Apart from the amazing food, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches, Vietnam also boasts several institutions of higher education, providing a great study abroad destination for international students.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the universities in Vietnam with high acceptance rates!

Universities in Vietnam with High Rates of Acceptance

1. Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Vietnam National University, Hanoi is one of the two national universities in the county. It’s the first modern one that was set up, having started in May 1906 as the University of Indochina. It was finally recognized in December 1933 as the VNU that’s known today, a merged institution that includes the former University of Hanoi and other leading universities in the capital city. As Vietnam’s largest comprehensive higher education and research center, it is Vietnam National University’s mission to produce competitive graduates who can contribute to the country’s modernization and industrialization. 

2. Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) is one of the most recognized technical universities in the country, already having achieved the ‘center of excellence’ status. Also, it is one of the universities in Vietnam with high acceptance rates. HCMUT’s main campus is located in the metropolitan area of Ho Chi Minh City, spanning over 14 hectares of lush greenery and it is host to thousands of students. Even before the 1975 re-unification, HCMUT was the sole institution responsible for producing Southern Vietnamese engineers. At present, HCMUT still holds the title of South Vietnam’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious engineering university.

3. Foreign Trade University

Founded in 1960 and located in the capital city of Hanoi is the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam. FTU has attracted thousands of students, both local and foreign. It is a rather popular university in the country that’s best known for its business courses like management, marketing, and finance, and (as a tribute to its name) foreign languages. Vietnam’s Foreign Trade University aims to become the country’s hub for both cultural and educational exchange among countries around the globe. This is why FTU graduates are trained to be international players, well-qualified, and quick to take the initiative. One would expect nothing less from an alumnus of, what FTU claims, is the most prestigious in Vietnam.

4. Nong Lam University (Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry)

Nong Lam University can trace its roots back to 1955 when it was still known as the BLAO National College of Agriculture. The university is geared towards improving the country’s economy and creating more sustainable methods to conserve its natural resources. To achieve this, NLU trains its students to reach internationally qualified levels in their chosen profession or expertise. Some of the courses offered at NLU require more technical acumen and these include Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Environment and Natural Resources, Fisheries, Food Technology, and Forestry. The campus at this university in Vietnam with high acceptance rates is 118 hectares wide and is the site of many major academic research activities and technology transfers with the community.

5. Hanoi University

Hanoi University prides itself as the country’s premier educational institution that focuses on foreign languages and relations. The school houses 11 foreign language industries, 6 training centers, and various international partnerships. HANU was originally known as the University of Foreign Languages, way back in 1959. Since then it has proven its aptitude as a public university offering high-quality foreign language courses at undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels. 

6. Hanoi Medical University

Next on our list of universities in Vietnam with high acceptance rates is the Hanoi Medical University. It is the country’s oldest university, having been founded by the French in 1902 as Indochina Medico-Pharmaceutical University. Another thing of note is that HMU’s first headmaster Alexandre Yersin was the co-discoverer of the bacteria that caused the bubonic plague. Dr. Yersin guided the Vietnamese towards using Western Medicine and ever since, HMU has spearheaded the medical development in the country. HMU instructors and students have been known to contribute (directly or indirectly) to many successes in Vietnam’s health sector.

7. Financing and Promoting Technology University

Financing and Promoting Technology University, or FPT for short, was born from the industry’s need for a bigger pool of qualified ICT human resources. FPT is one of the younger universities in Vietnam. It was established in 2006 and it was built and operates on corporate funding. The school wants to embody the ‘new generation university’ spirit and ensure that its graduates are properly trained for an international work environment. Aside from the technical side, FPT University takes a holistic approach to developing its students by teaching them languages, personal development, social awareness, and soft skills. FPT University is also recognized for being the first university in Vietnam to be given a 3-star rating by the QS World University Ranking System.

8. Duy Tan University

In November 1994, Duy Tan University was established in the city of Danang by decree of the Prime Minister of Vietnam as a private institution that offers a multidisciplinary and diversified curriculum and practical training. It has a very high student population, making it the largest institution of its kind in the region. The high quality of education at this Vietnamese university with high acceptance rates is guaranteed since it’s the country’s first private university to meet National Educational Quality Standards. DTU also boasts a high employment rate within the first six months after graduating especially the Software Technology and Hospitality graduates.

9. Hue University

Found in the former imperial capital of Vietnam is Hue University which was built inspired by the tradition of studiousness in Central Vietnam. It was established in 1957 among the historical landmarks of Hue, the ancient capital. The university offers several programs, all of which gained accreditation and recognition from Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training. As for its population, HU has thousands of students studying full-time, with a sizeable number coming from abroad. By producing quality graduates, Hue University sees to it that Central Vietnam and the Western Highlands can transition into more evolved and progressive regions.

10. Dong Nai Technology University

Last on our list of universities in Vietnam with high acceptance rates is the Dai Nai Technology University. To meet the demand for qualified manpower in Southern Vietnam, a private university was established to provide both academic instruction and vocational training. Thus, in 2005, Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) was born. You can find the university in the central area of Bien Hoa, at the heart of the thriving industrial and economic region that brings in the most foreign investment. DNTU is also very willing to indulge those with a dream to pursue further studies for no other reason but ‘the sheer pleasure of learning’. Set your sights on Dong Nai Technology University to gain remarkable skills in half the time.


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