Belgium is one of the most sought-after places to study. Both European and non-European students choose Belgium for the great quality of higher education, beautiful landscapes, and rich history and culture. Diversity is everywhere in Belgium and international students feel right at home here. Deciding on which university to choose around the world is not always easy. The entrance process can often be difficult, especially for international students. In this article, we will be looking at universities in Belgium with high acceptance rates

However, this is hardly the case in Belgium. In this country, there’s a 100% acceptance rate for Belgian nationals and the same applies to international students at most institutions. However, some colleges have a lower acceptance rate for foreigners and it’s important to keep this in mind. Furthermore, an acceptance rate of 100% doesn’t mean that there aren’t requisites that must be fulfilled.

Which University in Belgium Has the Highest Acceptance Rate?

Among many universities in Belgium, Ghent University has the highest acceptance rate due to its low admission requirement. Regardless of nationality, you can apply and get accepted to this institution if you have graduated with a high school diploma. Some say that the acceptance rate can be as high as 100%, but you can’t really say that for certain.

Which University Is the Most Prestigious in Belgium?

Due to its highest academic rankings, KU Leuven is the most prestigious institution for international students. This institution has consistently ranked first in many major ranking portals, and KU Leuven is renowned among many international applicants due to its academic prowess and research potential.

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Universities in Belgium with High Acceptance Rates

1. Ghent University

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 95%

Ghent University offers high-quality education to all of its students. Regardless of nationality, all that is needed to enter the school is presenting a high school diploma. Therefore, theoretically, the acceptance rate is 100%. However, international students might have to prove their diploma is equivalent to that of a national diploma. This often applies to people that didn’t graduate from the European Union or the US. One of the ways to do so is to show proof of admission to a university in your home country. This shows your diploma was sufficient to enter higher studies. Additionally, there are certain programs, like medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, engineering, and architecture that require an additional entrance exam. Approximately 75% of students approve the engineering test and can pursue this degree at Ghent.


2. University of Antwerp

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 95%

This university is one of the biggest ones in Belgium. It is also one of the universities in Belgium with the highest acceptance rates. It came into existence after three institutions merged to form one bigger infrastructure. It has very high standards for students and, despite acceptance being easy, graduating is much more difficult. Their very demanding programs encourage students to do research in numerous areas. This has led to a very competitive international profile in this regard. It is important to consider that Dutch is the language in which all undergraduate programs are taught. Therefore, besides a high school diploma recognized in Belgium, having proficient knowledge of Dutch is a very important requirement. Approximately 20% of the students attending are international students.


3. University of Liege

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 95%

Like most Belgian universities, this university has a high acceptance rate. However, it’s a very demanding school, with difficult and numerous exams taking place each semester. This university had French as its main language, therefore, a good command of it is instrumental to study here. However, thanks to the numerous English-based programs, it boasts of having one of the highest numbers of international students. Approximately 25% of the students enrolled are from outside of Belgium. Furthermore, this institution has received numerous awards, including awards for the great quality of life of the students enrolled.


4. Hasselt University

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 95%

This public university offers degrees in medical sciences, arts, and humanities as well as science and technology. This institution is very accepting of international students and it promotes a diverse and multicultural environment. Like many other universities in Belgium, research is one of the top areas in Hasselt University. What makes it stand out is that one of the core values at this school is innovation, therefore, attractive research programs and grants are offered every year. The application process is straightforward. Sufficiency in the language in which the studies will be taken is required.


5. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 75%

The Katholieke Universiteit or the Catholic University of Leuven is often abbreviated as KU Leuven. This is one of the best institutions for higher education in the country. Like other institutions in Belgium, admission rates are 100%, which is very high, for national students. However, out of the approximately 400-500 international students that send applications for each program, 300 students are accepted. This is still a very high number. However, this does not apply to all careers. Medicine, dentistry, and law programs require students to take an admissions test. Acceptance rates for some of these programs, such as medicine, are often as low as approximately 11% every year.


6. Université Catholique de Louvain

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 30%

This acceptance rate does not refer to the number of applicants accepted. What it means is that only 30% of the positions offered at specific programs are for non-resident students. This applies in the case of medicine, dentistry, psychology and education speech, language therapy, and veterinary medicine. Furthermore, some of these degrees, as well as the engineering degree, require approval scores of an admission test for entrance. This institution is one of the most important ones in the French-speaking part of the country. Knowledge of this language is recommended and necessary for most programs.


7. Vrije Universiteit Brussels

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 35%

This private institution focuses on research, education, and promoting principles of service to their community for the students. With an acceptance rate of 35%, this is a very selective college. It is comprised of four different campuses, which are organized according to certain subjects. These campuses are the Health Campus, Humanities, Science, and Engineering Campus, the Photonics Campus, and the Technology Campus. This university has a very good research curriculum and spots on these programs are highly sought after. This institution offers English-based programs, which makes it more attractive to international students.


Most universities in Belgium have this attractive quality of having a 100% acceptance rate’ however, that doesn’t mean international students are always accepted. It’s important to take into consideration the general requirements of each institution as well as the specific requirements of each program. However, if you meet the requirements, then you’ll likely get a spot at one of these high-quality institutions. Depending on your chosen degree, there might be extra steps to take, such as admission exams or a language requirement that you must meet. Keep all of these things in mind before deciding to apply to this beautiful and multicultural country.


I hope that this article on Belgian universities with high acceptance rates was helpful! To know more, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students.

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