The United States is among the top destinations for many international students. It’s because the country is known for its quality education, often taking the highest spots in world university rankings. Besides that, studying in the United States opens doors to international students, allowing them to start their careers anywhere in the world.

Studying in the United States also means you have the chance to explore this beautiful country. It has a relatively low cost of living and affords you adventures you won’t find anywhere else. In the long run, the achievement-oriented society of the United States can foster in you an attitude that helps you overcome hardships and succeed in life.

But before scouting for universities and starting with paperwork, make sure to choose some of the best subjects to study in the United States.

Top Subjects to Study in the United States

1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the best subjects to study in the United States. This covers Engineering principles applicable to designing, manufacturing, and maintaining machines. Considering its broad coverage, Mechanical Engineers are among the professionals present in most industries, such as Biotechnology, Control Systems, Cyber security, Ergonomics, Robotics, and even human health. This subject is among the significant forces that drive the world towards a more technologically advanced future.

The United States offers world-class education to Mechanical Engineering students. Top universities in the country provide state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technologies. Additionally, choosing these academic institutions can help you pursue an Engineering career anywhere in the world. The top universities in the United States to study Mechanical Engineering at are:

After completing your studies in the United States, you can choose from a huge selection of prospective careers in the United States. Some of the popular ones are in the Material Science, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, and Aerospace industries. These are also the industries where you can find the most lucrative jobs, getting up to $131,000 annually.

2. Law

The United States is also among the top places to study Law. This prepares you for a career in the judicial system and even provides you the opportunity to practice law outside the United States. Law programs typically include the legal system of the United States. However, international students also learn skills necessary to join other industries, such as politics, economics, and even education. Although studying law in the United States may not allow you to practice law in your home country, you can still join the industries where this subject is highly relevant.

Another reason to study Law in the United States is its top universities. These include Harvard University, Yale University, and Columbia University. Note that admission to these universities is extremely competitive and to get in, you’ll need to be more than qualified. About that, choosing to study Law in the United States requires discipline, dedication, and hard work. These are characteristics that, by themselves, make this subject worth it to study.

Besides your personal growth and character development goals, studying Law in the United States also provides you with financial advantages. The annual average of lawyers in the country is around $120,000, with the top 25% getting up to $180,000. Surely, such incentives can get you faster to achieve financial freedom.

3. Biology

Biology makes an excellent subject to study in the United States. This subject provides you the opportunity to learn about life and living things. Additionally, it’s a broad subject that lets you choose specific fields to focus on. Some of these fields are botany if you like to study plants, and zoology, if you prefer to study animals. There are even more focused subfields in Biology if you’re looking to put your time and energy into learning about certain species. For example, Marine Biology focuses on marine organisms and life, while Phycologists study algae.

Studying Biology in the United States, with its vast land area and various terrains provides you locations to get real-world subjects. You can explore different places providing you a more practical take on Biology. Universities in the United States also offer Biology subjects at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. So whether you’re just starting your higher education, advancing your career, or specializing in research, you’ll find your academic home in the United States. Some of the popular universities for international students in the US are:

As you pursue your studies in Biology, you’ll find that many industries are reliant on this field of study. Some of the jobs available for Biology majors are microbiologists, food scientists, and health educators. Although the starting salary is around $40,000 annually, some Biology graduates can get up to $120,000 if hired by pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, or research institutions.

4. Astronomy

Living in the United States means you can explore vast terrains and appreciate the world around you. What’s even better than this is that you can marvel at the worlds above you. Astronomy deals with the universe. On the surface, it answers questions about planets and star systems and their composition. But on a deeper level, Astronomy helps understand the origins of the Earth, how laws of physics work, and what will be the future of the universe.

Furthermore, it tries to find places in the cosmos that can significantly help the perpetuity of mankind. By studying astronomy, you’ll be one of the scholars trained to investigate these themes and make a lasting impact on the world. It’s why choosing one of the best universities in the US is highly recommended. Make sure to send your applications to the following:

5. Finance

Joining the five best subjects to study in the United States is Finance. This subject can help you understand how the world works in terms of money and economic systems. On a personal level, learning about Finance can guide you in managing your money, understanding investments, and ways to achieve financial freedom.

The United States has some of the best performing schools in this subject, according to the QS World University Rankings. These include Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of California Berkeley. The Finance industry offers lucrative careers to graduates from these universities. You can start by joining internships in financial firms, and set your eyes on getting into a Wall Street company, where you’ll find the New York Stock Exchange. A lot of aspiring Finance students found their inspiration in this location.


I hope that you found this article on the best subjects to study in the United States informative and helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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