Upon graduating from high school, many of us start to look into various forms of higher education. In today’s day and age, it’s immensely important to have a college degree since the job market is very competitive and the majority of employers are looking for people with a prestigious educational background. However, paying for such education can sometimes be a huge financial burden.

Nevertheless, a college education doesn’t have to break your bank account. There are many colleges that offer bachelor’s degrees with reasonable tuition fees as well as great locations. For instance, the state of Louisiana has a wide variety of community colleges that have attractive courses as well as inexpensive tuition.

Cheap Colleges in Louisiana

1. River Parishes Community College

River Parishes Community College is a school with an extensive history. This cheap college in Louisiana offers 17 interesting programs of study, such as Applied Science or Welding and allows its students to broaden their horizons and partake in various school-related activities. Placed in the beautiful city of Sorrento, the students attending this college can experience all the wonders that Louisiana has to offer in their spare time.

2. Louisiana Delta Community College

Louisiana Delta Community College is located in the city of Monroe. This school offers many courses, degrees, certificates, and personal development programs that will satisfy everyone’s educational needs. It has one of the largest student bodies in Louisiana as well as many minority students, giving this institution a culturally diverse atmosphere.

3. Northshore Technical Community College

This affordable college in Louisiana offers courses in adult education as well as workforce training. It’s also one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the state and the majority of its students carry on their education at a university level later on.

4. Baton Rouge Community College

This 2-year community college offers courses such as Welding, Construction, and Fabrication and has an impressive financial aid department. The Baton Rouge Community College students can participate in many sporting events as well as creative activities, which can help them in maintaining school-home balance.

5. Delgado Community College

  • In-State Tuition (per credit hour): $133.93
  • Out-of-State Tuition (per credit hour): $178.70
  • International Student Tuition & Living Expenses (per year): approx. $20,300
  • In-State & Out-of-State Tuition Fees

The next cheapest university in Louisiana is Delgado Community College, which is located in the heart of Louisiana – New Orleans. Its location, as well as programs and courses offered, make it the best community college in the state. What’s more, the student body consists of over 15,000 students each year, making it one of the most populated educational institutions in Louisiana.

6. Nunez Community College

Located in Chalmette, Nunez Community College is home to dozens of courses and thousands of students. Moreover, it’s one of the most popular community colleges in Louisiana and has a high retention rate. On top of that, its students are eligible for a variety of scholarships and financial help.

7. Central Louisiana Technical Community College

This community college offers certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees in various technical and scientific fields. Moreover, the average yearly enrollment ranks at 2,000, and their graduation percentage is one of the highest statewide. Placed in the heart of Alexandria, Louisiana, this cheap community college in Louisiana ensures that its graduates are employed with high wages as well as all the essential skills.

8. Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College

Offering over 20 courses and certificates in various disciplines, Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College is an inexpensive way to advance your education. Its mission is to provide quality workforce education to all its students as well as provide them with all the necessary life skills. Located in Mansfield, this college is a great place for everyone looking to study in fields, such as Practical Nursing and Culinary Arts.

9. Louisiana Christian College

Louisiana Christian College is a private Baptist school for liberal arts and sciences founded in 1906. It offers both regular degrees and certificates as well as vocational training for all its students. This college is open for admission to all students, regardless of their citizenship and nationality. Moreover, Louisiana College has plenty of extracurricular activities for its students to enjoy aside from academia.

10. Centenary College of Louisiana

We end our list of most affordable Louisiana colleges with Centenary College of Louisiana. Founded in 1825, Centenary College of Louisiana is a liberal arts school that offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates. This college is located in Shreveport and is accredited by various educational boards across the country. The student body is represented by 22 states and 10 countries, making this school a very culturally diverse place to learn.


I hope that this article on the cheapest colleges in Louisiana was helpful! Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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