Whether pursuing a degree in fine arts, graphic design, illustration, or any other related discipline, studying art offers individuals a platform to explore their creativity, express themselves authentically, and contribute to the visual and cultural landscape.

University art programs often provide access to state-of-the-art facilities, studios, and equipment, enabling students to experiment with different mediums and techniques. The programs may also offer opportunities to exhibit artwork, participate in internships, engage with visiting artists, and participate in programs to gain exposure to diverse artistic practices and cultural experiences.

Graduates from art programs pursue careers as professional artists, designers, educators, curators, art therapists, and arts administrators, among other exciting paths.

Top Art Schools in the United Kingdom

1. Royal College of Art

Established in 1837, The Royal College of Art (RCA) has gained the reputation for being the world’s best postgraduate institution for art and design.

The university offers training and facilitates cutting-edge research across four different schools: Art & Humanities, Architecture, Communication, and Design. The RCA offers graduate diplomas, taught master’s programs (MA and MRes), and postgraduate research programs (MPhil and Ph.D.) degrees across these fields. The M.Phil and Ph.D. tuition fees range from £8,000 to £29,000, depending on the student’s residence status.

Research at RCA is based on creative practice and engagement with communities, businesses, and government bodies. It seeks to contribute to solving the major challenges of our time and is unique in its collaboration across multiple disciplines, including science, technology, and engineering.

2. University of the Arts London

Founded in 2004, the University of the Arts London (UAL) brings together six highly regarded colleges founded in the 19th and 20th centuries. Consistently ranked among the top universities for art in the world, the university offers pre-degree, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs in art, design, fashion, communication, and performing arts.

UAL’s tuition fees depend on the degree type and home status of the student – overseas students pay significantly more. Fees for undergraduate programs range between £9,250 and £25,970 per year, and for Master’s programs between £6350 and £18600 per year.

Home to a diverse student body of nearly 22,000 students from 130 countries around the world, UAL offers excellent training and research programs that occupy a central role in the country’s creative culture.

3. Glasgow School of Art

Established in 1845, the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) is one of the UK’s leading higher education institutes for art and design. Through studio-based learning and research, the school aims to transform thinking and nurture leading creative practitioners. GSA offers a range of traditional and innovative programs in art, architecture, and design at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. All degree programs offered by the GSA are validated by the University of Glasgow.

Undergraduate tuition fees vary depending on whether the Student is from Scotland, the UK and Ireland, or the rest of the world. Home students from Scotland pay £1,820 per year, while UK and Ireland residents pay £9,250 per year for undergraduate programs. International students pay significantly higher fees of £21,360 annually. The fees are the same for Scottish and UK residents for graduate programs. Depending on the type of program, graduate degrees cost between £5,580 per year to £12,240. International students pay £18,480 to £22,680 per year for graduate programs.

Students benefit from its location in Glasgow, considered a cultural capital in Europe. The GSA community contributes greatly to the city’s lively creative and cultural spirit.

4. Goldsmiths, University of London

With an educational legacy of more than 200 years, Goldsmiths is one of London’s leading universities. The Department of Art is one of its flagship departments, offering programs in fine art, history of art, curating, and art writing, as well as an interdisciplinary doctoral research program. The department enjoys an excellent reputation, resulting in links with leading creative and cultural organizations in the city, and prestigious art departments around the world.

Goldsmiths’ Art students benefit from interactions with contemporary artists and curators and critically engage with innovative and pioneering artistic practice and research.

5. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Its renowned art school, the Ruskin School of Art, is one of the best in the UK and whose history can be traced back to 1871 when John Ruskin opened his School of Drawing. The school offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in fine art with an outstanding teaching and research environment.

The BFA costs £9,250 for home students and £35,080 for overseas students. Tuition fees for the MFA program are £15,270 for home students and £30,910 for overseas students. The university has plenty of scholarship and funding opportunities. The school enjoys the unique position of being a small art school within the framework of a large, world-class research university. This allows contemporary artists and art theorists to collaborate closely, and the school’s research is regarded well in both the academic and art worlds.

FAQs: Arts Studies in the UK

Why Study Art in the United Kingdom?

The UK has a rich artistic heritage and a vibrant contemporary art scene, making it a hub for art and culture. The country’s capital, London, is home to world-renowned museums, galleries, cultural institutions, and many iconic art collections, including the British Museum, Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum, and National Gallery, which provide invaluable resources for studying and experiencing art firsthand. The multicultural nature of the country makes for a diverse creative community, and the thriving art scene presents plenty of networking and career opportunities. Home to some of the best art schools in the world, the UK is an exciting destination to study art.


With a thriving art community and great cultural diversity, the UK is home to some of the best art schools in the world. These institutions offer comprehensive art programs, renowned faculty members, and state-of-the-art facilities. They provide a platform for students to explore their passion for creativity, develop their artistic voice, and contribute to the dynamic and evolving world of art.


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