“Big data” pertains to the collection and process of various types of information gathered from the internet that is too massive to be studied by traditional methods. Big data evolved into a full-fledged discipline over time, affecting many decisions made in many fields such as marketing, medicine, and business.

Big data, as a field, has enabled government and non-government organizations to create better decisions through having good data science and analytics tools. The demand for big data experts encouraged various academic institutions to take notice and develop their big data instruction and training.

Various universities and colleges have focused on the current real-world importance of big data as a field, thus growing their big data programs. Many educational institutions have risen above others in terms of academic excellence and the quality of graduates. Here are the top big data schools worldwide!

Is Studying Big Data Worth It?

Absolutely! Studying Big Data can get you a ticket to one of the most lucrative careers in the 21st century. Data Scientists with a background in Big Data make an annual average of $110,910. In some industries, annual median salaries can get up to nearly $150,000, based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re ready to join this high-paying industry, make sure to check out our Available Data Science Courses. You can also view other available programs for international students on our Open Courses Page.

Top Big Data Schools in the World

1. University of California, San Diego

The history of the University of California, San Diego started with the 1903 charter of the Marine Biological Association of San Diego, later named Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The institution grew, added new programs, and became the University of California, San Diego, in 1959 and currently among the best schools for big data globally.

USDC’s Halicioglu Data Science Institute started in 2019, through co-directors Rajesh Gupta and Jeffrey Elman, through the donations of Taner Halicioglu. HDSI aims to spearhead the developments to the emerging discipline of data science while answering the world’s most pressing questions.

HDSI invests in quality instructors and trainers to create the best possible graduates and partners with well-known institutions to ensure the real-world readiness of the graduates. USDC is currently at the top of the rankings for big data education worldwide.

2. ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Business School started in 1907 as the Institut Economique, later named the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciale in 1913. ESSEC remains one of the most well-known and best European business schools and among the world’s top schools for big data.

ESSEC integrated big data with some of its programs due to the importance of data science and analytics to the business sector. Although an undergraduate degree in digital management is available only in their Morocco Campus, ESSEC provides big data programs in their European and Asia-Pacific Campuses for masters and Ph.D. degrees.

Various developments were made in the institution due to ESSEC’s mission to influence future leaders to prepare them for future economic, environmental, and societal challenges. ESSEC Business School quickly rose to the upper ranks of big data educational institutions, over-performing some big data specialized schools worldwide.

3. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne traces its roots to a public research university in Melbourne, Australia, created in 1853. Today, the University of Melbourne leads the charge in developing various fields, including the big data field in the world.

The University of Melbourne is well known for its data science and analytics programs across the globe, ranking first for several years in Australia. The university ensures that the graduates are fully prepared to face real-world challenges or to undergo further studies in the institution through top-notch teachers and teaching methods.

University of Melbourne alumni are usually placed in prestigious job titles with multinational companies and corporations, utilizing their expertise in handling big data. The University of Melbourne consistently remains one of the best schools for studying big data locally and internationally.

4. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick started in 1965 as part of the UK government’s efforts to expand the higher education system. Warwick is currently one of the prominent public research universities in the country, producing quality graduates and researchers.

Data science and analytics in Warwick is hosted by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistics, with both departments providing varied but high-quality approaches to big data instruction.

The University of Warwick is currently one of the leading universities for big data in the world that focuses on merging theory and practice to ready its students for future employment to leading corporations that deal with big data. Warwick is currently one of the best schools to study the discipline, highly-ranking worldwide.

5. IE School of Human Sciences & Technology

IE (Instituto de Empresa) University started in 1973 as the IE Business School, offering business courses in the business district of Madrid, Spain. The 1980s witnessed IE University’s expansion to more departments and programs, including subjects focusing on big data.

IE University houses the School of Human Sciences & Technology that offers big data undergraduate and master’s degree courses. The university focuses not only on academics but more so on preparing its students to be future leaders in the big data field.

The School of Human Sciences & Technology offers excellent big data programs globally that promote innovation to its students through utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic faculty. IE consistently places at the top ranks of various big data school lists worldwide, continuously catering to the needs of companies driven by big data.

6. University College Dublin

The University College Dublin started in 1854 as the Catholic University of Ireland, later renamed the Royal University. The institution received its current name when it became a constituent university of the National University of Ireland in 1908, later granting UCD its autonomy in 1997.

UCD offers exceptional big data programs across several departments within the university and across the globe, giving a wide selection of data science and analytics made for various fields. This system provides the students with the freedom to choose the big data course that is most applicable to their chosen career path.

UCD’s efforts to cater to the empowerment of its students through providing numerous program choices did not hinder its goal of providing top-notch education and training to its community. UCD is currently one of the top big data schools in Ireland, Europe, and worldwide.

7. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh opened its doors in 1583 and acquired its autonomy in 1858 through the Universities (Scotland) Act. The University of Edinburgh is a recognized institution for big data globally and is created and hosted many world-renowned giants in their respective fields, proof of the quality of education promoted by the institution.

The School of Informatics was created by unifying the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Centre for Cognitive Science, Department of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, and Human Communication Research Centre in 1998. The merger led to a strong institution supported by the shared expertise of many talented faculty members.

The School of Informatics boasts a long history of innovations that shaped the big data discipline in the university and the world. The university recently announced its goal to make Edinburgh a European data center as it boosts its efforts to develop its programs and research.


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