Chicago is an excellent environment in which to pursue medical studies, both graduate and undergraduate. With so many medical facilities, the area is actually considered to be a medical “zone.” Students will find ample opportunity to engage with some of the most experienced professionals in the field and to develop their own skills under the tutelage of one of the following fine medical institutions!

Best Medical Schools in Chicago

1. University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine

For a medical school, Pritzker has an admirably small class size of just under 90 students. The university is known for its low acceptance rates, but that is not always a bad thing, as it means that students not only get to know their professors, but forge strong, personal and professional relationships with their classmates. The curriculum at Pritzker is pass/fail. Pritzker is also located in one of Chicago’s most diverse and interesting neighborhoods: Hyde Park. The area is well-known for being a college-town which means that students have easy access to some of the best shopping, dining, and nightlife in Chicago. While many medical schools are situated away from the main campus, Pritzker is physically located at the University. This gives students access to exclusive main campus facilities as well as the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary work with other departments. The best medical school in Chicago has a reputation for a warm and friendly atmosphere. Finally, the school is committed to ensuring diversity in its student body and students can take advantage of the Office of Multicultural Affairs for resources and help getting involved with the campus community.

2. Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

The Feinberg School of Medicine is located close to Lake Michigan, Chicago’s most iconic lake and one of North America’s five Great Lakes. When it comes to the curriculum at Feinberg, students receive a well-rounded education. In addition to their studies, they are encouraged to pursue supplementary real-world experiences like volunteering at health clinics. Students also have access to top-notch resources like the Center for Global Health, which helps connect students with transdisciplinary educational opportunities. Students at Feinberg receive early clinical training under the guidance of an experienced mentor physician. As part of the program, students work with the same patients long-term in order to understand what it is like to develop lasting clinical-patient relationships. At Feinberg, students are guaranteed to acquire important skills like interviewing, performing physical exams, and patient history-taking. Feinberg also takes students’ work-life balance into account and provides access to programs in Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, and Community Wellness. Students at this one of the best medical schools in Chicago are reportedly some of the happiest, healthiest medical students out there.

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3. The College of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Chicago

With a student population of over 1,300 students, UICM is actually one of the largest medical schools in the United States. The school has four different campuses, one in Chicago, one in Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana-Champaign. Across the four campuses, the college has about 4,000 faculty members ready to work closely with students in developing the knowledge and skills essential to the medical profession. At the Chicago campus, students are situated right in the middle of the world’s largest medical district. The Illinois Medical District is actually a “zoning district” near the loop in Chicago. The area consists of an impressive 560 acres of medical research facilities. They receive early clinical experience, working closely with experienced mentors to learn how to take patient-histories and make the rounds as early as their first year. Students will gain experience in community clinics, major teaching hospitals, and other settings. The school also offers more than 60 residency programs in specialty areas and offers abundant scholarship opportunities as well.  

4. The Medical College at Rush University

Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) has a solid reputation for being one of the first medical colleges in the Midwest. The university is located near Chicago’s well-known Loop, meaning attendees have access to a diverse, metropolitan area perfect for college students. Students may wish to visit some of the city’s many museums, restaurants, and even its iconic Lake Michigan. The University has been nationally recognized as ranking number 1 for Quality of Care and also received a four-star rating from Centers Medicare and Medicaid Services. The University’s mission is to nurture empathy in its students and to develop skilled physicians interested in learning and innovating. The university and its students pursue ongoing research that impacts the world. With a small student body, students are able to form lasting, personal relationships with the people they encounter on a regular basis. But students need not worry about a diverse student body as the university is attended by out-of-state residents about 3 times more than Illinois residents. The university encourages students to engage in community service as well as gain adequate exposure to healthcare. In 2018, students average a total of 2,603 healthcare exposure hours! The university also offers more than 40 unique degree and certificate programs across multiple fields such as nursing and medicine. The University’s high reputation and critical acclaim make it a great choice for students hoping to pursue medical studies.

5. Chicago Medical School

Chicago Medical School is part of the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science which was established in 1912. It was re-named after Dr. Rosalind Franklin who first photographed the structure of DNA in 1952. The college emphasizes a variety of medical environments, which helps students prepare for any environment they may find themselves in post-graduation. This medical school in Chicago has recently revised its student curriculum and now ensures that students will be able to engage in preventative and personalized patient care, work in interprofessional teams, and cater care to multiple settings, all upon program completion. Programs at Chicago Medical School include Allopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Essentials of Health Promotion and Wellness, Nutrition, Education, and Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals. Students can pursue any of these programs while taking advantage of state-of-the-art simulation and skill labs. At Chicago Medical School, students will engage in active learning by participating in clinical training. They will also gain exposure to a wide range of clinical and service-learning experiences by simply being situated in a medical-minded community. All in all, the school is another great choice for anyone hoping to make the most of their medical studies.

As the most populated city in the state of Illinois, Chicago is a great destination for students pursuing a degree in Medicine. Living expenses in Chicago can be on the expensive side, but it is home to some of the best universities in the United States. Students worldwide are welcome to apply to these universities and fulfill their dream of practicing medicine in the U.S.

I hope that this article on the best medical schools in Chicago was helpful. If you are interested in studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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