Chemistry is a fascinating field of study to understand the building blocks of the world. It covers everything that is made of matter, from basic needs to commercial products. If you are interested in atoms, molecules, and often find laboratory experiments with chemicals enjoyable, a career in the field of Chemistry will hone your scientific skills.

With a degree in Chemistry, you can be part of product manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and medical industries by understanding and harnessing the composition and reactivity of matter. This field of study requires logical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills. During a degree in Chemistry, students will learn how chemicals affect one another and their environment by these reactions. There are many fields of Chemistry that students can choose from, including organic and inorganic chemistry, quantum and physical chemistry, as well as thermodynamics and nuclear chemistry.

We have listed some of the best chemistry schools in Europe to guide you in choosing which school suits you best.

Which branch of chemistry has the highest scope?

Chemistry is a highly important program that never seems to lose its complexity. This direction is separated into several branches, but one of the most important ones is biochemistry. This branch is highly important because it is a mix of biology and chemistry and because it powers multiple scientific discoveries in both fields with a high capacity in areas such as pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and forensics. We currently do not have any courses related to Chemistry, but if you are interested in any similar directions that may be available you can feel free to check all the available courses that we have on our website.

Top Chemistry Schools in Europe

1. Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is among the top universities that have a world-class reputation in the fields of science, engineering, business, and medicine. They value research and education in these fields to produce graduates that can help society. ICL nurtures its students by providing a positive and inclusive culture, which encourages excellent values and behaviors that are critical in shaping their professional careers.

ICL is among Europe’s best Chemistry schools. It offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, as well as BS Chemistry with Management, BS Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry with Molecular Physics, Chemistry with Research Abroad, and Chemistry with a Year in the Industry. They also offer postgraduate programs in the same field such as Master’s of Science in Biological and Physical Chemistry, Chemistry and Engineering, Digital Chemistry, and Drug Discovery.

2. ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Located in Sweden, ETH is among the leading schools that offer health and medical programs. One-third of ETH professors are involved in medical research, ensuring high-quality education in the field, as well as in engineering and technology. They value the continued development of medical research to aid in medical practice.

As a top chemistry school in Europe, ETH offers a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry wherein students are provided with academic and practical sessions in understanding and creating molecules. The program covers natural science-oriented courses such as biology, physics, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. They also offer a master’s degree in Chemistry wherein graduates are involved in research to apply theoretical chemistry into practice, including industry training and project work thesis.

3. University College London

The University College London is well-known in the United Kingdom for its research prowess, having produced 30 Nobel Prize Laureates, with some as current staff and lecturers. They pride themselves as the first English school to accept students of different gender, cultural, and religious backgrounds, promoting equality and inclusivity within the school community.

They offer undergraduate programs for chemistry including BS Chemistry, BS Chemistry with Mathematics, and BS Chemistry with Management. Their postgraduate programs namely Master’s of Science in Chemistry, International Program for Chemistry, Chemistry with Management Studies, and Natural Sciences are tailored with an academically rigorous curriculum and practical learning experiences using the provided laboratory and research facilities.

4. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)

EPFL is known as Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university which focuses on teaching, research, and innovation. They have a wide array of international partnerships and collaborations, aiming to have a significant impact on society. They provide a dynamic work environment for their students while ensuring a positive college culture and respect within the campus.

They offer a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and in Chemical Engineering which covers understanding molecules and the application of chemistry in an industrial setting. This leading chemistry school in Europe also offer master’s degrees in Molecular and Biochemical Chemistry Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. The curriculum of these postgraduate degrees is designed to train students with multidisciplinary expertise in the chemical, medical, engineering, manufacturing, biotechnology, and production industries.

5. University of Edinburgh

The School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh is among the best chemistry schools in Europe as it carries almost 300 years of experience and research. They value collaborations with institutions such as St. Andrews to strengthen their research and excellence in teaching.

They offer an undergraduate and master’s degree in Medical and Biological Chemistry. The curriculums of these programs are heavily centered on understanding the biological processes of molecules by using the tools for genetic manipulation and synthetic chemistry in their well-equipped laboratories. These programs also teach a solid foundation in chemistry and biology that are essential fundamentals for research studies.

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6. The University of Manchester

Manchester’s Department of Chemistry is a large pool of academic and professional service staff that is dedicated to attracting and nurturing scientific minds. They offer an interdisciplinary nature of modern chemistry research. Students at the University of Manchester are equipped with world-leading expertise in many fields of chemistry, including physical, biological, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry. Their chemistry degree aims to shape students to develop problem-solving skills that are utilized for scientific and industrial applications.

Manchester offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry, Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry with an Integrated Foundation Year, and Chemistry with International Study. Students can take optional courses across the faculty and university. These programs are also accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

7. King’s College London

As an internationally renowned university, the King’s College of London is a leading school for delivering high-quality education and world-class research. They value community and innovation by realizing their goals to produce competent students that are change-makers in society. Through their international perspective, they bring together global citizens through research.

KCL is considered to be among the most excellent schools in Europe for chemistry. It offers Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Bachelor’s in Chemistry with Biomedicine. They also offer a Master’s in Chemistry. The curriculums of these programs are research-enriched, backed by the integration of practical and modern teaching methods. Students from KCL land a wide variety of career positions in the field of chemistry, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


I hope that you found this article on the best chemistry schools in Europe informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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