The gaming industry is continuously evolving, and it has permanently marked its presence in the digital world. Industry professionals are in high demand since technologies are growing, so new minds are needed in this industry. The target market: the youngsters, millennials, and students. They are the ones who know the latest trends in the gaming world, and no better way than to encourage them is to create a specialized field of study dedicated to the gaming/digital industry.

Many countries have established study programs specifically designed for gaming. As the industry is flourishing, gaming experts are one of the most in-demand jobs out there. If you are one of those people who want to pursue a career in the gaming industry, consider the following countries that offer the best degree programs in the field!

How Many Years Do You Need to Become a Game Designer?

You need approximately four years of formal education to become a game designer. To get a bachelor’s degree, you need to study full-time for 4 to 5 years. Of course, formal education is not the only way to achieve this, there are many courses online that might help you become a game designer, and from a practical standpoint, this could be faster and cheaper. Some people can only commit to studying if it is in a formal setting, which is completely understandable. Universities worldwide offer Game Design Courses for international students. However, some employers would much rather have game designers with coding knowledge, so pursuing a degree in Computer Science could be very rewarding if you plan on working for multinational companies. You can check out these Computer Science Courses offered to students from your country, and if you are looking for any related subjects, you may find them on our Open Courses Page.

How Do I Make Payments as an International Student?

As an international student looking to study game design abroad, you may have to pay for costs like application fees, visa fees, or tuition when applying or enrolling in a university of your choice. These payments are usually made in a currency other than the one you are familiar with and so can be quite tedious and expensive. Some banks in your home country may sometimes allow you to send money or make payments abroad. However, most banks use outrageous exchange rates while charging high fees to convert your currency. We recommend you use Wise to make international payments as they offer the best conversion rates and charge little in fees. Transacting with Wise is convenient and reliable, and they allow you to convert your money and make payments in up to 50 different currencies. Make your Wise account today for easy, reliable, and cost-effective international transfers.

Top Countries to Study Game Design Abroad

1. the United States of America (USA)

  • Reasons: specialized curriculum, countless degree programs available, and modern technology and facilities

It is apparent that we are living in the digital age, and the US is embracing this era. The gaming industry in the US has been increasing nonstop, and many reputable institutions have created countless game design degree programs at all levels. These degree programs are often divided into subfields, and these specialized curricula make the US incomparable to other countries offering the same discipline. With this in mind, the country is undoubtedly a dream destination for international students.

Students will be more than satisfied and are more encouraged to finish the degree as most universities are equipped with modern facilities and advanced technology. Letting students experience what it feels like to work in a video gaming industry. Some prestigious institutions for students interested in Game Design are Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Utah.

2. Germany

  • Reasons: internship with leading partner companies, top-quality universities, career opportunities

Germany has got to be one of the top countries to study Game Design. It is no surprise that the country has numerous top-quality universities with prominent professionals as lecturers. Internships are highly regarded as students will have first-hand experience and will be able to work with leading companies and do real projects. This is also an excellent opportunity for students as these same companies can employ the students once they earn their degrees. The gaming industry is flourishing, and new minds are always welcome in this digital industry.

There are several universities that offer high-quality Game Design degrees. The University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Mediadesign Hochschule (MD.H), and TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences are the most desired institutions for local and international students.

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3. Poland

  • Reasons: cutting-edge programs, practical approach to learning, and career opportunities

Students who want to earn a Game Design degree that will not ruin their finances should consider studying in Poland as it is a leading country to study game design. Many universities offer inexpensive tuition fees and financial aid to international students. Acquiring a degree to any university in the country will provide students with cutting-edge programs that aim to supply students with desired competencies and knowledge, the use of modern technologies and innovative programs, and the use of practical way of learning where students are engaged in several projects, workshops, seminars, teamwork, etc. to become experts in the field.

As many schools offer Game Design in the country, here are some top institutions that provide comprehensive and specialized study programs: Tischner European University, University of Information Technology and Management (Rzeszow), and University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (WSPA).

4. Sweden

  • Reasons: green country, industry professionals as lecturers, and financial support/ scholarships

There are many good reasons why international students prefer Sweden over other countries in Europe. First, it is considered one of the greenest countries globally, and many international students are enthralled by the idea of studying in a country that prioritizes sustainability. Second, while universities do not occupy the highest positions in world rankings, these institutions are still globally recognized. There are countless degree programs offered to international students. One that has been gaining popularity is Game Design programs, and several schools provide these study programs and hire industry professionals as lecturers. Also, Institutions have strong linkages with companies in the video gaming industry. Lastly, a great reason to study in Sweden is that it is among the best countries to study game design and it has been welcoming international students for years. They offer financial support for eligible students who want to achieve their goals to study in a prestigious school in the country.

Here are some of the universities international students might consider when studying in Sweden: Lulea University of Technology, Uppsala University, and the University of Gothenburg. These schools offer high standards of education in Game Design.

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5. Belgium

  • Reasons: open-minded society, vibrant culture, and home of the best school in game design

International students are fascinated in Belgium, the number of students studying in the country is rapidly increasing yearly. Belgium is among the best countries to study game design that is an open-minded society; its reputation relies on having a rich culture, diverse community, and multi-lingual locals. Everyone is welcome as it significantly embraces multiculturism. While these are some of the best parts the country has to offer, in terms of education, the educational system is of top quality, and many universities have partnered with other prestigious schools abroad.

One field of study in Applied Science gaining popularity is Game Design. There are not a lot of schools that offer Game Design degrees in the country, but it should be known that one of the best schools in studying Game Design is Howest University of Applied Science. The institution provides well-thought study programs that will help students gain mastery in all aspects of game design.

6. Australia

  • Reasons: advanced technology, high standard of living, high employability rate

Australia has a lot to offer other than tourist destinations. There is a growing number of international students who prefer studying in this massive country. Obtaining a degree in Australia will give students numerous opportunities working abroad; at the same time, if the students wish to continue a career in Australia, they have high chances to be employed as holding a degree obtained in the country is a sure advantage.

One of the well-received degree programs currently prevalent in Australia is Game Design. Several universities, such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), the University of South Australia, and Western Sydney University, offer these in-demand study programs. These programs will help students gain expertise in the field.

7. France

  • Reasons: top institutions and specialized and innovative study programs

Studying in France will give students a new perspective on life. This diverse country offers numerous study programs especially aligned to Arts. And in this digital age, Game Design is popular among local and international students in France as this country is among the best countries to study game design. Many of these institutions offer innovative study programs only available in the country. These programs are specifically designed for students who seek to obtain a career in the gaming industry. Also, graduates can easily find work as many leading gaming companies have offices in the country.

Amongst the top schools in France that offer Game Design are LISAA School of Art and Design, RUBIKA Valenciennes, and ISART Digital.

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I hope that this article on Best Countries to Study Game Design was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more, check out the Design Programs for International Students!

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