Poland has created a welcoming environment for startups, as well as highly regarded and internationally recognized MBA programs. The country’s economy has also been dubbed “the most exceptional growth in Central Europe.” As a result, there is a high demand for business studies graduates in the labor market, which leads to company placements.

It is one of the countries with a rapidly growing start-up community. Krakow, one of its cities, has been dubbed the “outpost of Silicon Valley” for having the highest number of start-ups in the country. Furthermore, Google established a start-up space in Warsaw, which provides support to start-ups and features programs for new entrepreneurs to develop their skills.

Because of their exposure to this type of environment, international students from all over the world are drawn to this country. The top business schools in Poland are listed below.

Best Business Schools in Poland

1. SGH – Warsaw School of Economics

SGH Warsaw School of Economics is the best business school in Poland, educating and shaping the country’s business leaders for over a century. The school is well-known for its personalized and flexible teaching strategy, as well as for producing graduates who excel in their field of work. The school takes pride in the contribution of both its students and faculty to the business industry.

The school also values research, using it to improve the quality of education provided by its faculty and to broaden its students’ knowledge by putting research theories into practice. Its students and faculty have published numerous research papers on a variety of topics in various international scientific journals around the world.

The school provides a variety of business programs, including a free economic education program for grade school and junior high school students, as well as a post-graduate studies program that lasts 10 months that includes a two-day session every two weeks.

2. Kozminski University

Kozminski University (KU) is Poland’s top private business school, offering a comprehensive business curriculum to both students and professionals. The university is also one of only 100 in the world to hold the prestigious “triple crown accreditation.” It is also accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), which is known for evaluating and awarding fields of study that meet or exceed a certain standard. Management, administration, and finance programs are among the business programs that have received the PKA award.

As an international school, KU welcomes students from more than 70 countries and has signed cooperative agreements with over 200 institutions worldwide. The university takes pride in the fact that its classes are taught by teachers from all over the world, and that this faculty gives lectures and conducts research at prestigious universities around the world such as Harvard and MIT.

This top business school in Poland’s learning approach is practice-based, ensuring that its graduates will be directed to provide solutions to current problems in the field by collaborating with industries through internships and traineeships. In addition to short courses, summer schools, and training programs, KU has established an online university to aid and cater to distance learning.

3. Wroclaw University of Economics

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business is regarded as one of Poland’s top business schools, as well as an important contributor to education, science, and research in the field. Its goal is to establish and solidify its position in the world of business education, both locally and globally. It is constantly improving its practices and education quality, establishing a reputation as a forward-thinking institution that values the well-being of its students, faculty, and alumni.

The university is proud of its highly regarded and multi-awarded faculty who are well-known both locally and internationally for their contributions to teaching and research. It also supports the integration of its students into the local industry, honing and preparing them for the competitive and highly demanding market post-graduation. Aside from that, the university hosts several research conferences each year to foster intellectual discourse among its students and experts in the field. Additionally, various training and seminars are held for its students every year.

4. Poznan University of Economics and Business

Poznan University of Economics and Business (PUEB) is one of Poland’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious business schools. The university has been committed to improving and developing its educational quality for more than 90 years, as evidenced by numerous awards and recognition in the field.

PUEB has established partnerships in over 40 countries and collaborates with over 100 universities and industries for exchange programs and research advancement for the development of its students and faculty. One distinctive feature of the university is the ability to tour its campus without leaving your home, thanks to the use of Google Maps, as well as the ability to take a virtual tour of some of its buildings.

The university offers courses in digital finance for professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the latest advancements in the field, such as robotic automation, blockchain, and cybersecurity. It also provides preparatory courses for international students and students participating in exchange programs.

5. University of Euroregional Economy

The University of Euroregional Economy (WSGE), also known as the Alcide de Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy, has an excellent business school in Poland that focuses on establishing partnerships with and admitting students from other countries, with international partnerships serving as the school’s foundation. The WSGE is driven to strive for excellence through student-centered enhancement activities such as training, internship, workshops, and mentoring, all of which aim to prepare students for careers in business.

WSGE also has a rich network of publications with various research contributions from its students and faculty, as well as its publication that is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. Conferences are also organized for its students to engage in an intelligent discussion with renowned business personalities across the globe.


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