Do you have dreams of obtaining your master’s degree in data science abroad? Then, Canada would be your best choice. Let’s first tackle what the study field is all about. Data science is an academic field spanning multiple disciplines that employs scientific computing, and scientific methods to extract or extrapolate knowledge. Students will greatly benefit from it being an interdisciplinary program as they will be able to obtain multiple information and skillsets.

Once you have obtained an undergraduate degree in Data Science, it is recommended to obtain a master’s degree to further strengthen your background. This post will discuss several universities offering data science master’s degrees in Canada. Have a read and learn how you can enroll at one of these institutions.

What is the Annual Salary in Canada for Graduates with a Master’s in Data Science?

The demand for data scientists is huge in the world, as they are having a great impact on bringing positive change to the technology world. In Canada, the starting pay for a data scientist is approximately CAD 77,000 per year, while the most experienced individuals can make up to CAD 137,000 or more. As a result, the data scientist has a lot of prospects to have a successful and bright future. As many colleges offer job placements together with the completion of the master’s degree, you shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not you are going to find a well-paid job.

Top Universities in Canada Offering Master’s in Data Science

The top seven universities for you to finish your data science degree are listed in this section.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the first university that every overseas student thinks about when considering their educational options in Canada. The university is keeping up with all of the world’s best universities with its dedication to education. Through an applied research internship, the institution provides a Master of Data Science program that gives students a deeper grasp of statistical and computer science techniques in practical settings. Check the requirements and apply if you’re willing to join this esteemed university.

2. University of British Columbia

To close the skills gap in the workforce, the Master of Data Science program at the University of British Columbia equips students with the necessary technical know-how, real-world experience, and above all confidence to take advantage of opportunities in a rapidly growing sector. The program is available at the UBC Okanagan and Vancouver campuses, with the Vancouver campus also offering a Master of Data Science in Computational Linguistics.

3. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is a public research institution, with its main campus located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Thirteen faculty-based schools and six faculties administer the university’s academic programs. The Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program and the Master of Mathematics in Data Science program are the two unique data science programs that the university provides. To help with your expenses, you can also apply for a graduate assistantship offered by the university.

4. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is your best choice if you want to start something—a career, a company, a new cure, or a new skill. The University of Calgary is one of the top public universities in Calgary, Canada. The university is not only known for its quality education but also for the environment it provides for students to excel at their potential. It offers a Master of Data Science and Analytics to inspire students to tailor their education to their interests. Therefore do not miss to apply before the deadline.

5. York University

York University offers graduate-level courses in data science which enable you to focus on the abilities that data scientists use daily to conduct data analysis and carefully assess the findings of those analyses. Even if you don’t have a formal background in mathematics or computing, the institution has a unique approach that will give you the resources you need to succeed. Thus, apply for your master’s degree as soon as possible.

6. Western University

One of Canada’s best universities, Western University provides excellent instruction as well as a setting that encourages students to reach their full potential. The institution makes a significant contribution to our communities and beyond by fusing outstanding research with a life-changing educational experience. The university provides a one-year Master of Data Analytics (MDA) program for students all over the world. Because the institution works hard to care for its students and has some top-notch faculty, students from all over the world might consider it to be among their best options for studying in Canada.

7. University of Victoria

A master’s degree in applied data science from the University of Victoria can help you get ready for a highly sought-after profession in data-driven companies. This one-year curriculum aims to assist you become an IT professional. You’ll learn specific information about the data sciences, which are revolutionizing industries all around the world. The minimum cost for an overseas student to finish a Master’s degree in Data Science at the University of Victoria is around $40,050 per year.


The discussion above offers some sound suggestions of some of the top universities where you can get a master’s degree in data science. To increase your expertise, you can also look into Canadian universities that offer Ph.D. programs in data science.


We hope that this article on universities in Canada offering Master’s in Data Science programs was helpful. You can find more exciting resources about studying in Canada on the Canada Page, including various Open Courses in Canada for International Students.

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