New possibilities are created every day in order to advance in your education field, and students are always looking at those opportunities in order to excel in their career. A popular trend currently is finding international universities in order to gain new insights into different cultures and identities, as well as gain new skills and knowledge.

When considering foreign countries in order to apply for their studies, currently on the scope of students’ lists is also the beautiful country of New Zealand. This country is known for its history and natural beauty, but it is also distinguished for its developing education system that is very similar to the United Kingdom system.

The ranking list of universities that are available for international students may be a very useful tool for comparing important performance characteristics across those universities that may be suited to your needs. Fortunately, all eight universities in New Zealand are top-ranked in the 2018-19 QS World University Rankings.

Depending on the curriculum and your prior qualifications, a master’s degree in New Zealand can take a year, 18 months, or two years to obtain, and as an international student in this country, you may expect to spend between USD $18,550-$26,400 USD each year for your tuition fee. In this article, let’s take a look at how you can study for a master’s degree in New Zealand.

Master’s Degree Admission Requirements

When it comes to the requirements needed for applying for a master’s degree in New Zealand, it must be stated that they change based on your desired area of application and the criteria that are set by the university will differ slightly between different areas of expertise.

Proof of your previous qualifications or experience is usually the most crucial aspect of your application for a New Zealand Masters’s degree. You may also need to submit the following:

An official university transcript that provides a detailed report of the subjects you have followed during your studies and the evaluation that was gained for those specific subjects. This official transcript is normally attained in a very easy procedure by your previous university’s administrative staff.

A high number of universities in New Zealand will also require references, which will be a guarantee of your skills and experience. The references can be provided by your employer or university professors.

The final thing that is normally required for your application process will be a personal statement or motivational essay. In this part of the application, a student has to express his motives for applying to that particular university, as well as his goals and dreams after he achieves the particular degree. The application process can be started by contacting the university directly through their website.

Language Proficiency Tests Needed for Master’s Studies

The majority of the population speaks English as a native speaker, and the rest of the population speaks it as a second language. Based on this information, it is essential to conclude that English is very important in this country and it is highly integrated into their educational system. If you’re taking a master’s degree in New Zealand, you’ll be required to present proof of English language proficiency.

If you are not a native English speaker, in the process of applying to one of the universities in this country, you must show the university that you have the basic skills required to continue your studies and that you meet their English language requirements. There are many different English language assessments that are accepted. At the University of Otago and University of Waikato, the requirement for master’s studies regarding the IELTS academic evaluation is the results of 6.5 in the academic module where the online variation of this evaluation is also accepted, whereas, regarding the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), the minimum requirement is the results of 176 points.

This criteria may slightly vary from other universities in the country, but it is evident that the applicant needs to have a good understanding and control over the English language.

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Master’s Degree Application Process

The steps in applying for a master’s degree in New Zealand may differ from others, but most universities require the applicant to open an online account on their official website so that they can communicate with administrative staff. When it comes to the online application itself, it has five steps in total.

Step 1. Register for a University Account

The first step of the application process when applying to a university in New Zealand is creating an account on the university website so you can have the proper modules to fill in with your personal information. This step is required by all universities in New Zealand because it allows for easier communication between the university staff and applicants.

Step 2. Log In and Apply for Your Course and Pay the Application Fee if Required

The second step in the application process is the phase where you can choose the desired field of study and provide the needed documents, such as birth certificate, passport, evidence of citizenship, and language test scores. The test requirements for the language test scores may differ in different universities, and that is explained in detail in the master’s degree language requirements section of the article.

Step 3. Receive and Accept Your Study Offer

The third step in the application process is compiled by the university after receiving and analyzing your offer based on their own criteria, followed by accepting your application and approving your offer.

Step 4. Select Your Field of Study

The fourth step in the application process is where you are required to choose your subjects and revise the application you have submitted. At this stage of the application, you are going to check all the information that has been submitted and the requirements from the university regarding the payment system.

Step 5. Officially Sign Your Enrollment Contract

The fifth step in the application process is the university accepting your official enrollment agreement and agreeing to the fees and pricing. This is the final step regarding the application process where if you agree with all the terms of the enrollment contract, you are going to officially be a part of the selected university.


New Zealand is a very good choice for international students that want to develop their skills and knowledge outside of their natural circle. Taking a master’s degree in New Zealand can offer more opportunities for students to apply for jobs in their country after graduation. The opportunities that are offered by this country for international students are very good, That is why the number of international students in New Zealand is rising every year. Don’t miss your chance and start studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.


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