Are you looking to study in Hungary? It is an exciting country with high cultural diversity.  30% (3 million) of the total population lives in the Capital City of Budapest. In terms of tertiary studies, the country has about 42 universities (seven of them recognized internationally) accredited by the country’s higher education accreditation body. Most of the programs offered by these institutions are recognized all over the world, hence a good number of applications from international students every academic year. Even better, the majority of universities teach their programs in English.

One of the most famous scholars who were a product of Hungarian universities is John von Neumann, a mathematician. In this article, we have listed some of the best institutions with the highest acceptance rates in Hungary. We hope that this article will be of great service as you hunt for the best place to further your studies.

Universities in Hungary with High Rates of Acceptance

1. Eszterházy Károly Catholic University

Founded in 1774, Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest universities not only in Hungary but also across the globe. It was later renamed Eszterházy Károly Catholic University after its founder, Bishop Karoly Eszterhazy, in 1989. The university is divided into four faculties and more than 14 departments specialized in various fields of study. Some of the renowned students from this institution include Brody Sandor, Gardonyi Geza, and Margit Sebok who is an educator and painter. It has the highest acceptance rate in the country with over 90% of the applicants admitted every academic year.

2. Adventist Theological College

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 90 – 95%
  • Admissions

The Hungarian Adventist Theological College was founded in 1948 in Pecel, Hungary. Its primary objective is to train leaders in the Christian-Protestant religion. This non-profit institution of higher education with few students compared to other Hungarian institutions, making it one of the smallest colleges in the world. If you are interested in learning more about Christian leadership, this is the ideal destination for you. The college accepts international students and at least 90% of the applicants are usually admitted.

3. Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences

Next on our list of Hungarian universities with high acceptance rates is Kodolányi János Foiskola, which was established in 1992 as the first university in the city of Székesfehérvár. Its history began with a building donated by the municipality of Székesfehérvár to improve education within the city. Because of János Kodolányi’s – famous Hungarian writer –  connection to the city, the university was named after him. The university started its local radio station before opening a new campus in Budapest four years later. A third campus, the Oroshaza campus, began its operations in 2004. Despite being one of the youngest and smallest universities in the country, its reputation has shone beyond the borders.

4. Tomori Pál College

Another university worth considering is Tomori Pal College established in 2004. With just over one and a half decades in the field, the university has grown consistently due to good management. It has been accredited by the State of Hungary and the degrees offered are recognized anywhere within the European Union. However, that is not to say employers from other countries do not recognize this institution. The student population consists domestic and international students. Tomori Pal College accepts a minimum of 80% of all students who send their applications.

5. Esztergom Theological College

Another theological school in Hungary; Ezgertom Theological College was founded in 1566 with the primary aim of training leaders within the Christian-Catholic religion. This non-profit coeducational institution is located in Komarom-Esztergom and offers pre-bachelor and bachelor’s degree programs in theology. Regardless of its size, it accepts students from all over the world but only if they meet the requirements. This university in Hungary has a high acceptance rate with about 80% of all applicants being accepted to the system.

6. The University of Pécs

Also known as Pecsi Tudomanyegyetem, the University of Pecs was established in 1912 in Pecs, Hungary. Although the institution’s seal claims that it was founded in 1367, it is not linked with the medieval university which came into existence in the same year. The current population stands comprises domestic and international students from various parts of the world who take their classes in German and English. With an acceptance rate of 60%, you can expect a competitive evaluation criterion.

7. Corvinus University of Budapest

What began as the Faculty of Economics of the Royal Hungarian University in 1920 has grown to become one of the best universities in the country. The Corvinus University of Budapest became a fully-fledged university in 1953 after which it underwent a series of name changes before adopting the current one in 2004. It is divided into eleven institutes – offering bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs. All courses are taught in Hungarian, French, English or German, hence making it suitable for students from various countries. Are you interested in joining Corvinus? This university in Hungary has a high acceptance rate of 75%.

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Hungary has a lot of opportunities for international students to explore. Although it doesn’t have a wide range of universities to choose from, the few recognized worldwide offer quality education. It is also worth noting that tuition fee and the cost of living in Hungary is significantly lower than in most Western countries.


We hope that this article on universities in Hungary with high acceptance rates was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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