Italy, located in south-central Europe, is a vibrant and dynamic country with a large history of culture and strengths. From literature and architecture to phenomenal cuisine, Italy has it all. It also has a reputation for success in the world of International Business. Its thriving economy gives students an understanding of business management, finance, and international relations, firsthand. Some of Italy’s largest metropolitan cities are among the best in Europe to study and Milan alone has two of the best business schools in the country. Here is a list of the best business schools in Italy.

Best Business Schools in Italy

1. SDA Bocconi School of Management

Number one on the list of Best Business Schools in Italy is SDA Bocconi School of Management. Continually ranked as the third best business school in Europe, this school is one to be reckoned with. Located in Milan, the epicenter of a thriving economy, SDA creates a unique and highly sought-after environment for business enthusiasts. Milan has had a reputation of success since the Renaissance period and has continued this success into the modern world. It is a primary place of production of luxury and is the wealthiest city in Italy.

Students applying to this program can expect one year of intensive studies with a large investment of around 62,000 Euros, making it one of the most expensive business programs in Italy. With a highly selective process, this school can be a challenge to get into. However, those that do, find a return on their investment in as little as 10 years. Global MBA rankings by QS rated this school 3rd out of 251 for payback time and 10-year return on investment, an impressive fact the school is highly proud of.

2. Luiss Business School

Luiss Business School, accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), is located in the heart of the national capital of Italy. Rome is mostly known for its stunning architecture, but it also comes second to Milan in terms of finance and business. Living and studying in Rome gives students the opportunity to explore an economy rich in culture and history. Luiss Business School is recognized as Italy’s best university and is accredited by EQUIS.

In terms of cost, this business school in Italy is a relatively affordable option when compared to SDA Bocconi’s hefty price. Luis Business School costs around 30,000 Euros per year and offers a wide range of customizable programs. Whether you have professional experience or not, Luiss Business School has something for you.

3. University of Bologna – Bologna Business School

The University of Bologna Business School, otherwise known as the “Center for Sustainability”, is another top business school in Italy and focuses its energy on research and multi-cultural education. Students that display creativity, innovativeness, and principles of responsibility will be strongly valued at this school. Located in Northern Italy, this school offers a variety of degrees for both EU and non-EU citizens and has been rated one of the top 10 places to study abroad.

This Northern Italian city is the largest in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and has a rich history of culture. In addition, it is considered the epicenter for agricultural and industrial transport. Hosting many mechanical and electronic companies, this is a city booming with business. Moreover, Bologna is home to one of the largest trade fairs in Europe, making this an ideal location for studens to study. Tuition cost is similar to that of Luiss Business School coming in at 35,000 Euros per year. However, what makes this school unique is its moral belief in educational accessibility. Bologna Business School provides scholarships every year and encourages international students to apply.

4. MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business

Politecnico di Milano Business School (MIP), is another Italian business school built on the theme of sustainability, research and development into global studies, and innovation into the modern world of business. Located in the bustling metropolis of Milan, students can enjoy a vibrant and diverse lifestyle. Due to a majority of classes being taught in English, this school values the diversity of its campus and encourages students from abroad. MIP hosts students from over 100 different countries, further contributing to their diversity mission.

Milan’s reputation with success and industrialization makes this the perfect location for a business school. Students can experience international business firsthand which is a huge selling point. Considering this location, the tuition is relatively affordable, costing students around 39,000 Euros per year

5. MIB Trieste School of Management

Last, but certainly not least on the list of Best Business Schools in Italy is Trieste School of Management (MIB). Ranked in the Top 10 Budget accredited MBAs, this school offers students the opportunity to explore the world of business, for a reasonable price. Tuition costs 25,000 Euros per year, making this the least expensive Italian business school on this list.

Located in Trieste, a unique and historical port city on the Slovenian border gives students a fresh look into international trade and relations. Students are exposed to a variety of business essentials as well as the ability to network with a wide range of individuals. Lastly, MIB is one of three schools in Itay that have received AMBA global accreditation.

The MBA program is split into three phases; core, elective, and projects. Starting with the core subjects, students get a comprehensive look into business concepts. Once the core subjects are mastered, students will then focus on a minor to zero in on a niche topic. Eventually, students begin working on professional projects to put their skills to the test. The way this curriculum is organized has gotten positive reviews from several successful alumni.


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