Statistics is more than just numbers. Although you’ll work with figures and data, statistics is the study of gathering, reviewing, or interpreting numbers. This branch of mathematics works by giving sense to data and numbers being collected, and they play a huge role in our society.

Because of statistics, the numbers presented to us have a meaning, and it helps us decide or create judgment. Statistics is more than just a course; it helps research, business, and other industries. This field of study is in demand globally.

If you’re interested in studying statistics abroad, you’ll gain more perspective and experience in the field. There are a lot of universities and colleges globally that offer degrees in statistics. In this article, let’s talk about the best countries for Statistics majors.

Top Countries to Study Statistics

1. United States of America

Being a leader in various industries and fields, the United States is the best country for studying statistics. Since this branch of mathematics is applied to different areas such as business and research, you’ll be exposed to various applied math and statistics.

If you’re looking forward to expanding your knowledge in research and statistics, the United States has a lot of research-based institutions that will help you. They have a broad area of study, so the application of statistics is wide.

The University of California, Berkeley takes pride in its research, and they have statistics programs in various degrees. This program is good preparation for other fields of study after majoring in statistics. The University of Pennsylvania also has a good foundation in research and statistics.

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2. United Kingdom

Another country you might want to consider if you’re going to pursue Statistics is the United Kingdom. With its large economy and world-renowned universities, this country is a good place to study statistics as it offers a lot of academic and career opportunities. Excellent mentors will train you in the field, as they provide quality teaching and research. Also, you’ll get to visit the city of London, the center of business and financial establishments in the country.

Also, statisticians are in demand in the United Kingdom, so work opportunities await you after graduation. Educational institutions such as King’s College London, University College London, and the University of St. Andrews have various undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate studies in Statistics.

3. Norway

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  • Reasons: Outstanding education, affordable universities, technologically advanced teachings, and facilities.

A long country in Northern Europe, Norway has a long history of providing quality education to local and international students. For years and until today, their higher education has had a high reputation as they excel in various study fields, including mathematics and statistics. Since they have technologically advanced facilities for learning, students get the most out of their education as they hone the skills they need.

Norwegian universities are affordable. You’ll get a quality education while living in Europe without costing a lot. The University of Oslo is one of the leading higher educational institutions in the country with a statistics program. The University of Bergen is considered one of the best research universities with statistics and other related programs.

4. Switzerland

With its advanced and robust industries and sectors, Switzerland is another good country to study statistics because of its world-class higher education. Since they have continuous advancements in teaching and research, this country is a popular destination for international students. They enjoy their studies here as they are exposed to a strong educational system that will establish their skills, specifically in the field of statistics. If you’re looking forward to exploring your specializations, you can choose your specializations here because they have a lot.

Also, the degrees in the country are internationally recognized. The University of Geneva is an internationally known university that has statistics and related programs. Another university, the University of Bern, is a good research institute, and they are known for their contributions in various fields, including mathematics and applied statistics.

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5. China

If you want to study statistics in an Asian country, you can consider China. A famous country with a mixture of culture and a rising economy, it is currently one of the most visited countries by foreign students. Chinese universities aim to produce highly developed graduates with the right skill. Students majoring in statistics get the quality education they need for their future careers.

The degrees in Chinese universities East China Normal University and Renmin University of China like are also recognized internationally. For example, the East China Normal University in Shanghai is a public higher education institute catering to local and international students. They have programs in Statistics.

6. Finland

Aside from having a good environment for international students, there are more reasons why you should study in Finland if you’re taking statistics and other related programs. One, Finnish universities are included in the top list of the best-performing institutions in the world. This shows that the quality of their teaching, research, and training is exceptional and innovative. The best mentors will train you in your chosen field.

Second, Finnish universities have various mul­tidiscip­lin­ary de­gree pro­grams to offer. If you’re thinking of getting a specialized degree, Finland offers them, and they do have a good environment for learning. The Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the University of Helsinki are known globally, and they have different degrees and programs in Statistics, making Finland an excellent country to study statistics.

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7. Australia

Another good country to study statistics, Australia offers higher education at a reasonable price. Local and foreign students enjoy a healthy educational community, and they promote diversity. Education in this country is highly valued, as they offer teachings and research of high quality. Students taking statistics enjoy the innovative and advanced quality of learning.

In terms of costs, Australian universities are at an affordable price. Combined with the reasonable price of living, you’ll surely love to study in this country. The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne are some of the best institutions for statistics and related programs.


We hope this article on the best countries to study statistics was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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