Public Health programs are in high demand due to their relevance to the current pandemic and slowing disease outbreaks. You can also use this degree, however, for other systemic issues, such as a lack of affordable health in certain counties and optimizing community health.

If you decide to get your degree in public health, you will be using your knowledge in jobs that will help your community. Careers in public health are highly satisfying, as you are always focused on the greater good.

If you are looking to get a degree that will optimize your chances for a well-paying and gratifying career, look no further. Here is a list of the best countries to study public health.

Best Countries to Study Public Health

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to several internationally renowned Public Health programs. In the UK, universities strive to meet the World Health Organization’s guidelines for public health. Universities here are hundreds of years old at times, which means that they have perfected their programs. Here are some of the best British universities in the UK:

You will also find plenty of internships and research opportunities in the UK, which will be very useful for your CV and help you build experience outside of the classroom. Thus, your university qualifications will be recognized internationally. The United Kingdom is the best country to study public health and is home to several globally-ranked programs for Public Health, which will make you an attractive candidate for several companies.

2. The Netherlands

Several public health programs in the Netherlands are ranked within the top 50 worldwide. Dutch universities, as well, are known competitors with universities in countries like the US and Canada. As one of the top non-English speaking countries to study public health, you will find that public health programs here are top-notch. Universities in the Netherlands are also very friendly to international students and offer cheaper tuition costs than several other EU countries. Some of the top universities in the country are:

The Netherlands is a great place to work and study. You can easily get an internship or industrial placement part-time, which will expose you to the workforce and help you earn a bit of money as you study.

3. Denmark

With some public health programs ranked top 50 internationally, Denmark is a great option to get your degree. If you are from anywhere in the EU as well, education in Denmark is completely free! If you aren’t from the EU, however, there are also options for part-time work as you’re studying to earn some extra cash. For the best universities for public health programs, here are the top Danish institutions:

The culture in Denmark is both positive and friendly, so you will be able to acclimate to living here much easier than in other places. The Danish government also places high importance on its students, believing education to be a right rather than a luxury. This means that their education system is given a lot of love, and students have plenty of opportunities to succeed.

4. Canada

There are several globally-ranked programs in Canada for a degree in public health, as it is a highly sought-after field in this country. If you plan to stay in Canada after you graduate, you will easily find a job, as employees in this field are in high demand. If you are interested, you can check out some of the best Canadian universities to study public health:

Higher education in Canada will give you qualifications for international positions as well, as Canada is one of the best countries for public health. You will also find many opportunities for internships so that you can prove previous experience in the public health field when getting a future job.

5. Singapore

Singapore is sunny and beautiful year-round, with incredible skyscrapers and bustling urban atmospheres. It comes as no surprise that public health programs here are known to be some of the best worldwide. Since Singapore has a reputation for its education, having a degree here can leverage your employment opportunities in the future. The best Singaporean universities for public health are listed down below.

The cost of living in Singapore is much cheaper than some of the other countries on this list, meaning that your stay will be very affordable as you study. They also offer courses in English, which is a great option to either boost your English level or easily be able to understand the material.

6. United States

It comes as no surprise that the US is home to several of the top 100 globally-ranked public health programs. Education in the United States is rigorous, and getting a degree from here will prove that you are an effective worker for future employers. You can consider the following universities:

The United States is known for its multicultural education environment, which will enhance your university and class experience. You can also choose your class schedule every semester, which means that you have the flexibility to take the necessary classes to earn your degree, whilst having time available when you need it throughout the day.

7. China

China and the administrative region of Hong Kong may be a surprise on this list of best countries to study public health, but both are high-ranking on the global list of the top 100 Public Health programs. The programs here will also be cheaper than in places like the US, meaning that your education will be much more affordable. The top universities in China for public health are the following:

Programs here are offered in both English and Chinese, making it a great option for bilingual speakers or those looking to hone their English skills. The universities here aim to offer Public Health programs that target global issues, which can open the future job market for you after university.


We hope this article on the best countries to study public health was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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