Do you want to know the acceptance rate for Ryerson University? If so, you have come to the right place! Before we get to this topic, however, let’s discuss its background information.

Ryerson University is one of Canada’s leading public research universities and further describes itself as a comprehensive innovation institute. Located in an urban neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, the university was established in 1948 and has since expanded to become one of the most prominent universities in Canada as well as in North America. With a distinctive focus on entrepreneurship, engineering, and innovation, Ryerson has consistently shown its commitment to ensuring its students thrive and prosper in an enriching environment.

Since its inception, Ryerson has evolved into a campus that offers a diverse selection of over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs as well as part-time degrees, long-distance education, and certificates for students. The courses are collectively provided by a series of six main faculties in the university that cover fields including Arts, Communication & Design, Community Services, Engineering & Architectural Science, and Management. A separate school for graduates was established which is the Yeates School of Graduate Studies. Furthermore, special courses are offered by the largest school of its kind in Canada, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Ryerson’s academic style of teaching focuses on a mixture of theoretical and professional learning that is provided for both undergraduate and graduate education, which is a key distinction from other universities. This quality is particularly reflected in the program mix and through the classroom lectures which include regular contact with business and industry, fieldwork, laboratory/research experience, and work experience in a professional setting. This unique zone learning model helps to support the key strengths of the university which are entrepreneurship and innovation.

The focus of the university is further strengthened by the campus’ location within Downtown Toronto. Students have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and training in taking initiative in order to create a positive impact in the community. The university is further able to reconstruct downtown Toronto with its regular campus developments and expansions, which includes (and is not limited to) the Student Learning Centre, the School of Image Arts building, the Mattamy Athletic Centre, and the Ryerson Image centre.

Ryerson is considered to be the most applied-to university in Ontario due to its reputation for business and social development. The university is home to over 38,000 students, of which around 2500 students follow a Masters, Ph.D., or other program. The university is also culturally diverse and inclusive and draws students from over 100 different countries. It has a high acceptance rate because of its many applicants.

Ryerson University also has a reputation for collaborating with industrial partners and the academic community with multiple research objectives. Potent areas of research carried out in the university include energy, sustainability & the environment, health & well-being, digital media, entrepreneurship & innovation, creative expression, and cultural industries.

Ryerson has an alumni network of around 140,000 graduates spanning over 150 countries around the globe. Numerous alumni have gone on to gain national and international reputations in their respective fields. Famous alumni include Shay Mitchell (Actress), Nina Dobrev (Actress), Martin Grero (director/producer of film and television), Glen Baxter (journalist), Paul Godfrey (politician and businessman), and Robert D. Richards (Space Entrepreneur).

Ryerson University Acceptance Rate

So, you’ve learned about the background information for Ryerson University. Now, let’s talk about their acceptance rate. As mentioned before, the university receives a lot of applications and accepts many of them. It is estimated that Ryerson University’s acceptance rate is 80%. The high acceptance rate does not mean that the school is not academically sound. Why? Because of the strict regulation of the accrediting body. Ryerson has undergone strict regulations, passed, and received its accreditation. That means that it is an excellent university with great academics.


We hope that you will consider applying to Ryerson University. This is a great school that helps students to get a lot of opportunities. Make sure to also check out the Available Courses in Canada!

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