Many colleges and universities in Hungary offer educational opportunities for international students who want to learn more. International students have found that Hungary is a great place to pursue a Ph.D. due to its affordable tuition fees, conducive environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and the opportunity to connect with people from all over the globe and have unique experiences.

So, if you’re considering applying for a Ph.D. program in Hungary, you might be wondering what you need to do. Well, this article will cover the application process step by step and give you all the important information you need to know about the admission requirements, regardless of your study interest. Therefore, let’s explore what it takes to study Ph.D. in Hungary.

Is it Expensive to Study Ph.D. in Hungary?

Studying for a Ph.D. can be quite expensive for international students. The tuition fee typically ranges from hundreds of euros per year to several thousands of euros, but this depends on the school and the program.

For example, if you are taking a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and informatics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, it will cost you around 4,500 euros per semester. On the other hand, the tuition fee for a Ph.D. in business administration at the University of Pécs is 3,000 euros for the first semester and 4,000 euros for the remaining three semesters.

International students will also have to cover the cost of living in Hungary and other additional costs of studying at the university, which might include semester fees, travel expenses, and other costs.

Admission Requirements for Doctoral Degree in Hungary

Suppose you are considering pursuing a doctoral degree in Hungary. In that case, it’s important to know the admission requirements, as they will be used to determine if you are eligible for the program you applied for. Here are some of the criteria to keep in mind:

1. Master’s Degree

Before applicants can apply to a Ph.D. program, they are usually required to hold a relevant master’s degree from an accredited institution. This requirement will determine if the candidates have the academic requirements necessary for doctoral-level research and if they will be able to demonstrate the proficiency and expertise needed in their chosen field of study.

2. Academic Transcripts

International students will also need to submit official transcripts from their previous academic institutions. The admission committees will use the transcript to gain insight into the applicant’s academic achievement and determine if they are suitable for a doctoral degree program. The transcripts should also reflect the applicant’s strong academic performance and must be relevant to the course they intend to study.

3. Research Proposal

Part of the application requirements for doctoral programs at many Hungarian universities includes submitting a detailed research proposal. This proposal is expected to outline the intended research topic, research methodology, objectives, and potential contributions to the field. The school will assess the quality of the research proposal and use it to make a decision.

4. Letters of Recommendation

When applying for a Ph.D. program at a Hungarian university, applicants submit letters of recommendation written by their academic referees. These letters talk about how good the student is at school, how good they might be at doing research, and if they’re a good fit for the program. These letters help the school decide if they can be admitted and if they will do well in the program.

5. Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae, or CV for short, is a document that summarises applicants’ education, work experience, skills, and achievements. Hungarian universities will use it to understand an applicant’s background and qualifications when considering them for admission into a doctoral degree program.

Language Proficiency Tests Needed for Doctoral Programs

Uralic language is widely spoken in Hungarian. However, most of its universities use English as their primary means of instruction and require international students to provide accepted proof of proficiency in the English language, such as CAE, CPE, IELTS, or TOEFL. The minimum scores vary and depend on the universities and course of study.

For example, the University of Debrecen requires applicants to have at least a minimum IELTS score of above 8.0 or a TOEFL score of 600. Candidates can also submit alternative tests to prove their English proficiency like SAT, ACT, or an official certificate stating that their previous degree was conducted in English. The admissions committee can also schedule a Skype interview to check their proficiency in the English language. of applicants.

Application Process for Doctoral Degree in Hungary

The application process for a doctorate program at a Hungarian university is a crucial step that usually involves the following:

Step 1. Research Doctoral Programs

Start by exploring the various doctoral programs offered by universities in Hungary. Look for programs that match your academic interests and career objectives. Many of these programs are available on the school’s official website.

Step 2. Prepare Documents

Once you know the admission requirements, gather the required documents: transcripts, recommendation letters, language test scores, research proposal, and CV or resume. These will show your academic background and qualifications to the admissions committee.

Step 3. Submit an Application

After obtaining all the documents, register to the university’s online application portal. Complete the online application form and submit all required documents before the stated deadline. Ensure you submit the information correctly and follow instructions carefully.

Step 4. Attend an interview or Take the Entrance Exam

Once your application has been submitted and reviewed by the school, you might be invited to take an entrance exam or interview as part of the process. If you pass this stage and meet other requirements, you will be granted admission and be informed when to pay your tuition fee and resume.


Getting admitted into a Hungarian university of your choice requires a lot of preparation and a good understanding of the admission requirements and procedure. However, this article has provided a crucial information to make the process a lot easier and take you a step closer to achieving your academic goals.


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