Do you find languages amazing? Do you like studying or knowing different languages? Well, if you like these things, you can consider taking a degree in linguistics for your higher education. Linguistics is an exciting discipline, especially for those interested in the language, history, and culture of different nations.

Now, if you’ve already decided to take a linguistics degree for your undergraduate or you’re taking a graduate program to leverage your studies, you can consider studying abroad. By living in another country, you’ll get to maximize the language you’re learning, and you’ll be exposed to their culture. Studying linguistics abroad will widen your perspective.

Linguistics is taught globally. There are a lot of universities worldwide offering linguistics programs in different degrees. Grab the opportunity to study linguistics and explore different cultures abroad! Let’s talk about some of the best countries to study linguistics!

Top Countries to Study Linguistics Abroad

1. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: Broad range of programs and degrees, multicultural environment for international students, world-class universities, and various career paths

The United States of America (USA) is indeed one of the best countries to study linguistics as it is a leading provider of higher education in various disciplines. For the past decades, thousands of international students have chosen this country for their studies for many reasons. First, the USA provides a multicultural environment for foreign students, making it easier to adapt to their new place. You’ll experience an exciting life in their vibrant cities!

Secondly, since you’re taking linguistics programs, American universities have a strong foundation in this discipline. These institutions are world-renowned for the quality teaching and research they provide. As a linguistics major in an American institution, you’ll definitely build a competitive and robust skillset for your profession.

Additionally, since the USA offers a broad range of academic programs in various degrees, you can choose your specialization and open many career paths. How exciting isn’t it? Your efforts to get into an American university will be paid off once you’re accepted, and you’ll get the highest quality of linguistics education. Various American universities offer linguistics, including Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Berkeley.

2. New Zealand

  • Reason: World-class educational system, internationally recognized programs, affordable cost of tuition fees

Going to the region of Oceania, New Zealand is another country to consider if you’re taking a linguistics degree abroad. This country has two official languages, but more than that, they have native and immigrant languages. For a linguistics major, this is an interesting nation as it has a rich background in languages and culture. You’ll enjoy your stay here as you finish your program.

Moreover, New Zealand has a reputation for a world-class educational system. Their system is one of the bests in the world. Since they highly value education, they promote a high-quality system to ensure that students will gain the competencies they need for their chosen profession. New Zealand’s universities have a consistent position in global rankings, and with that, we can expect you’ll get an internationally recognized degree in linguistics.

Tuition fees in New Zealand are also affordable. The governments largely fund the cost of education, and as a foreign student here, you can have access to low tuition fees. The University of Waikato and The University of Auckland are some of the top-tier universities for linguistics in New Zealand.

3. Germany

  • Reason: Low tuition fees, top-performing universities, and a wide range of study programs

Did you know? The German language is the official language of four different countries, and roughly 130 million people speak it. Amazing, right? This country has an abundant historical and cultural background, making their language interesting to study. Additionally, for the past decades, Germany has produced many contributions in different fields, so as a linguistics major here, you’ll be widely exposed to one of the best nations in the world.

Also, if you’re looking forward to studying in a European country with a budget, you can consider Germany. This country provides high-quality learning, research, and education without costing a lot. German educational institutions have established their position in global rankings, proving their excellence in the field.

Germany is an excellent place to study linguistics as universities offer a broad range of programs and degrees on the subject. So, if you’re looking for a specific major in the field, you can try looking at German universities. For example, the Heidelberg University has multiple departments in linguistics like computational linguistics, English Studies, German language, and more.

4. Belgium

  • Reason: Excellent educational institutions, scholarship opportunities, multicultural environment

Aside from chocolates and waffles, Belgium is a great place to study linguistics. First, looking at their location, Belgium offers a student-friendly environment and a multicultural place to live in. Being a linguistics major here, you’ll have a real-life experience in their unique culture.

As a whole, Belgian universities have achieved high standards of education worldwide. They promote world-class education. The departments and faculties of linguistics in several Belgian universities have set a strong foundation in providing education, research, and training. These universities are very active in promoting linguistics as they have various activities, collaborations, and others.

One of Belgium’s universities, the KU Leuven, has numerous undergraduate and graduate linguistics programs. They are included in the top 50 universities worldwide!

5. Japan

  • Reason: High educational standards, innovative universities, many job opportunities

If you’re interested in the Asian language and culture, the best way to deeply study their history and background is to live and study there! One of the best Asian countries to study linguistics is Japan. It’s an exciting country to live in as you study linguistics!

More than its culture and history, Japan has a lot to offer in education. Since they place great importance on education, their universities and colleges have an excellent standing for producing research and education. They are highly regarded for their innovative educational system, and they have a global reputation for it.

As you study linguistics here, you’ll be immersed in their great culture and language. It’s a fun language to learn, and it can open many employment opportunities after your graduation. Japanese universities such as Kyoto University and The University of Tokyo offer linguistics and other language-related programs.


Hopefully, this guide to the best countries to study linguistics was informative and helpful for you. To know more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students