Getting admitted to medical school is one of the toughest educational challenges students have to face. There are many applicants that want to get into the best school and there is only a limited number of students that the schools can accommodate. Once you do get into the school of your dreams, you face even more challenges related to the quality of teaching, the people around you, and the facilities and opportunities your school provides.

That is why it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the different options you have at your disposal as far as choosing a medical school goes. Each state has its own public medical school that students aspire to join because these schools have a good balance between quality and cost. Other students might apply to private institutes if they can afford them. In the state of Louisiana, there are two excellent medical schools in the city of New Orleans. One of these is public while the other is private, and the number of applicants in both is very high each year. That is why it is a very good idea to know as much as possible about both schools before deciding which one you will be applying to. 

Medical Schools in New Orleans

1. The Louisiana State University

The Health Sciences Center of Louisiana State University has existed since 1931. It is the only public medical school in the city of New Orleans which means that the competition for a place here in one of the medical programs is very high. The school provides a lot of opportunities to students in terms of research and training. Students are taught in small groups to maximize the learning they receive and these groups are spread across two learning centers with different labs.

The M.D. degree at this medical school in New Orleans is to be completed across four years. Students are expected to pass the coursework in anatomy and other sciences to go to the third year. These last two years consist of clerkships, mandatory ones in the third year, and mandatory and elective ones in the fourth. The school offers joint degree programs as well if you’re not interested in the M.D. program. You can also join one of the other schools related to medicine, namely the school of dentistry, the school of nursing, and the school of public health.

Since the school is a public institution, students residing in the state are prioritized for admission. If you do manage to get admitted to the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, you can be sure of getting top-class education and training in the field of medicine.

The annual tuition fee for residents is $16,468 and for non-residents is $30,557.

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2. Tulane University School of Medicine

If you’re looking for a private medical school, the School of Medicine at Tulane University is one of the oldest in the country and the very oldest in Louisiana. This medical school offers advanced facilities in different fields of medicine such as genetics, cancer, hemophilia, and many more. These are offered across more than 30 centers that the School of Medicine boasts.

Getting admitted to this school is very difficult because thousands of students apply each year and only a handful is selected. Students have to complete an online application after which around 600 are selected for an interview. Out of these, around 200 will be finally selected.

While the M.D. program at this medical school in New Orleans might be the flagship course of study, there are others that you can apply for as well. These include dual degree programs, accelerated programs, and an interesting TAP-TP program which can be completed in four years leading to a Bachelor’s as well as an M.D. degree.

If you’re interested in studying medicine at the Tulane University School of Medicine, you will meet a lot of international students as well because the university openly accepts them from around the world.

The tuition fee for an undergraduate is $57,050 per year.

So, if you’re living in the city of New Orleans or anywhere else in Louisiana and wish to study medicine, these are two very good schools that you can apply to. Of course, there is a noticeable difference in the tuition fees which is because of the public and private nature of each. Both types of institutes have their own pros and cons so it’s always a good idea to research both to decide which one is better for you. This information should be good enough to get you thinking about where you want to go and what you can afford. From this, you should move on to the application procedures on each school’s website and get started with your application!


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