For any student thinking about pursuing their studies in a foreign country, China should be on the list as their destination of choice. Not only is China one of the largest economies in the world, but it is also a country that is making a lot of progress in terms of providing education to students from around the world.

But what about doing your MBBS in China? Studying medicine in a foreign country can be a very different thing than studying another subject in a different country simply because of the different technologies and protocols in place. However, since China is a massive leader in the world of technology, this shouldn’t be a concern for students of medicine.

Let’s take a more serious look at whether China is a strong choice for enrolling in an MBBS program or not for foreign students.

MBBS Application Process in China

One of the best things about applying for an MBBS program in China is that you don’t have to pass an exam to get in. All you need to do in order to apply is meet the eligibility requirements as with any other program and then the university of your choice decides whether you are fit to be offered a place or not. Of course, it matters what grades you have secured in your past studies and what kind of motivation you have to study for an MBBS program in China. But still, the overall process of applying is quite easy and straightforward.

Once you have shortlisted the universities you wish to apply to, simply upload all the required documents to the online application portal or mail them to the university if that is what they need. After this, you will hear from the respective university about their decision. It’s that easy.

Is MBBS in China a Good Decision?

As with any other country, there are good sides to studying MBBS in China and there are also bad sides. As a student, you need to be aware of both these sides before you make any decision as sometimes even the smallest of negative aspects can cause a big issue for some students. Let’s see some of the benefits and some potential issues that you may face if studying in China:

The Benefits

  • China is a highly developed country with modern infrastructure and technologies. This means that you will have access to all the cutting-edge advancements being made in the field of medicine.
  • The country is a very strong economy on the global level which opens up opportunities for students to work there after graduation.
  • The tuition fees for MBBS in Chinese universities are lower than in many other countries.
  • Getting an MBBS degree from China means that you will be globally recognized as a medical practitioner.
  • Because of the large number of international students flocking to China these days, you’ll be immersed in a culturally diverse place and will make many friends from around the world.

The Potential Issues

  • Settling down in the Chinese culture may take a long time. This includes the very busy urban areas, noise and atmospheric pollution, and even the food. For some students who like quieter places, this might be a problem.
  • While many MBBS programs are offered in English, you will still need to learn the local language in order to interact with the patients as part of your practical classes.
  • To study at a top-class medical university in China, you need to have very good grades and credentials. If you don’t have these, then you still may get admitted to a lower-tier school but the quality of education will not be as good.
  • Competing with local students from China is not something easy. The top students at Chinese universities work super hard and can cause anxiety and stress for foreign students.

With all of that said, it’s a really good choice to study in China for your MBBS degree if you’re willing to work hard, learn the language, and are open to new experiences.

Top Chinese Medical Schools Offering MBBS in China

1. Yangzhou University

One of the top medical universities in the country, Yangzhou University’s MBBS program has existed since the 1950s. The School of Medicine has been a pioneer in the field of medical education. It offers an MBBS program to international students that lasts for five years. Students can also enroll in other programs like Preventive Medicine and Nursing among others. The cost of attending the MBBS program is around 22,000 Yuan per year. The School of Medicine’s focus on research is also evident by more than 300 research projects that have been completed so far.

2. Jilin University

Jilin University is a very widespread institution in China, offering studies across 11 different disciplines. It’s rated in the top 10 Chinese universities and offers one of the most sought-after MBBS programs for students. The university’s affiliation with different hospitals allows students to get some practical, hands-on training. Students also get to learn Chinese as part of the curriculum to reach a level where they can communicate with people. The university also houses some 20 highly modern labs where students can work.

3. Nanjing Medical University

One of the oldest universities in China, the Nanjing Medical University offers top-class medical training to students through its MBBS program. The university works with many research institutions in various parts of the world to ensure that students can collaborate with one another and get all the required training to become successful medical practitioners. There are also a whopping 20 hospitals that are affiliated with the university, allowing students to get a very strong practical experience as part of their MBBS in China.


So, as you can now see, China has a lot to offer in terms of educational opportunities to international students wishing to study MBBS. The universities offer high-quality education, state-of-the-art labs, and equipment, as well as various opportunities regarding practical experience and training. So if you’ve been on the fence as to whether China is a good study destination for an MBBS program, it really is!


We hope that this article on MBBS in China was helpful. If you are interested in studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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