university rankings. This is brought about by its excellent performance for teaching and research work in different subject areas. It is a part of the Russell Group universities, and with this, it is the only school on the list to offer the master’s program in Digital Marketing.

The master’s degree in Digital Marketing has a duration of one year and it is only offered in a full-time study mode. The curriculum is more on theory, and it is described as research-oriented. With this, the students of this leading digital marketing school in Europe will learn and understand the fundamentals of marketing decisions, and how research is applied. The program consists of required modules like the following: Digital Marketing Strategy, Research in Marketing, and Marketing Analytics. In addition to that, students can choose from a list of optional modules to include in their programs, such as Social Media and Marketing, Brand Management, and Web Technologies. By the end of the curriculum, students are expected to complete their dissertation.

2. University of Warwick

As one of the top universities in the UK, the University of Warwick also offers a promising digital marketing program. The school is also part of the list of the top 100 universities all over the world. Graduates of the university have placed in the top ten list of highest earners in different fields.

The Digital Marketing program of the university is part of their master’s degree in e-Business Management as a specialization. It is to be completed in a year and it is also offered in a full-time study mode. By taking up this program, the students will learn the techniques for the management of strategic development of technologies and organizations related to e-business. In Digital Marketing, the students will make use of channels, such as social media and content marketing, for the delivery of campaigns in digital marketing. Some of the modules included in the curriculum are the Fundamentals of e-Business, Big Data and Marketing Technology, and Digital Retail Strategy. Part of the assessment is a research project that is focused on the issues in management or technology that digital marketing companies experience.

3. University of Southampton

Another one of the best digital marketing schools in Europe is the University of Southampton, which has placed among the top universities in the UK and the top 100 universities globally. The school is described to be research-intensive, and it is also one of the founders of the Russell Group that is a network of leading UK universities in education and research.

The university has a master’s degree in Digital Marketing which also has a duration of one year and it is taken full-time. The curriculum is described to be hands-on, where students will encounter exercises like a simulated consultancy and a real business marketing plan. They will learn about concepts and trends of the field through interactive learning. Some of the topics covered in the program are the following: techniques in digital communications, advertising, public relations, sponsorship, project design and management, and web analytics. Just like the programs above, there is a mix of compulsory modules with optional modules that will help students in deepening their understanding and skills.

4. Falmouth University

Falmouth University has also delivered promising results when it comes to academics and research as it is recognized to be a hub for creativity and innovation in design. By studying in this school, the creativity of the students, entrepreneurs, and researchers is encouraged and improved.

In this list, Falmouth is the only school that offers a bachelor’s program for digital marketing. Their degree is an honors bachelor’s in Business and Digital Marketing. The course has a duration of three years, and it is only available in a full-time study mode. There are three main categories of modules for the program which are called ‘external’, ‘internal’, and ‘you’ modules. The external modules consist of the industry, customers, and market research. On the other hand, internal modules include how businesses function, like finances and operations. The ‘you’ modules are focused on the personal development of the students. Graduates of the course can become brand managers, consultants for digital communications, and the like.

5. ESADE Business School

The ESADE Business School is one of the leading universities throughout the world with the quality of the educational experience it provides to its students, and its research and facilities. It has placed at the top for different fields in both national and international rankings, such as for innovation education, public administration, and its MBA programs. ESADE Business school is considered to be among the best digital marketing schools in Europe.

The school’s digital marketing program is a master’s degree in Digital Business, which is to be completed in one full academic year. While it is taught in the English language, there are elective subjects taught in Spanish. Students can also take language learning classes for Spanish, French, and German. There is a combination of the core and specialized courses during the terms, but before that, there is a business integration path. Some of the core subjects are digital technology, strategy, and innovation monetization. On the other hand, there are specialized courses on digital labs, cybersecurity, risks, regulations, and strategic compliance. Aside from the lectures, students will learn through study tours and skills seminars. To finish off the degree, they must have accomplished their master’s project.


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