Located in North-Eastern Europe and one of the three Baltic countries, Latvia is one of the gems of this continent as it has the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tremendous and classic architectures, and unique culture. This country is a perfect option for your studies if you want to explore other places as you take your education abroad.

Aside from its breathtaking natural views and culture, Latvia’s educational system has a long historical background that makes its quality stronger and world-class. Universities in this country have a solid foundation in teaching and research that makes them more appealing to local and foreign students.

Today, Latvia continuously provides affordable and quality education to its incoming and current international students. These students enjoy various opportunities and experiences as they study in this country. Latvia scholarships and grants are also offered to financially support these foreign students aiming to take programs in this country.

Best Scholarships in Latvia

1. Liepaja University Scholarships for International Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: A monthly stipend of €430 – €500
  • Eligible Degree: Master’s degree

The Liepaja University is a good option if you’re considering studying abroad, especially in Latvia. This university is located in Liepaja, and it offers a lot of bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs to international students. They also have a good academic reputation in Latvia and internationally. The scholarship offered by the university aims to support these students financially.

Latvia scholarships offered to international students are divided into two types. The first one is the scholarship funded by the Latvian government. The Liepaja University is a part of the government-given scholarship and they also award these scholarships to their chosen students.

The second scholarship type offered by the university is the European Social Fund Scholarships. This award is given to students taking up a master’s degree in New Media Art and Information Technology.

2. Latvian State Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: A monthly stipend of €500 for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and €670 for Ph.D. students for one academic year (10 – 11 months)
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees

The Latvian State Scholarships is a part of the bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science concluded between the Latvian government and other countries. These scholarships are open to international students coming from countries with an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. They are given to students taking up bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

To start your scholarship application, kindly check first if your country is included in the list. Afterward, you may begin your online application through the website. Documents such as your curriculum vitae, a letter from your institution, a copy of your passport, research plan, and letters of motivation and recommendations should be attached. The complete list of the documents needed is in the scholarship link. Please prepare your documents in English or Latvian language.

The evaluation and decision of this Latvia scholarship will be based on the student’s academic background and his motivation and skills in studying in Latvia. On their website, you’ll see the whole set of criteria and credits that will be used in evaluating your scholarship application. Aside from your academic background, they will also consider your chosen program and extracurricular activities related to your study field in the Latvian program.

3. Latvian Research Fellowship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: €30 per day for personal use and €300 for accommodation costs.
  • Eligible Degree: Ph.D. degrees

The Latvian Research Fellowship, one of the best scholarships in Latvia for international students, is also a part of the bilateral agreements on cooperation in education and science concluded between the Latvian government and other countries. But unlike the state scholarships, this award is only open to international students doing research, and they can apply for this scholarship to support their research.

Please prepare these documents before applying: A copy of your passport, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, and a letter from your university or research institute. Also, you’re required to submit some research documents, such as your research plan and relevance. Templates to be followed are included on the website. The documents that you will submit should be translated into English or Latvian language.

The evaluation of your scholarship application will be based on your research plan and your motivation to work in Latvia. Additionally, it would be advantageous for international students to apply or take research works in the Latvian language, literature, and culture because they will be given extra points. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

4. Turība University Scholarships for International Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee coverage or €600 scholarship
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s degree

Established in 1993, the Turība University in Riga, Latvia, is the country’s largest business school and has five branches in the country. This university is known for producing outstanding graduates in the field of business. Also, they are a member of international groups and organizations that aim to promote quality education.

Along with this goal, Turība University offers scholarships to international undergraduate students in any bachelor’s program of the university. They recognize the academic performance of every foreign undergraduate student and gives scholarship to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year students. You can start your application on the website.

5. University of Latvia

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount:
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees

Established in 1919, the University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia, offers many undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degrees and is considered one of the largest and leading research universities in Latvia and the Baltics. They have an excellent academic standing among universities. Today, this university has more than 14,000 students with different faculties and departments offered to students. International students enjoy a variety of learning opportunities in this university.

The University of Latvia offers scholarships are open for these international students. Patron scholarships are offered to the citizens of European and third world countries and are one of the top Latvia scholarships. These scholarships aim to recognize excellent international students and those who need financial support for their studies. To know more about Patron scholarships, you may request information from their office.


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