The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides opportunities for international students to complete their degrees for free. Besides its government-funded scholarships, top universities in the country offer fully-funded scholarships to qualified applicants. It is also no secret that the country’s education is top-caliber, and upon graduation, you’ll be ready to join the global community of professionals. In this article, we will be looking at how to study in Saudi Arabia for free.

Living in Saudi Arabia can also give you a profound understanding of its people and culture. Along with the numerous job opportunities, you might want to stay in this country for good.

How to Study in Saudi Arabia for Free

1. Prepare your application materials and submit your application in time

If you are looking to study in Saudi Arabia for free, make sure to prepare your application at the earliest time possible. Your application should also be capable of meeting the academic requirements of your chosen university. As many scholarship programs seek exemplary students, studying hard to be at the top can get you selected as a scholarship awardee.

Besides achieving a top-ranking academic profile in your current school, there are far more significant advantages studying hard can give you. Holistically, being a responsible student can help you become a person capable of succeeding in college. Tertiary education requires a certain level of dedication, perseverance, and conscientiousness that you can only acquire through productive habits in your preceding educational level. Moreover, studying hard can teach you fundamental skills that can help you handle college’s complex instructional methods.

Schooling has always been characterized by a series of learning, assessment, and evaluation methods within a specific timeframe. Similarly, time is of great essence in your college education. Years of practice in meeting school deadlines can develop your efficiency and ability to manage several tasks. These are the same skills you will need to ensure your early college application submission.

2. Receive Financial Aid and Scholarships in Saudi Arabia

The universities in Saudi Arabia can help you pursue college for free, through their scholarships. Scholarships come in different forms, such as need-based, merit-based, or excellence awards. Some private organizations also offer scholarships to international students for various causes, such as providing support for students from developing countries or different fields of study. Lastly, there are also government-funded scholarships to nurture excellent international relations and cooperation between countries.

With these many options for scholarship providers, make sure to apply to several scholarships in Saudi Arabia. While some scholarships can provide for your entire attendance costs, some scholarships can only offer partial support in your education. Winning several scholarships, with consideration to terms and regulations, can potentially cover the costs of your entire education, enabling you to study in Saudi Arabia for free.

3. Apply to cheap universities in Saudi Arabia

Along with scholarships, universities that offer programs with affordable costs can also help you study in Saudi Arabia for free. The average tuition fee in Saudi Arabia is around $15,000 yearly, and possibly more for graduate courses. One of the universities that have tuition costs below this amount is King Abdulaziz University. It is a public university, the largest in terms of the student population, and is supported by the government.

Another university worth applying for due to its affordable tuition cost is Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. It is a private university with many program options, focusing on Engineering, Interior Design for female students, and Business. The tuition cost is approximately $6,000, which your scholarships can easily cover.

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Study Undergraduate in Saudi Arabia for Free

You can study for an undergraduate degree in Saudi Arabia for free through several options. One of which is through the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission that offers fully-funded scholarships to qualified international students. Another option is through university scholarships. Dar Al-Hekma University lists several scholarship programs for international students, including the DAH Talent Scholarship. Five students with exceptional academic standing in sports, arts, Holy Quran, culture, or technology receive this full scholarship that covers up to five years of their bachelor’s study in the university.

Another excellent option to study in Saudi Arabia for free is King Abdulaziz University’s external scholarships. Successful applicants receive the same benefits local students enjoy. The scholarship also provides subsidized meals, accommodation, a two-way ticket at the end of each academic year, a monthly stipend, and a settling-in allowance equivalent to two months’ stipend. Beyond these, outstanding students also receive distinction allowance, while graduating students receive three-month funding to ship their books.

Study Master’s in Saudi Arabia for Free

To get your Master’s degree in Saudi Arabia for free, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology offers excellent scholarships for international students. Besides full tuition support, successful applicants receive a monthly living allowance, housing allowance, medical and dental coverage, and relocation support.

Meanwhile, King Abdulaziz University provides its scholarship recipients with SR1,900 monthly bursary, SR1,800 settling-in allowance upon arrival for the first time, health care, accommodation and facilities, and subsidized meals. Moreover, successful applicants will receive SR3,000 as thesis printing allowance and SR2,700 book shipment allowance upon graduation.

You can also finish your Master’s degree in Saudi Arabia for free through King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals scholarships. The scholarship benefits include full tuition coverage, monthly stipend, textbooks, furnished housing, medical care, and subsidized meals.

Study Ph.D. in Saudi Arabia for Free

Saudi Arabia is also an excellent destination to pursue doctorate studies for free. Besides its Master’s scholarships, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology also offers scholarships for Ph.D. candidates, covering full tuition costs, accommodation, monthly living allowance, and healthcare and dental coverage.

King Abdulaziz University also provides doctoral candidates from different countries. Its scholarships provide a monthly bursary, settling-in allowance, accommodation, healthcare, subsidized meals, and SR4,000 thesis printing allowance. Upon graduation, recipients also receive book-shipping funding.

You can also get a full scholarship as a doctoral candidate at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The scholarships cover tuition, monthly stipend, housing, healthcare, and textbooks. Aside from subsidized meals, recipients also receive monetary support for participating in funded research projects and attending conferences for paper presentations. The university scholarship also provides air tickets to get to and from Dammam at the beginning and end of the study duration.


We hope that this article on how to study in Saudi Arabia for free was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more information about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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