When studying abroad, one of the challenges is the language barrier, but that is not so in Sweden. The Swiss people are among the most proficient English speakers in the world. Hence, if you are an English speaker, transitioning into university life is easier than you might expect.

This language convenience and other advantages like high-quality education and safety have made Sweden a very attractive choice for students. If you also wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Sweden, read this article to learn important details about the application process.

Bachelor’s Degree Admission Requirements

In Sweden, the application documents depend on the university’s needs, your program of choice, and your country of origin. But here is a general list of papers one might need as an applicant for undergraduate studies in Sweden: academic transcripts, curriculum vitae, motivation letter, references, diploma, passport, academic test results, and curriculum.

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Language Proficiency Tests Needed for Undergraduate Studies

University Admissions require all applicants who wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Sweden to meet an English language requirement equivalent to the Swedish English 6. You may comply using your high school, university studies, or language tests.

Check whether your country of study may exempt you from taking language proficiency exams using the University Admissions platform. Suppose you have taken English classes in your previous university. In that case, a letter or certificate may be an acceptable requirement if it shows that you completed 60 ECTS credits (or equivalent), English was the medium and instruction, and it came from an EU/EEA country, Switzerland, USA, English-speaking parts of Canada, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

You may also submit language proficiency test results as proof of fluency. The following tests are accepted: IELTS Academic/IELTS UKVI, TOEFL (iBT, iBT Home Edition, iBT Paper Edition), Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, Pearson PTE Academic, and Cambridge ESOL.

Lund University needs applicants to prove advanced (Level 6) English proficiency. Proof may be test results from IELTS Academic (total score of 6.5, no section less than 5.5), TOEFL paper-based (total score of 575 and at least 4.5/6 for written test), and TOEFL internet-based (total score of 90 and 20/30 in the written test). Students from English-taught schools may be exempted if they meet the conditions set on the university admissions website. Specific programs may also need higher English competency levels.

Bachelor’s Degree Application Process

Here is a general application procedure that might be useful for those who wish to apply for undergraduate studies in Sweden.

Step 1. Select a Program and Meet the Requirements

Typically, there are three types of requirements – general entry, specific entry, and language.

General entry requirements are met by all applicants, which is the completion of high school education. There may also be general entry requirements specified for each country. For the United States, these are high school diplomas and official transcripts. Your passport may be needed for identification. Ensure that your name and birthdate are the same for all documents and the university admissions account to avoid problems.

Specific entry requirements refer to the subject requirements of certain programs. Some, such as engineering, natural sciences, and medicine, may request your Advanced Placement (AP) test results in physics, chemistry, and biology. If you could not take the AP tests but have covered them as high school subjects, you may submit your school curriculum instead.

For instance, the specific entry requirements for the bachelor’s program in biomedicine at Karolinska Institute are high school courses equivalent to Sweden’s upper-secondary level courses Biology 2, Chemistry 2, and Mathematics 4.

The bachelor’s program of Lund University in Music, Folk- and World Music requires applicants to take a General and School of Music entrance test. Selection will be based on auditions, as well.

The Economy and Society bachelor’s program of Lund University requires applicants to have taken courses equivalent to Swedish English 6, Mathematics 3b/3c, and Social Studies 1b/1a1+1a2. Selection is based on the general average or GPA.

Uppsala University‘s Bachelor’s in Game Design and Graphics has an intermediate-level mathematics requirement. Applicants must have taken a course equivalent to the Swedish Mathematics 2a/2b/2c. Meanwhile, their Bachelor’s in Game Design and Programming requires more advanced level mathematics or Mathematics 3c.

Step 2. Prepare Documents and Check Deadlines

Prepare your general entry and specific entry documents. Make sure that these are in original copies and in the correct language. If all your documents are in English already, there is no need for certified translations.

While you must collect and submit most of the necessary documents, official transcripts are directly sent by your school to University Admissions. They may do this through email, which is fastest, or through the post.

University Admissions only accepts applications during specific periods. Thus, make sure to check the deadlines beforehand and submit them on time.

Step 3. Apply Through the universityadmissions.se Website

Unlike most countries, college applications for students who wish to study for a bachelor’s degree in Sweden are centralized through a single University Admissions platform established by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, in cooperation with the universities and colleges in the country. Thus, you need to create your user account on this platform.

Documents are uploaded through the portal. These must be colored scans of the originals. If your papers are not in English or other accepted languages, you need a certified translator for them to be translated.

You will also be asked to choose and rank programs in the University Admissions. Ensure that the order in which you have ranked the programs is correct, as this is important in processing your application. Your first choice will be prioritized in the assessment. Hence, your first choice should be the program you want the most. You choose and rank up to eight programs.

Step 4. Pay Application Fees

All applicants must pay application fees for their application to be processed. Late payment will lead to late processing. You may pay directly through the website using your credit or bank card. You may also transfer money from your chosen bank to the University Admissions. The first option is recommended as it is the fastest and most secure way to pay.

Step 5. Await Results

University Admissions will assess your application and eligibility following standard handbooks. Universities have little to no control over this matter. You may stay updated about the screening process through your University Admissions user account.


We hope this guide on applying for a bachelor’s degree in Sweden was informative and insightful. Feel free to check out the Available Programs for International Students and learn more about studying in Europe.

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