The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) is one of the largest universities in the United States. The school, which is referred to as a United States Public Ivy, offers academic standards that are just as good as the Ivy League universities in the US. The school has also become very popular with international students thanks to its easy understanding of the admission process for international students, as well as proven to value intellectual leadership, cultural, and traditional principles.

Unfortunately, many international students plan their admission into this school without full knowledge of its acceptance rate, which might have prevented them from getting admitted. This article contains all the details about this school’s acceptance rate. Be sure to read it till the end.

University of Texas at Austin Acceptance Rate

The University of Texas at Austin’s admission rate is 31%, which means admission into this school might be competitive, but you have a strong chance of getting admitted if you meet the requirements. However, admission here remains somewhat competitive. According to the admission office, out of over 66,000 students that apply, only about 18,000 gets admitted.

UT Austin typically bases its acceptance rate on the total number of completed applications yearly. The application rate also varies and is higher or lower depending on the number of students that apply for a particular course, for instance, in the fall semester of 2022. Advanced architectural design has a selectivity rate of 23.53%, with only eight getting admitted out of 34 students who applied. In contrast, professional accounting had a 56.17% selectivity rate, with about 162 applying and only 91 getting admitted.

Nevertheless, UT Austin expects all students to fully prepare well if they want to have a chance at the university, as it is still a competitive school.

Preparing for the University of Texas at Austin

Preparing for the University of Texas of Austin takes a lot of concentration and dedication. However, there are specific areas that you should take seriously. Some of them include:

Admission Requirements

Some of the University of Texas of Austin admission requirements include completing high school and submitting your transcripts, among other things. Meeting these requirements is very important as they are the necessary information the school would use to determine if you are qualified to be a student.

Tuition Fees

The University of Texas of Austin tuition fee is calculated each semester depending on the program, hours enrolled, and resident status. Students are expected to be able to calculate their tuition fees and pay when due. Failure to do so will cost you your admission. So prepare well for this in order to prevent any unfortunate incident.


The cost of studying at the University of Texas of Austin is relatively high, and all the help you need to cut down the cost would be appreciated. That is why you should check out scholarship opportunities and work towards meeting the necessary requirements to earn one.

The University of Texas of Austin is one of the best schools worldwide. An opportunity to study there would change your life, but to indeed have a chance. Take note of the acceptance rate and other essential aspects, and you will be a step ahead of others.

We hope that this article about UT Austin’s acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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