Established in the country of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz University first started out as a private university in 1967, but due to the royal decree from King Faisal, this private institution changed into a public university after merging with the Saudi Arabian Government.

Due to the government funding and continued support, King Abdulaziz University was able to grow into a modern institution priding itself with a large student body. In order to accommodate its growing numbers, KAU has two separate campuses for male and female students, and within each of these campuses, there are cultural, recreational, and athletic facilities that students can use at their own leisure.

Because of its academic excellence and innovative mindset, King Abdulaziz University is well-known and respected among institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and even on the international level, it is ranked quite high on the academic ladder. In this article, we will be looking at King Abdulaziz University scholarships for international students.

International Students at King Abdulaziz University

There are about 9,000 international students who are attending King Abdulaziz University, and this is the total amount of internationals who are enrolled in different academic programs at King Abdulaziz University. Unfortunately, there are not that many resources available to international applicants, but if you have any questions, make sure to contact them through email or by phone.

Tuition Fee for International Students

When it comes to academic programs, the KAU both courses for undergraduate programs and for graduate programs. If you want to study for a bachelor’s degree, you don’t have to pay a tuition fee since undergraduate programs at King Abdulaziz University require no tuition fees. For graduate programs, the tuition fee is not specified, but we can automatically assume that it will come at a cost.

International Admissions Guide at the King Abdulaziz University for International Students

For students who want to apply for an undergraduate program, KAU has created an admissions outline so that you can easily see your available bachelor’s courses. For postgraduate programs, the King Abdulaziz University has posted an admissions guide for prospective students who want to take part in one of its graduate programs.

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Application Fee for International Students

Fortunately, there is no application fee required for international students when applying for any course offered by King Abdulaziz University.

Admissions Requirement

For applicants interested in a bachelor’s degree, KAU has posted minimum entry requirements for prospective international students, and with the admissions requirement, they have provided a detailed timeline of the application procedure and the steps that you need to take.

For KAU graduate programs, the admissions requirement includes an age limit for Masters and Ph.D. programs, minimum academic accreditation, language requirements for international students whose first language is not English, and a clean history record. Before coming into Saudi Arabia, qualified applicants need to show that they are medically fit and can adapt well to a brand-new environment.


When it comes to academic excellence, King Abdulaziz University is ranked 42nd in the world by the Best Global Universities, and this ranking was based on research reputation, international collaboration, and notable papers published by its faculty.

If we whittle down the to only universities in Asia, KAU is ranked 4th place by the Best Global Universities in Asia, and when you look at Saudi Arabia by its lonesome, this institution is ranked 1st among all the institutions established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At first, KAU wasn’t the top institution in the entire region of Saudi Arabia, but due to its decades of hard work and dedication, King Abdulaziz University slowly climbed the academic ladder by gaining trust and recognition along the way.

Acceptance Rate

Even though this institution accepts applications from many prospective students, not many do make it into KAU due to its high academic standards. The acceptance rate of King Abdulaziz University is around 20% ~ 30%, which is quite low for a foreign institution.

If you want to increase your chances of being admitted, make sure to submit your application early rather than on time. Also, keep up the good grades at high school, and don’t forget to participate in extracurricular activities along the way.

King Abdulaziz University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

Unfortunately, KAU doesn’t offer scholarships or any form of financial aid to international students who are applying for an undergraduate program. All the scholarships offered by King Abdulaziz University are targeted at prospective graduate students, which doesn’t leave any room for international applicants who are trying to get a bachelor’s degree.

If you are a high school graduate or soon going to be, you might need to look at a different institution since international students going into a foreign country need some sort of scholarship in order to carry on their studies. However, if you think that you can complete your studies without a scholarship, then please go to our above section regarding admissions and start your application from there.

Graduate Scholarships

1. KAU External Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Monthly Living Stipend, First-Time Settlement Allowance, Health Insurance Coverage, Travelling Fees, Room & Board

Basically, KAU Graduate Scholarship is a financial award with full-ride benefits. Open only to applicants who are applying for a Masters or a Ph.D., this scholarship program has various entry requirements concerning age, academic accreditation, and proof of English proficiency.

In addition, applying for certain graduate programs can disqualify you from this King Abdulaziz University scholarship, so be sure to look closely at the small details when looking at the scholarship guidelines. After applying for graduate admissions, you need to file a separate scholarship form, so be sure to note down the deadlines and the application link.

2. KAU Scholarships for Cultural Exchange and the Gulf Cooperation Council Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Monthly Living Stipend, One-Time Settlement Allowance, Health Insurance, Room & Board, Book Allowance, Travelling Fee Coverage

This scholarship program at King Abdulaziz University is a step above KAU External Scholarships, which we covered in our previous section. The entry requirements for this KAU Scholarship Program is highly selective, which means it has really high academic expectation and other additional requirements on top of that.

To see all the details of this King Abdulaziz University scholarship, be sure to click on the Scholarship Link above, and I wish you good luck on all your scholarship searches and your journey of finding the university best fit for you!


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